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ITC504 Interface Useability- The Melbourne Museum Attracts

You are to prepare the project scope and initial requirements and assumptions for a new Interface Design project. This project may be either:

  • The online gift shop case study that is located in the ITC504 Interact Resources folder, or
  • A project that you are doing as part of your employment, or are proposing or planning to do.

You are to prepare a Project Brief for this project. The project brief will set the basis for the rest of your assignment work in You should approach this project as a “blue sky” project. That is, you are going to design and develop an interface that is different to those that you have previously worked on. This means that your planning will necessarily be somewhat more diffident as you will be doing research during the planning and design process to achieve your design aims.

Your project brief should include the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Vision
  • Outcomes
  • Scope
  • Objectives, Outputs and Targets
  • Success Criteria
  • Key assumptions

The project brief should concentrate on the Overview, Vision, Outcomes, Scope and Key Assumptions at this stage. These sections define your vision for the project and should be quite well developed.The Objectives and Success Criteria may not be well known at this stage, but some effort should be made to determine what they are. These will be added to later in the project.


Located at the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne, Australia, the Melbourne Museum is one of the largest museums and most popular tourist locations of Australia. The institution provides an effective platform for the engagement between the culture, history, education and society with a contemporary approach.

 The Melbourne Museum attracts as many as 10 to 15 hundreds of visitors on an average day. While the administration of the organization emplo

ys regular staff for guiding the visitors through all the sections of the museum, yet it has been observed that, a significant section of these visitors prefers to visit the spot by themselves.

    The project under discussion is aimed at the development of an application that would assist such visitors during such tours.


The administrative heads of the museum have thus decided to develop a smart phone based   application that would assist the visitors in navigating through the huge area. The application has been conceptualized in such a manner that non –English speaking visitor would be much benefitted from the same. On the other hand, the application would also include details of the entire element currently in display in the museum, thus allowing the visitors to gain in-depth knowledge of all objects under display.

   The administrative authorities of the museum have also noticed the fact that a large number of the visitors arriving at the location suffer from physical disabilities. While there exists dedicated infrastructure for the assistance of these visitors, the authority intend to include the details of the same in the application,  along with  the information related  to  all the  value  added services provided  by the museum.


  Thus, it can be concluded that the authorities envision the smart phone based application to serve the following purposes:

  1. Act as a digital guide of the entire museum by making the historic importance of each of the elements under display
  2. Provide assistance to the non English-speaking visitors by translating all the information included in the application
  3. Inform the visitors of all the services that the museum is capable of providing them.

  It is worth mentioning that the entire project would be completed within a single phase.


 The following sections of the report highlight the in-scope and out-scope elements of the project:

In –Scope elements:

  1. The development of the Melbourne Museum App on the androidplatform
  2. Conducting extensive quality testing activities on the application
  3. Releasing the android application on the Google Store platform

Out –Scope elements:

  1.   The procurement of the smart phone devices on which the application would run.
  2. The release of the subsequent versions of the application

Key Assumptions

The following facts have been assumed regarding the development of the application:

  1. All costs associated with the development of the application would be borne by the museum authorities.
  2. The application would be made available to a target group of users, for facilitating the process user acceptability testing. The application would be released on the Play Store only after the results of this test are available.
  3. The application would be made available to the target users free of cost.


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