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ITECH 1100 Data Mining


Data mining in film and television industry

Data mining can be considered as a process which turns raw data into data which has some sort of meaning attached to the concept. In most of the cases it is seen that with the help of software data can be directly be manipulated which directly helps the business organization to learn more about organizations and build strategy of business. It can be stated that it is a very meaningful concept which alters the business scenario

Linking the concept of the data mining in the prospective of film industry it can be stated that it helps in the concept of the creation of manipulation of the data which are feed into the system. The main role of the system is to generate meaning into the concept. It can be used to extract data in a meaningful manner.


Point 1:  The point of emphasis which is related to the concept can be on the field of the access of the generation of the data. Sometimes it can be stated that data which is generated are of no meaning which abrupt the proper working within the system.  Sometimes it can be very confusing in order to generate a data which is meaningful.

Point 2:  The data which is generated can be directly used in the concept of the recreation of the idea in the concept of the film. Sometime it can be stated that there are a vast number of business prospective which can be applied to the concept. Sometimes it can be stated the concept can be very much beneficial in an ideal way which directly alters the framework of the business.

Point 3: In most of the scenario it is seen that the data in the system is not so secured. As a result of which the data would be easily accessible by others by means of altering the sequence input. In majority times it can be seen that the data would be used by different purposes depending upon the need and the desires of its output.

Point 4: The data can be stated to be one of the most important factors in the path of the functionality of the system. It can be stated that the security of the data should be the main concern area and should be provided with appropriate access permission. The people who would be engaged into the concept should be only authorized person who would be directly

Ethical aspect

            The main ethical aspect which is related to the concept can be on the field of the access which is generated in the data of the system. It can be stated that in any system the data are very much important which play a very vital role which alters the normal functionality of the system. In most of the cases it is seen that the system is directly altered due to the access permission of the data which can be used in the concept of the generation of the data which would be involved into the concept of the generation of films. In most of the cases it is seen that the data which would be involved into the processing of the sequence should be very much meaningful which would be helping the system to learn from the data and function accordingly.


Robert Rauch, CHA, is CEO of RAR Hospitality, a leading cordiality administration firm with 20 inns under administration. Mr. Rauch has more than 35 years of friendship-related administration involvement in all aspects of the business. Generally perceived as the "lodging master," Mr. Rauch keeps up a blog where he elucidates upon experiences and patterns in the friendliness business for different factors of filming related to the data. Alongside the blog, he additionally distributes Hospitality Insights, a month to month electronic bulletin. Mr. Rauch held almost every situation in the lodging business including General Manager of full-benefit Four Diamond inns for Hilton and Embassy Suites in Phoenix.

With a four-year college education in Hotel Administration from Western International University and a graduate degree in Tourism Administration from Arizona State University, Rauch has filled in as president and on the leading body of various tourism associations. Mr Rauch is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University and California State University San Marcos. He is broadly cited on TV, radio and in various distributions including the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. He has built up a few driving brand inns, some of which the firm still claims and oversees and opened a Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott in San Diego this past summer and a Doubletree by Hilton in Phoenix this month (Ivanov, S. H., Webster, C., & Berezina, K. (2017). 


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