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INFS4887 Business Research Methods and Social Bookmarking

Marking criteria of the literature review include: the quality and currency of the literature selected; the student’s ability to compare and contrast author’s arguments/viewpoints and identify gaps in the existing literature in the context of the chosen business topic; the demonstrated ability to use Harvard referencing. 


1. literature review scope and objectives

The social media is considered to be the most important and the modern tool for the marketers which can handle the means of the messages out of the target markets. It includes the forms where the average business owner does not need to understand the risks but includes the fields which are new to evaluate as per the qualifications of the social media expert, who tend to offer the better service. (Ozdemir et al., 2016). The platform of the social media like Facebook and Twitter covers the marketing structure where Facebook provides better options to create the fan page of the company or for the product. Twitter mainly focus on the posts of 140 characters for the users to follow. The blogs are primarily with the online journals that have been written by the users and which can be for spreading the news and information. Youtube is the repository for the podcasts and the video clips, where the view ship is set around the globe. The social bookmarking is for the different sites that enable the users to share the information links with the friends as well as the followers. Various sites tend to display the different advertising options with the majority methods to share the information. (Wingfield et al., 2016).

The major advantage for this includes the cost related forms where the sites can have a free access and then create a profile for posting the information. The major advantage for this is that it can reach a particular target where there is a little or the no cash investment that is in the substantial form. The Pay-per-click advertisements on the sites like Facebook are found mainly to be geo-targeted with the approach that the person could easily read the post with the ability to easily spread it further in the network.

2. C

omparative Approach

As per the standard approach, there is a need to focus on the social media marketing risks. The comparative approach is based on the time intensity with the two-way exchange commitment. The nature of the marketing changes focuses mainly on establishing a better level of the long-term relationships that can easily turn into more and better number of the sales. The responsibility is based on monitoring the effects which include the engagement and the individualisation. (Almarabeh et al., 2016). The social network has been mainly for the two-way exchange commitment, where the focus is placed on establishing the long-term relationship as well as handling the network with the response to the comments. The social marketing and the advertising are intrusive to the privacy where the social media users feel the ambivalent for sharing the information. The comparative politics hold the study where there is a structuring of behavior. The nature of the electoral system is based on the independent judiciary which is mainly for driving the differences or the human rights. The context is primarily to engage with the methodological warfare as well as understanding the complexity of the factors. (Grabher et al., 2017). The practical approach is to look broadly at the yields as well as understand the determinants which look for the less communication form. The social network and the relational approach in the comparative politics include the way with employing the insights of the deep qualitative study with cross-national analysis. The understanding is mainly with the behavioral approach of the actors. The social networks tend to vary with the change in the relational analysis over the qualitative and the quantitative links, with the core problems of the relational approaches. (Nascimento et al., 2016). The general discussion has been to set the key for identifying the quality and the data availability which includes the major goal to understand the system standards for turning out to vote or protest. Through few complementarities, the casual pathways include the quantitative analysis where the norms are set for the case specific knowledge in order to handle and conceptualize the approach. The desires are mainly to map out the network connections with the expectation of the norms, culture to identify the emotional behavior or the qualitative scholarship as a major necessity.(Klier et al., 2016).

The online social network includes the computer network with the mediated social structure that has been made of different types of the nodes. The specific types of the relations, like the financial exchanges, passion, with web links and the airline routes. The online social networks are for the connecting people with the different types of the interests. The primary goal is to explore the social network with the conducting of the comparative case analysis as well as examining the changes that will require the dynamic business model. The internet based applications and the services emerge with the online collaboration that has been made of the nodes. With the different forms of the web-based applications, the online social networking helps in the trend of e-marketing with conducting a comparative analysis of the online networking websites like the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

One of the most important connections that could be discerned through it is the quantitative analysis. Example, one can easily measure the level of connectivity with the cross-national regression set for the comparative behavior. This will help in tying to the network of the American context as well as controlling the media effects as well. The network is for the appropriate data from which it is easy to draw the variables of connectivity with the behavioral formation. (Laredo et al., 2016).  Beyond all the individuals, the mapped out the network is for the relations that all the employing of the theoretical insights to match with the particular distribution of the network. This also encourages the risky and collective action, mainly relying on the individual attention to the norms of fairness. (Pandya et al., 2017).

The individual level data is in the discussion where the predictions are based on the network structure development. Here, the networks are also set to imply data intensiveness where the approach is translated into the industrialized democracy. The standards are set with the connectivity data without any individual level, and so one can claim for the one cross-national regression. The social network analysis is the aggregate behavior that applies to the opinion leaders driving behavior as well as the qualitative data on the network type. Example for this is the opinion of the leaders to drive the behavior with equality of influence in and across the network. The conditional forms of the data are available with a level of analysis for the research questions. (Galaskiewicz, 2016). Here, there is a need to also look for enabling the democracy as well as the favorable democratic performance. The combination has been set with the qualitative and the quantitative research at the time of raising some issues. Through the identical cases of the Putnam theory, there are implications that the case is based on the social capital which tends to possess a better level of the democratic performance. The social movements with the comparative politics are for the relational approach that has a positive effect on an easy participation of motion. It depends on the behavior of others as well as the pathways that lead to the strong role of interdependence in decision making. This tends to rise to the level which induces the changes in the government with the certain illustration of the theories. (Fire et al., 2016).

3. Comparative Analysis

The comparative analysis includes the social movements with the positive effect that involves the participation in the movement. The description is based on the two different causal pathways that lead to a stronger role mainly with the decision-making process. The movement rises to the level to handle the induced change in the government. Through this, there is a need to work on cost effective actions with the network without sorting of the repression. The inclusion of the social networks fails to provide a proper and an active causal pathway to underlie and work on selection bias. (Klier et al., 2016). It includes the networks with the qualitative and the quantitative approach to the development of the party systems. For example, there is immigration that produces the dispersed enclave of the particular ethnic group with the insufficient numbers tied to the local power. The legislative behavior and the government formation includes the encompassing with a coalition. The decision making is complicated where the beneficial coalitions need information for the interests and the will to bargain the party leaders. (Laredo et al., 2016). Some of the examples is the sampling of the ways with the relational approach to the comparative politics. At the same time, there is a quantitative scholar with the relational data to draw the conclusion.

As per the analysis, the website includes the corporate companies with the kinds of social networking that are used for the network activities. The selected companies are mainly employed with the activities that are on the social platforms. The network in the business activities set the marketing product with the analysis based on the use of public social platforms. The international and the local corporate companies use the social platform mainly to promote the products as well as the services. The social network strategies are mainly brought with the challenge of the corporate companies. The improvement lies primarily on strategizing a bigger integral part of the online community with certain changes and the development. The new changes and the development are the front runner with social networking and involvement. (Fracassi, 2016). The use of the social network websites like Facebook and LinkedIn is set with the comparative study, where the major focus has been on the professional networking. It is built on the common approach with different intentions in the world. With the growth of the company, Facebook popularity has been growing in the United States. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has the major features which are for the connections with mutual trust. It helps in making new connections before any professional person are there, whether the job seekers, employers, and the small business owners. LinkedIn helps in uploading the profile picture, whereas on Facebook you can create different pictures. To access it, the user has to pay for it. (Herger et al., 2016).

The use of the social networking is for the corporate business with the significant advantage of improving the performance of the company. It includes the respondents with the view that the corporate companies need to work on the social platform with corporate companies. The social networks enable the corporate business in order to:

  1. The finding of the buyers and the manufacturers
  2. Finding the job potential candidates.
  3. Creating a proper persona, with friends or the other connection groups of business.
  4. The hiring of people, and the market product. (Gentina et al., 2016).

The outstanding example of applications is Web 2.0 where the online social networks are for the comprehensive study and analysis. It includes the impact of how the web-based applications are development, with the trend of e-marketing. A comparative analysis of the online social networking includes the conducting of the comparative analysis. The network is based on the primary models of revenue with the social networking sites. The contribution is to understand about the emerging forms with primary revenue models. (Gordon et al., 2016).

4. Conclusion

The comparison includes the use of the social network with the selected international and the local corporate business. It enables the direct way with the well-informed company through the diversified forms of sharing knowledge. (Fracassi, 2016). The lack of the feedback control with the aspects of social networking is mainly related to the unhappy customers or the competitors who can post disparaging or any offensive picture. The local business and the distant fans where the social networks are mainly free to join and operate. The best use of the marketing is through collecting the information from the customers for the interests and the motivations with repeat business. The extent is for the e-commerce options which will optimize the offering of all the online products and the services.

The other potential is related to the social network marketing with loyal customers, where more effort is based on attaining the new business. The nature of the marketing changes is the social network where the major focus has been on establishing a long term relationship into the sales. The responsibility is to monitor the system and respond to the comments with the post product information. (Herger et al., 2016). The business without the service is mainly to manage the social networks which are difficult to compete. With new business models, there is a probability of accommodating the changes which include the markets, and the services. The latest trend for the e-marketing which includes the users as well as the visitors.

5. Reference

Ozdemir, S.Z., Moran, P., Zhong, X. and Bliemel, M.J., 2016. Reaching and acquiring valuable resources: the entrepreneur's use of brokerage, cohesion, and embeddedness. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 40(1), pp.49-79.

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