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Innovation and Productivity Sample Assignment

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Innovation and Productivity—iPad Technology for Customer Growth

Good morning Jennifer and Jim,

Today’s meeting is to present the written report ‘Innovation and Productivity—iPad Technology for Customer Growth’

I would like to summarise the written report, covering the Innovation program, Current Progress, analysis of data and the recommendation for moving forward.

Last January management meetings it was identified that customer patronage in the restaurant had not grown; although, quite constant the growth was behind expected restaurant growth in the area. Therefore, we conducted an ‘Innovation Meeting’ establishing a committee from restaurant staff to investigate new innovative ideas, in the aim to assist with customer growth.

In line with our vision ‘Mission, Values and Objective’ – we have provided staff the opportunity to participate in improvement projects as part of our culture for continuous improvement.

The staff have been positive towards the process and are leading the innovative management solution. They are fully supportive for the introduction of iPads as a tool to assist in productivity improvement aiming toward patronage growth.

Innovation and constant improvement is a great way for our hotel to stand out from other hotels in the area. Under this acknowledgement, the ‘Innovation Committee’ has investigated the options for iPads to be employed in the restaurant. The committee considered two innovation proposals:

Innovation 1: equip wait staff with iPads for the ordering process. Using iPads the orders will be automatically sent to the kitchen staff. The iPads will also have a full menu, including specials with pictures to show the customers.

Innovation 2: a mobile ‘Reservation Application’ for the internet, developed to allow customers to view table layouts and make their own reservations. The app’s service will have to integrate with our current traditional paper reservation process, expanding customer connectivity.


After surveying staff for their vote, it was decided to implement ‘Innovation 2’ as the first initiative. As part of the process, staff were canvassed for their compliance in training and development. Additionally, staff with previous experience with this technology were consulted and utilised in the introduction and training. Continuing to evolve from the implementation of ‘Innovation 2’ we rolled iPads into the work force under ‘Innovation 1’.

The staff and the customers have been using iPads in the restaurant for five months, since 28 February 2016, with varied results.

Current Progress

Both innovations have yielded results showing steady improvement to productivity and growth of customers. This said the Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) have not been met in the expected time period. It was expected that the main KPI—‘customer patronage’ would have grown by 10% in the first three months. Additionally, productivity has improved marginally and continues to improve, but not at the expected rate.

Wait Times – As displayed in the figure 1 handout, the most recent data analysis shows a decrease in over all wait time of 11 minutes per customer, which is a marked improvement of around 25%. This is not the projected 50%, in the first three months.

Figure 1: Wait Times

Order Error – As displayed in the figure 2 handout, errors in customer orders were observed to remain relatively constant, with small periodic improvements. The greatest shift to improvement occurred in the later two months, where the average of 15 total errors shifted dramatically down to 6 errors in the final month.

Figure 2: Customer Order Error

Analysis – As the data was analysed it is evident that only 5% of the training budget was spent and there is a distinct disconnect between waiters and kitchen staff. This disconnect has impacted both wait times and error rates for customer orders.

Recommendations Moving Forward

Considering the data analysed and observing the involvement of staff throughout this process, it is evident that the innovations have made a positive impact on the restaurant. Both the staff and customers have reaped benefit from the introduction of iPads.

Training – Noting the training deficiencies and that only 5% of the training budget was spent. It is recommended that two improvement plans be implemented directly under the Le Prestige continuous improvement program ‘Kaizen’. As detailed in the recent ‘Supporting the Team’ presentation, it is important to keep all staff informed and engaged.

Review – Two staff members have been engaged to conduct a full review of the iPad program and provide a presentation to management staff by 12 Sep 16. The review is to include a ‘Fact Finding’ investigation and engagement of all staff, seeking their observations and recommendations for improving, training and implementation.

A Staff presentation is to be provided as part of the review process, keeping personnel informed of ‘Kaizen’, and encouraging staff to participate as a continuous process and conduct of business. Laura Martin and Jeff Williams will take the lead and make all arrangements to present by the closure date.

Implement Training Improvement – to alleviate the disparity between waiters and kitchen staff, it is recommended that the additional funding (5%) be utilised to conduct joint training for all staff members. This will include shift managers providing additional paid training for their staff, one hour before each shift.

This will occur for one week, commencing 20 Sep 16. Casual staff will be canvassed under a separate block-training roster for a total of three hours. The additional cost will be covered inside the 5% allocated and will require no additional resources as it will be on the floor joint training.

Innovative Improvement Program

During the initial meetings for implementing innovative ideas, Ben discovered Apple workshops that were being offered to businesses and corporations for implementing iPads into the work force. As an opportunity for further improvement, it is recommended that the following managers be provided the training through the Apple workshops:

  • Mr Charles Peters – Human Resource Management
  • Ms Jennifer Rayburn – Head Food and Beverages
  • Mr Bryce White – Kitchen Manager
  • Mrs Joanne Backs – Restaurant Manager
  • Ms Monica Johnson – Bar Manager
  • Mr Benjamin Stuart – Head Chef

This is an added cost of $1000 for a full three hour session, with all members in attendance .


Since February 2016, Le Prestige restaurant has made steady improvement through the ‘Innovative Program’. In line with our ‘Mission, Values and Objective’ we have engaged our staff and customers seeking to improve their experience.

Although the introduction of iPads into the restaurant processes has not met the expected KPI’s, there has been a marked improvement over all. After careful consideration of the data analysis, this process can be improved through continued evolution and applying the above recommendations.

This is a continuous process that requires constant review. I recommend that we continue to use the iPads, implementing the recommendations stated I the report.

Thank you for making the time for today’s meeting. I will leave you both with a copy of the written report and we can discuss this further at next Fridays external meeting.

It has been booked at Dome for 0800.

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