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ITC505 ICT Project Management-System of Globex

Identify the desired area of impact Rank the following areas in terms of importance: Strategy / Customer / Financial / Operational / Social Develop an appropriate metric this sets the target and expectation of all the stakeholders. It is important to determine a quantitative target that needs to be expressed as a metric in terms of an increase or decrease of money.

Determine the timeframe for achieving the MOV - ask yourselves, when do we want to achieve this target metric Define Scope and produce a Scope Management Plan Define the scope of the project and detail how the scope will be managed.

Identify and detail the resources for the project using MS Project where appropriate, including:People (and their roles), plus any extra personnel that is required for the project.Technology - any hardware, network and software needs to support the team and your client

Define a set of activities / tasks that must be completed to produce each deliverable.Develop a time estimate for each task or activity to be completed.Document any assumptions you have made about the project Analyse these risks, assign a risk to an appropriate member, and describe a strategy for the management of each specific risk.

Develop and describe the following that your project team could implement to ensure quality Develop a closure checklist that the project team will use to ensure that the project has been closed properly. Develop a project evaluation –outline and discuss how your project MOV will be evaluated.


Project Description: RALS organizes a show every year for displaying its agricultural and lifestyle equipment in November every year. All the collections by selling tickets are donated to ICV (the charitable trust). Due to manual ticketing system at the counter only, every year there has to be a crowd gathering and then some used to infiltrate the fences to come inside without paying for the tickets. Then, RALS representative decided to transform its manual ticketing system to computer-based and handed over the project to Virtucon.

Operational: Ticket distribution shall get simpler than previous.

Customer: Customers shall be very happy as they will not be required to wait for a long time in the queue outside the gate especially for the first day.

Strategy: RALS will certainly get more success by using the system because more and more people will

now visit the show.

Finance: More tickets will be sold, so the financial collection will also increase.

Social: Since there is going to be more selling of tickets, so more donations can be made to ICV to show the social benefits

Project value:

Faster: New system is designed to improve the efficiency by getting the tickets booked well before the program and the load on the counter can be decreased.

Do more: This success story will definitely motivate RALS to expand the show and grow more.

Metrics with time target:

· Increase in sale of ticket volume before the beginning of the show in November every year.

· Start of revenue generation even before the beginning of the show.

· Reduce workload on the ticket counter and security to gate, so fewer volunteers also can manage the show.

· Increase in the total collection of revenue and donation to ICV by 10% in the first year after the project is implemented.

Project Manager, Technical Manager, Administrative Manager, Software Manager

Technology: Internet, wi-fi, set of computers

Office space with all basic amenities

Others: training shall be provided to users after the implementation


Risk Analysis(Science Enginerng Medicine, 2017)&(ThreatsAndOpportunities, 2017)


Date of Entry






On the off chance that the stakeholder distinguishing proof amid start arrange is not done accurately; it can cause a huge issue if we leave behind an opportunity because of some influential stakeholder





Data gathering may lead to a high increase in scope due to the improper assessment of the requirement and not finalize th  at the beginning of the project itself.





Stakeholder’s administration is not done legitimately, then afterward it can likewise have a negative effect on the project. Since there is a the chance of the highly influential stakeholder’s expectation is missed to comply with or provide feature in the system.





The huge loop-hole in scope from the start to execution arranged uncommonly towards the end, which may cause the team to work extra and the time schedule is going to be extended and even the cost too.





Deficient or inappropriate accommodation of definite documentation can expand the task span and the cost of the project as well.






Response Plan



Project Manager

Each one of the accomplices ought to be recognized suitably and the summary should be rechecked after every alteration.



Project Manager

All the recognized essentials ought to be discussed in order with help and gathering before concluding.



Project Manager

Once the accomplice conspicuous evidence is done properly with a quality examination, they ought to be satisfied as necessities are.



Project Manager

Degree check methodology like expert study ought to be driven in each stage.



Project Manager

All the last documentation of each different stages ought to be submitted after the movement to decline to total up for the last stage

Quality Management Plan

Team’s Philosophy

The gathering must put attempts to keep up the required quality standards of the thing and continually meet the perceived and filed accomplice's wants. All the recognized desires must be passed on inside time with adequate quality benchmarks. All associates need to concentrate on work quality to evade any kind of modification.

Verification(Jordan, 2012)

Expansion points of confinement ought to be checked earlier and afterward a short time later every stage

Cost of each activity should not overshoot the individual spending intend to control the general cost of a thing

Each one of the wants of accomplices are being met

All risks are recognized and the response configuration made are all considered and properly grabbed in the midst of each stage


On time Delivery of the desires ought to be ensured


Before closing, the basic things need ought to be affirmed against set criteria or MOV


Quality rules are being met


Each stage in the wake of completing ought to be endorsed against the benchmark criteria

Project Closure & Project Evaluation

Project Closure checklist:

Need to check the quality of the highlights of ticketing structure for meeting the base according to standard

All the documentation has been done and submitted after the item is conveyed

Asset deactivation design made and gave to the social event

Lessons learned recorded and gave to Globex/RALS administrators

 Project Evaluation Check-list:

Could the ticket booking begin before the beginning of the show?

Has the income begun producing before the beginning of the RALS appeared?

Has the group stack been decreased at section entryway and so in ticket counter?

Has there been an increment in gift add up to ICV?

The author (Banda, 2017) has described in the report that general significance of the evaluation of project and incorporated system of closing down which are the important aspects of the project management. I figure the author couldn't build up the significance of the assessment procedure in the report created. The author specified different agendas too in the report. I don't perceive any point in perusing the material worth, as the agenda can be acquired from the course reading itself.

The author (Anglesey County Council , 2012) has said suitably that the examination philosophy of a plan at the last time of the project life cycle is a seeing of the achievement, and also rather it gives all-around data concerning the errand criteria or result that how far the goals of the project has been met or how sensible are the results like the CPI and SPI. The author has comparatively fittingly verified that the evaluation of a plan always gives a noteworthy examination of the substance of disappointment or achievement. The producer additionally said which is in like way fulfilling for me is the assessment methodology ought not to be as of late organized towards the end while it is required to be driven at every conceivable and advantageous interim to get to the plan in the midst of the stages as well.

The author (Archibald, Filippo, & Filippo, 2008) has specified every one of the stages associated with the task management life cycle with the significance of one more stage after the nearby outcome of the project. The additional phase after close-out is the project assessment arrangement in which the group needs to assess the accuracy, benefit, and misfortune from the task. I feel the author has talked about considerably more identified with various stages contrasted with the assessment organized as it were. Yet at the same time, the specification of an extra level of examination is required after the nearby out stage to assess the result. 


Anglesey County Council . (2012). End of Project Evaluation & Project Closure. EU Project Management Guidelines, 1-14.

Archibald, R. D., Filippo, I. D., & Filippo, D. D. (2008). The Six-Phase Comprehensive Project Life Cycle Model Including the Project Incubation/Feasibility Phase and the Post-Project Evaluation Phase. Retrieved September 25, 2017, from

Banda, S. S. (2017). Project Close-out and Reasons for Success or Failure of projects. ZM: SSB & Associates.

Jordan, A. (2012, October). Retrieved September 25, 2017, from Scope Verification: The Forgotten Process:

Monnappa, A. (2017, September 1). Project Scope Management: What It is and Why It’s Important. Retrieved September 25, 2017, from

Science Enginerng Medicine. (2017). Retrieved September 25, 2017, from Chapter: 5 Risk Mitigation:

ThreatsAndOpportunities. (2017). Limitations to Risk Management. Retrieved September 25, 2017, from

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