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INFS 5092 IT Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholders Analysis

Case Study: Meeting the Challenges of Stakeholder Engagement and Communication: Lessons From Teacher Incentive Fund Grantees

Case Study Questions

The TIF Program Case Study illustrates many components that we've discussed as part of this course. You’ll need to read the case, along with the paper on engaging stakeholders through social networking. After reading both, write a case study report that discuss, detail and illustrate answers to the following questions:

1) From the case there appears to be further stakeholders not described or catered for. Illustrate who they are and why you think they may not have been included?

2) The case outlines various implementations or roll-outs that a number of committees, boards or groups were structured for the program. Why do you think that there were different types of groups formed? What role would they have played and what stakeholders would be included within each for the implementation of the program?

3) As highlighted within the case, there were disputes raised through the program with varying degrees of success. What measures could have been in place to help navigate and potentially resolve any such disputes? What role does power and politics have in stakeholder engagement? 

4) Waters et. al. (2009) study on nonprofit organisation's use of social networking sites highlighted interesting findings in terms of how organisations weren't maximising their use for establishing and building relationships. If the TIF Program was to occur now, how would you suggest to use social media? What would be the advantages and disadvantages? What networking opportunities could have been taken advantage of and how?

5) The case illustrates a firm distinction between engagement and understanding. What do you think would be some of the signs that there was this gap? Can you describe some of the potential reasons why this occurred? What elements of communication and informal channels would you suggest can be focused on to reduce this gap? How would you know that this gap is shrinking?

6) "Grantees have grappled with the challenge of conveying consistent, though often tailored, messages to quite different audiences". Given that America is a very multicultural country, discuss why this is a difficult challenge. If this was within a multinational organisation, describe additional challenges that there would be in conveying consistent messages throughout implementing the change.

7) One of the core "learnings" was to seek help when you need it. If you were a leader in implementing the new educational software package how would you take this learning and apply? Discuss the challenges that this would bring about and the strategies that you would use to mitigate the risks associated with those challenges.



TIF program has considered various possibilities in their program so that they can able to move forward and initiate positively to this. The stakeholders are closely connected to this and they are providing their best support to the program and as they are trying to bring improvement from each source so there are various disputes that get generated from this entire thing and it needs to solve by the implementation of powerful management and suggestion of social media.

1. Stakeholders’ analysis:

There are various stakeholders, that associated with the school and they are connected both internally and externally. These stakeholders are the important part of the school and they are the most important part to forecast properly the growth of the school in future. Here in the case, the study introduces many of the stakeholders are closely connected with the business prospect and help to build the entire association properly. The stakeholders who connected internally with the school are implement things and they take care of the entire thing perfectly. Here in the case study, they are not clearly mentioned some of the names of stakeholders who are very much important for the entire process to evolve out properly (Tarhiniet al. 2015). The most important external stakeholder in this process are competitors, special interests groups and government. The competitors in the market are very much essential to get the information that where they have positioned in the market. The success and the failure of the organization largely depend on the stakeholders’ performance and it is quite important to display this information about others in terms of the stakeholders’ analysis (Butleret al. 2013). The competitors will help in getting the information about the market positioning. Here they haven’t describe about the external stakeholders’ like government, competitors and special interest groups because if they tal

k about the competitor then they need to present the position of their school in market which they do not want. The government initiative is an essential thing but here they covered those factors as they run things by themselves and being a public sector and lastly which is most important is, interest of the special groups who helps in doing promotion or other activities. These type of groups also do some of the funding for the organization and this is the fact that the school does not want to share the information about this group as it can effectively take out the facts regarding their organizational process and funding related information.

2. The different types of groups and measures for resolve the disputes:

There are various groups that help in the entire processing of things and they are the necessary components of the school and with regards to their presents the entire school is running. Their presence makes it easy to organizing things properly and they help in making the long-term prospect in the management of things and this management also help them to cater best things to the people who are taking the service from this organization (Vernuccio, 2014). For the program, they have taken the initiative of various people those who are from many committees and boardof groups. These different types of people will handle differentaspectof the organization that will help them in cultivate better things for future. The organization and will get to know that why theyare lacing in the market, what are the other aspects that need to consider in order to maintain their in market (Sandoval, 2014). This different type of groups will help in modifying the entire process perfectly and they will connect with the other people those who can able to help in various possibilities in the market. The program can also in need of money and with time, they can get help from them. The board of committee will help in handling the responsibilities as considered to individual factors and the long term success get fostered by cooperation. It is very much essential that the program can able to work by the help of sustainable development to create and maintain the competitiveness in the market the objectives that will serve the best things for catering the consistent growth and prosperity (Bestet al. 2014). The best interest of the stakeholders gets structured by the initiative of the board of committee. The corporate mission, vision policies, procedure and the strategic objectives get a proper guidance by fulfilling the efficiently all the performance related things and other than that they also monitor the management’s activity. The stakeholders who associated with the program will take help from the committee and will progress in this process.

Navigation and potential resolve:

There are various disputes, that observed in this process and these disputes need to solve. If the disputes don not get solved then the program can not able to face any kind of successive phrase.  Resolving the issues are the main important thing and it will help in coordinating everything perfectly so that they can able to progress for the plan. For resolving the issues, the first important thing is the Preparatory phrase that includes research and development process that is what is the main problem of this entire dispute. By the help of communication, collaboration and transfer in technology, these disputes can resolve (Emsand Gonzales, 2016). The letters of intent, different agreements in the community, understanding with the reference of memoranda and by providing different options the program can able to face a positive outcome in things. In the second phrase the contract that get made need to face a conclusive factor those are assignment contracts, consortium agreements, consultancy agreements, property related any issues , licensing issues and some of the partnership agreements need to get solved by taking help of this process (Schivinski and Dabrowski, 2016). In the last and third part the collaboration and perfect association of things will help in cater best possibilities for the program as they will understand the need of each other and will help in solving each problem with appropriate justification. The commercial basis and the structure for the future need will serve perfectly as per their need and all the disputes will solve. In the power and policies of the stakeholders engagement will serve the best values for effective implications in communication, economic basis, mitigate the gaps, exploring the market strategies, some of the performance and planning related audits will do by taking the initiative of the stakeholders (Castellóet al. 2015).

4. Usage of social media and the advantages and disadvantages relate to it:

The nonprofit organization that is TIF program need to highlight their entire thing in the social media and they need to take up the effective process of implementing things to get success from media as well as to better understand the media. The perfect usage of social media will help in formulizing the plans related to market orientation, perfect customers knowledge most importantly the appropriate information for generating future knowledge and create a successful process by the help of this thing (Leonardi, 2014). To make the program effective and efficient the marketers and the programmers of TIF  need to make plan for the strategic management that will indulge itself in perfect research about the audience and the information that what are the topics and interests that can able to catch the attention of the viewers. To utilize the better and perfect network platform the programmers will get the acknowledgement related to the communication of the audience (Chunget al. 2015). The performance indicators that is KPI will get the social effort and with consideration to the quantifiable terms. Here communicating things and writing are the most effective form to capture the social media, the programmer will take the initiative to venture the things perfectly,and it will describe about brand personas, audience profile, and concepts of the campaigns and each of the strategy need to differentiate from each other in order to get best formulates for market initiation.

There are some of the advantage and disadvantage that incorporated wit this entire thing and those are social media is a great platform to get the knowledge and skill about the audience.It can further help the program to strategize better plan in market but the main problem being the distraction and some relationship creation problem as it is not that much possible to continuously stay in touch will each viewers (Leonardiet al. 2013). Most of the time people get distracted that, what information the program is serving and it are authentic or not and it can put an effect on the productivity skill. The most important problem that occurred from this are the legal issues and crimes as the hackers can get effective and they can get into some of the online scrams.

The networking opportunities are the meetings during this program, joining and collaboration of the members and higher authority so they can able to serve the perfect information and ongoing process of the entire program (Agnihotriet al. 2016). Several opportunities will get out from this criteria that is they will get to know about the actual process, the discussion about the meetings and what are the outcomes, publication of things furthermore the spreading of knowledge and skill to the members and other staffs who are collaborated with this program.

5. Difference of engagement and understanding:

The various signs have portrayed that fact there is a gap between the processes for knowledge and understanding. The value added models that get created for the help of the TLF program is not understandable and complicated for the teachers and some of them has found it very much controversial. On the other hand the grantees of TIF have strategizes some of the plans for include the consistent support for the internal stakeholders and this strategies are not workable for the external stakeholders as they are different from each other. The external stakeholders are not effective in anything and they are being neglected the program function is not properly initiated and their communication process is very lean (Newman, 2016). The understanding of the each department is very low and they are taking care of things by their own and not adjoining things properly so it has created a gap in management structure.

Some of the reasons that cause these things are they improper communication, management related problems, improper governance, business rule related clarifications and conflicts, regulatory non-compliance issues, conflicting standards, policies and procedures issues. The data governance process and most importantly the negotiation, collaboration and review data sharing agreements are not clearly solved (Jensen, 2013). Each departmentfollowstheir own path and they not at all concerned about the other departments.

The element of communication that will face a strategic process that is when the higher authority will get the message then that individual will spread it to second authority and they will effectively follow the chain (Jinet al. 2014).They can serve best information to each other and will be in the channel properly so that the recipients can understand that entire process. The particular ability to select the proper language and the message needs to be clear and concise and for this entire thing, it has to be up-to-date, accurate and stimulating selection of martial.

The gap will shrink when they will process things collaboratively and will collaborate for this entire process. When the communication will stay perfect then each of the department will get strategic information and they will maintain a balance. The goals and the motif will describe to each other and will accomplish the things with perfect appropriateness by taking the help of values rules, expectations and norms.

6. Challenges faced in multicultural communication:

The cultural differenced create a broad distinction in communication process as the structure is very much touch and to accomplish these things are not easy. The program needs to understand the need of the audiences by helping them to increase the personal growth, cooperation, tolerance and by the development of positive attitude towards each other and they need to choose various communication structure so ah they can able to convey their message effectively (Gibbset al. 2015).

The additional challenges that the organization can face are language barrier due to various types of people are associated with this program. The varying communication styles create various types of conflict between the management and other departments. The lack of information verification can cause some of the major problems, as it will suffer in shift change. During the change they can face problem regarding lack of resources, the change and the intuitive process will create many of the challenges.

7. Learning process:

The learning process for new educational software package will enable audio-visual learning [process that appeals and attracts the younger generation. The learning process could be more entertaining by the help of watching the visuals rather than go with the process of traditional learning process. The implementation process needs to be strategic as slowly all of them will learn things, they need to adopt the process oriented teaching and learning materials and it will initiate the process for effective learning.

There are several risks that associate with the entire process and the mitigation of risks is very necessary. The strategies in order to mitigate the risks are identification of risk planning, prioritizing risk analysis, monitor progress, analyze the impacts of technical performance, predict the probability of ill consequences, organize the events related to risks management and promote the necessity and awareness of risks planning.


The program will take up the proposition from the social media and by the help of social media, the program will get to face a powerful strategy and easily connect to the viewers and by the support of technological learning system, the entire thing will be managed properly for future growth and development.


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