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ITC568 Cloud Privacy | Implications of Smart Sensor Network

Assume that an Australian State Government has reviewed the Singapore Government’s Smart Nation Plan and has decided to implement their own Smart State Plan. This will initially consist of a network of smart sensors and cameras at traffic lights, bus stops, rubbish bins, etc. in their CBD to monitor citizens behaviour and address street crime.

1. Discuss what you see as the personal and ethical implications for your privacy of the proposed Government’s Smart Sensor Network by looking at:
a. The types or categories of people affected by this proposal,

b. What behavioural changes you might expect to see from normal citizens,

c. Would you expect to see changes in individual behaviours, such as choice of activities, changes in time schedules, etc.

The next part of the Government’s plan is to deploy a Smart WiFi Network which will consist of a series of sensor boxes to act as WiFi hotspots throughout the city. This would allow the introduction of a heterogeneous network where smart phones and other devices could seamless switch between mobile data and WiFi.

2. Discuss what you see as the personal and ethical implications for your privacy of the proposed Government’s Smart WiFi Network by looking at:
a. The types or categories of people affected by this proposal,

b. What behavioural changes you might expect to see from normal citizens using their mobile devices in the CBD,

c. Would you expect to see changes in individual behaviours, such as choice of activities, changes in time schedules, etc.

d. What are the implications for you If you had sensitive information on your mobile device that you did not want to share?

The Smart State Plan will also enrol all citizens with a Digital Identity to ensure that they can correctly be identified and access services provided by the state both electronically and physically.

3. If you were visiting the State Capital after the Smart State Plan has rolled out, do you think that the use of a digital identity would assist you to maintain your privacy while using your mobile phone or devices during your visit? Discuss the reasons for your answer.

4. What steps do you think that you could take to ensure the security and privacy of your digital identity while operating your mobile device(s) in this environment? Discuss each step that you would take along with its advantages and disadvantages.



It is vital considering the security in selecting cloud provider. The reason behind this is, the important data are stored in cloud. As per Ponemon study, primary types of data stored in cloud are information of customers, email as well as consumer data. In the study, the nation plan by the government of Singapore has been reviewed by the Australian State Government and the government of Australia has been decided to implement its own Smart State Plan. In this perspective, study discusses personal as well as ethical implications of Smart Sensor Network, the kind of  people affected through the implementation, behavioural changes along with the expected changes from normal citizens are described in the study. On the other hand, the personal as well as ethical attributes regarding the privacy issues of WiFi network of Government are explained in the study. In addition, the State Capital is visited after the implementation of the proposed plan; the steps that would take the use of digital identification may be helpful for maintaining the privacy while operating the devices of mobile in the environment.

Task 1

1. Discussion  about the implication regarding ethics for the Smart Sensor Network 

a. Categorization of people affected by the proposed system: 

Sensors as well as networks regarding the sensor have a significance for environmental challenges and  applications in several stages like building smart housing and smart power stations as well as smart control for industry procedures. It contributes largely on effective use of the resources. There are several stages of applications of sensor networks. As for example, in case of fire in forest, the incident can be identified through the process of monitoring by networks. Sensor networks are utilized in order to monitor structural integrity of civil structures through making localisation of damage like bridges. In addition, these are effective to utilize in health care industry for monitoring human psychical information. Apart from these, the areas like transportation as well as logistics, industrial applications, precision agriculture as well as tracking animal (Fadel et al. 2015). The people from environmental monitoring system can be affected by smart sensor network. On the other hand, urban terrain tracking as well as civil structure monitoring are the system where

people getting affected by the smart sensor network.  The process of transportation as well as logistics is the fields where smart sensor network has an important role to be considered. Thus, it is important to emphasize on every category of people so that potential advantages can be obtained.

However, smart sensor network is one of the areas where people are affected in the area of developing smart housings. Smart power grids as well as controlling of energy systems are the important areas where smart sensor network has an important contribution. There are selected applications as well as environmental impact on smart grids as well as controlling of energy systems. Power plans generating energy from coals are also responsible for 40% production of electricity across the world. In order to mitigate emissions from the generation energy, alternative technologies can be used for cleaning .This is used in order to generate electricity as well as the generation of the energy can be done in an effective way. On the other hand, smart sensor networks are available for generating efficient standalone panels.

The urban tracking system constitutes smart grids with the help of key element. It helps to monitor the system and essential elements of a smart grid. On the other hand, a computer algorithm based algorithms allow effective process of data collection and analysis. It also helps to give solution (Ojuroye et al. 2017). In addition, it provides solutions to human operators and acting as a process of autonomously. For an instance, geographic information system provides local data in the conventional system grids. However, there are several scopes presenting the case study as making quantification global impact. However, smart sensor network has an environmental impact on smart grids.  Therefore, decreasing emissions from the energy side, it is considered as an alternative technology in order to clean the area.  It is required to use in order to generate electricity as well as energy that could be distributed in the process of adopting practical methods of achieving the organizational goals.  

It is also significant identifying the specific issues directly or indirectly as the primary element that identifies the issues directly as the basic element. On the other hand, the imaginary setting for the robots are required to develop where appropriate can be pre-programmed. It is also beneficial to set the robots developed in proper way. In addition, it is required to focus on production lines along with computer based automated systems.

b. The behavioural changes from the citizens

The entities of an organization are concerned with adopting practical ways of completing mission. However, the issues engage directly or indirectly as one of the primary elements of an individual. On the other hand, previous argument analyzes actual except an imaginary system of robots are implemented where the actions are preprogrammed. It is beneficial in autonomous industry like production lines as well as computer-automated services. On the other hand, the frame of reference deals with brining good effects of individual way of doing work into the implemented methods that are produced by the enterprises for successful completion of the projects of smart sensor networks. It is also important to bring positive impact on the success of a project.

The deployment of smart sensor network has an important on the mode of communication among people. It helps to improve the effective means of communication and make the process simplified with the help of devices. In the effective transactions, this can be assumed that homogenous communications generally happens and not essentially except making a conflict. However, the communicating parties are agreed in setting up the process where people are willing to work by communication procedure. On the contrary, crossed transaction pattern generally starts with the agreement in order to communicate between the parties of communication. If the crossed pattern is active, a conversion is considered as one of the best scenario in the ability producing outcomes in the dialogs (Ojuroye et al. 2017). Therefore, the type of effective transaction needs to be implemented in case if the conflicts are resolved. Apart from that transaction analysis model can be categorized into eight possible combinations.  These are required to study with the evidence of intuitive appeal considered for the organization. It is required to study with the evidence of intuitive appeal. On the other hand,  lack of proof showing the validity where analysis regarding transaction is mentioned as it relates with developing  communication regarding soft skill.

The developed system for implicating the smart sensor network or smart Wi-Fi has an important impact on people. The proposed system could be intelligent, robust and using any kinds of vision sensors as it helps to develop privacy in the system. It is also required to emphasize on the in-house system as wireless sensor network. The node has the ability to identify the presence of device in the area. On the other hand, there is a real-time activity behavior of the users of smart sensor network helps to detect the system. The developed system assists to generate efficient smart sensing system for the organization. In addition, the regular household appliances can be properly supplemented with sensing the units for sensing of the usage.

It is important to have effective purpose of making integration of the system that can be monitored by less number of systems in healthcare service. From the description, it has been presented in the system where the process of recognition is developed w utilizing the classification of different system. The deployed low cost, robust and flexible wireless sensors are developing wireless communication with the help of wireless sensor network.

c. Expected changes seen in behaviour of individuals

Elimination of the communication barriers will enhance as well as makes the process easier for communication. However, adoption of the best practices in a communication plan is helpful to make great success. For instance, a conceptual framework of implicating of smart sensor networks is helpful to address the communication barriers comprehensively. On the other hand, it is appropriate for creating a plan for communication. The requirement for training for the people to encounters the demands, specially the team for development of the project (Lim et al. 2015). An instance the direct enhancement can occur for the process regarding the developing p communication skills in positive way that can be adopted. However, the indirect enhancement can occur whether the effective change has outcomes for making good communication among the diverse cultures.  In addition, practicing for enhancing communication at  a degree of the organization can be achieved to a larger level compared to working level of the current project. On contrary, it would be possible exploiting the process in order to enhance communication for uniqueness of the particular project (Mishra et al. 2015). Moreover, consideration of time structuring a project like selection and building a team is important for generating significant communication. Applying good practices like listening to the requirements of projects could enhance the scopes for significant communication in projects.

There are some scholars made differentiation between management consider the topics while others utilize the terms interchangeably. However, it has been argued that the points depend on the definition of all terms.  The knowledge depends on the two terms of perspective. In this case, in for viewing the value of smart sensor networks for the managers of the project, it is essential exploring related theories as well as models. Linking the process to the authority, power as well as accountability of the project manager will be helpful to shed light on the area of the project.

Deploying privacy in the WiFi network

Categories which the proposal affected 

There are different categories of people in a city. Every person has no ability to afford internet connections. Thus, smart WI-Fi network could assist and save common people required the connection. Smart network could assist as well as save people needed the internet connection. On the other hand, there is also lack of home plug and the earliest for popular as well as power-line system. The stages included in the development as well as compilation of the information associated with success or failure of service providers.  The major reasons that cause failure in project are technical. Hence, the Wi-Fi networks are left with short process.

On the other hand, there are some issues related to deployment of Wi-Fi network. The government of Australia could spend infrastructures in the country. Thus, a larger part of annual budget is important for the organization. At the average level, it is important to comprehend the process that could analyze the procedure. In addition, the  people from the range of youth to old as beneficial people in the city.

Expected behavioural changes from the citizens

Enhancing the attributes for soft skills might be essential for project manager in order to enhance methodologies of project management for increasing success of the projects. However, it is afar the opportunity of this study. Moreover, it does not falls under the identified target of the study encompassing the soft skills factors possible, which have an impact on project success (Khan et al. 2016). On the contrary, the factors considered in the study have ability to develop  a reference frame as well as an analysis that is essential for validating the proposed model and the existence points of saturation. The basic proof is derived from quantitative analysis. The quantitative analysis is supported through two chosen case studies as well.

Steps contributing to maintain privacy and security

The model appears as simple and not applicable if there is misunderstanding in project. issues may arise when misunderstandings occur in communication process within an enterprise. Communication as a transaction is taking place between sender as well as receiver with the model indicating that the time and the individuals participating in the communication process. This process is also termed as transactional analysis, which was originally utilized in psychology as well as psychotherapy (Alaiad and Zhou 2015). The instances are reliance, silliness, creativity as well as irrationality. The adult state of a person faces a rational approach as well as utilizes analytical thinking skill. Communication generally stands between a boss as well as subordinate. Message of the sender as well as response do follow the same route, recognized as complementary or crossed.

On the other hand, the security measures as the protection will be effective and essential for the people of Australia. In addition, as the protection will be effective for identification of the most threatening problem in the city for using the smart platform. One of the major issues faced by the users is security (Memos et al. 2018). It leads to the fact that the data are transacted between the users interacted to deal with the people. On the other hand, it is one of the major reasons that is sent  with the help of channel that does not encounter the location according to the demand and the data modulated at the time of transferring time.  

Identity theft is one of the major issues for which it would appear as preventive measure in the smart city.  It leads to obtaining access to the data stored in the data centre. On the other hand, it is the reason where the data need to be stored securely and secured place. The data needs to be stored place. It will be the barrier to protect data. On the contrary, the major causes is that the imposters enact among the users. Cyber attackers get access to the profile of thee users that may lead to the fact that can deal with banking details of the users. The cyber criminals can make the financial transaction from the users that might affect and create a negative impact.  

Apart from these, hijacking of device is considered as a major issue. It would lead to the fact that the imposters will access the private data of the users (Kitchin 2014).  Hijacking the devices also consists of the fact that it can be changed to the basic security functioning that has ability to prevent security issues. Distributed denial of service is a major issue faced by the users for imposters present in smart city. On the other hand, the major issue that arises within the cyber criminals and block valuable information from the servers. It leads to denial of blockage about the websites. There are two types of denial service attack such as temporary distributed denial of services and permanent distributed denial service attacks.   

The connection between the Wi-Fi networks has invading surroundings without having any continuous as well as Nuisance Law that can protect the users. However, there are legal issues for using the Wi-Fi.  Free connections do not create any type of inherent restrictions. On the other hand, identity does not have any impact on people as well as decisions in real ways. Sharing communities include the possibility of disrupting the present political economy of telecommunication through privileging the digital inclusion, innovation as well as localism. Hence, it is important to focus on implying the smart Wi-Fi network in the city.   

One of the major steps is taken by the organization for mitigating the risks that could occur in smart city. Installation of firewalls is considered as major technique required to achieve in order to mitigate the risks (Khan et al. 2016). Through installation of firewall, security risks might be mitigated. It is used as it come accessing data from the data centre used in smart cities.  It also assists in preventing the imposters being connected to the servers without having proper devices. It also prevents malicious codes as well as software from affecting the devices. It also assists in preventing the imposters and get connected with the devices. It is also important to use the process. However, the major issues for installing the devices in preventing  the imposters in the severs without appropriate process of authentication.

Implementation of the factor of the security system can be helpful to identify the security system. It is the technique for keeping the secured system from the imposters. It is initially secured with the assistance of password and stored in the levels.  On the other hand, it is a robust platform where the limitations are getting failed for lack of identifying the genuine users to bug the present in the process of programming the system (Jin et al. 2014). Wide area network technologies provide various ways in two-way information flow in the smart grid system. It also results in developing fragmented market.  Selection of the technologies is significant as it depends on the factors considered as broadband network of the system. In this situation, it is important to focus on the other issues also and take preventive steps in order to obtain competitive advantages.


The development of Wi-Fi technology as well as huge expansion of the use allow the users to access and make the process convenient to the system. The implication of smart sensor network and smart Wi-Fi has a larger impact on the users that can restrict the content of internet form the groups of people. It implies that people defining different behaviors as per their perspective. However, the procedure of managerial grid can be predicted as need and significance of criteria of leadership that is present throughout the process of integration of the popular traits as well as behavioral perspective. There is a certain major application of concept of implication of smart sensor network, which is presence in a service encounter. In addition, the significance of implication develops general principles, which are applied in service sector setting. Hence, elimination of the needs requires considering the service provider as unique experience. In addition, the implementation of smart sensor network or smart Wi-Fi can be applied in terms of enhancing the role of a service provider in and corresponding market and service sector in a city where common people will be getting benefited.


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