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INFS2621 Enterprise Systems Project


Enterprise Systems Project 

Outlined on the following pages below is a research design.

The group’s task is to recommend a computer based system to support the needs of the researchers.

The researchers do not have access to dedicated computer resources and expect to utilise existing cloud-based systems, there is limited funding for purchase of proprietary software or storage.

The initial task is to determine the data sources and to categorise as qualitative or quantitative in nature. From this a data model needs to be constructed.

After discussions with the client the types of analysis to be performed on the data will be established and the forms and formats of information resulting from processing the data, and who requires this information and why.

Once this model has been constructed the type of software and storage required can be determined.

The overall system should be well integrated and support a range of Visualisation and make use of modern trends in analysing data from various sources.

Your task also involves advising the client on the potential offered by recent developments in data analysis. From this will emerge further client requirements.

The end deliverable will be an integrated system that supports a range of data analysis and representations of information derived from this data. The final set of recommendations will also include full technical details required to support the system.


Strengthening African Australian families in Victoria

ERP application strengthening family unit of African Australians in Victoria:

African Australians has needed to develop a new life. This must contribute to Australian society and have to confront various obstacles while accessing training and employment.

The following study analyses different project methodology, project goal, project scope and t

he requirements strengthening different African Australian families present in Victoria. Here an ERP application is recommended that should strengthen the family unit of those people.

There has been a necessity to endure that Australians have needed opportunities and skills for participating in workforces. This is basic for economic and social sustainability of Australia. Moreover, skills of investments and participation of workforce have been serving to strengthen that social inclusion (Ptak & Schragenheim, 2016).

Project methodology:

ERP application is a smart approach to help managers in planning strategically. This is because of various software is highlighting areas where developments are made to save costs and enhance that overall efficiency of their family unit (Pekane & Tanner, 2017). The many recommendations are demonstrated below.

Project goal:

This includes, strengthening of the African Australian families in Victoria For this, different training and employment needs are to be understood to undertake the project. Here community is a genuine pathway for this that is available for African Australians. Various responses are to determined local social enterprises. These have been especially useful for those African Australians who have newly arrived (Bianchia, Drew & Walk, 2016). Here, those social enterprises have afforded distinct local scopes for social and economic participation for participants of those programs.

Project scope:

There have been various instances of those pathways that include social enterprises which are provided by different community partners. For example, African Enterprise or TAS can be considered here. Some refugees in 2003, along with the support of community organizations have formed a community. This has been registered as an incorporated association and referred to as African Enterprise. Here, they have been secured by a government grant and have inaugurated AFRITA'S restaurants in Hobart. This has been the first enterprise project. They have been no longer in function (Awa & Ojiabo, 2016). However, as this was present, it supplied training and much-required employment scopes. These have been for interested people in the hospitality sectors.

Project requirements:

In order to strengthen African Australian families in Victoria, the following ERP applications tested for the project.

QuickWin: The quick wins have changes that are made without much effort and analysis. There have been various changes in huge developments.

StrategicWin: Here, a decisive victory is a higher solution as compared to the previous one supporting delivery of the long-term strategy.

Data quality improvements: Here the developments have covered recommendations for data quality that assures information to capture the sources accurately.

System enhancement: This covers recommendations like software upgrades, latest modules and initiatives of developments driving process and efficiencies of the business.

Reporting capabilities: These recommendations maximizes valued received from those reports, assuring that stories are proper, relevant and timely.

Thus the above study shows that every recommendation has undertaken detailed resource, solution, requirement involvements and differed business benefits of implementation. Besides, these recommendations are a source of discussion and debate. This is to be assisted with and put together with detailed proposals, ended in time and schedule of professional service implementations. Moreover, this has been keeping track of payments of patients and expenses of services and supplies producing more satisfied and happier end users.


Awa, H. O., & Ojiabo, O. U. (2016). A model of adoption determinants of ERP within TOE framework. Information Technology & People, 29(4), 901-930.

Bianchia, R. J., Drew, M. E., & Walk, A. N. (2016). THE EQUITY RISK PREMIUM IN AUSTRALIA (1900–2014).

Pekane, A., & Tanner, M. (2017, September). A Systematic Literature Review on Cloud Computing and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Africa. In The European Conference on Information Systems Management (pp. 272-279). Academic Conferences International Limited.

Ptak, C. A., & Schragenheim, E. (2016). ERP: tools, techniques, and applications for integrating the supply chain. Crc Press.

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