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ITECH 2201 Cloud Computing- SQL Database System

Describe the key concepts of Cloud Computing and why do you think that a move to the cloud will benefit Webb’s Store.Explain how Webb’s could use either AWS or Azure to integrate their new regional group of stores into their existing operations. Explain which cloud architectures you could use to integrate these operations and the reasons for their use.Each slide in the briefing must also include speaking notes in the notes section to explain the slide, and all images used in the briefing should be referenced.


Infrastructure as a service is a model of cloud computing where by virtualized computing resources are provided on-demand over the internet. IaaS works through a third party organization hosting and managing physical servers and distributing virtual servers to its customers over the internet (Rouse, 2015). The customers access and use the service on a subscription basis making an on-demand service. For Webb’s company which wants to migrate its database to the cloud Iaas could the option for them. A good example of IaaS which the company could use to deploy the database is running SQL server in an Azure IaaS which is provided by Microsoft. This approach is similar to deploying the database on server which is within the premises of the organization except that for Azure SQL server, Microsoft is responsible for all the underlying infrastructure and management of the physical hardware and Webb’s will be using the SQL server as a service over the internet.

n: justify;">IaaS is the best option for organizations that have an already existing database and does not need to develop the database from scratch. When using Azure SQL server to migrate to the database the customer has full control of the configuration of the virtual machine and the supporting operating system. This means that the customer has a lot of control so tuning is very easy when the customers need to configure the VM to be compatible with the server that was on the company’s premises before migrating the database to the cloud. For example Azure SQL server allow its subscribers to upload an SQL server image of their choice or to buy an SQL server image of their choice. This means that the user has full control over the server except that support is done by Microsoft so the customer does not need to worry about the support of the physical infrastructure.

 The Iaas Approach is mostly suitable for customers which need full control over the applications that they are going to deploy on the service. It’s also suitable for customers who expect a high degree of scalability. This is because IaaS is very scalable and its easy for the customer to scale upwards or downwards depending on the growth rate of the company. Azure SQL server can support up to 44GB of RAM and up to 32 cores thus upward scalability cannot be an issue for Webb’s.

PaaS approach

Platform as a service is a model of cloud computing where by applications are delivered over the internet. PaaS enables development, testing, management and deployment of applications as a service that is accessible over the internet. PaaS providers set up necessary hardware for the development and hosting an application and customers can purchase this service as on demand service thus the user s do not have to worry about the hardware capable of hosting and developing the application. PaaS does not replace the entire infrastructure of the customer but the customer purchases key services that he needs from the PaaS service without having to purchase the infrastructure (Rouse, 2015).

For Webb’s which need to migrate its database to the cloud, the PaaS will not replace their entire infrastructure but only the database will be migrated to the cloud. Considering the migration of the Webb’s database to the cloud, Azure SQL database can be a very good service to purchase. Unlike the IaaS service of Azure SQL server, Azure SQL database does not need the user to worry about the tuning of the underlying operating system which is SQL server and configuring it to suit the need of the database. Microsoft which is the provider of the PaaS has already done all the configurations to ensure the platform is accessible on-demand as a service. The customer does not need to worry about any updates or any patches required to be done on the service (Kumawatt, 2013).

PaaS approach is typically considered by customers who do not want to do any configurations and mainly those customers that are developing the application from scratch since all the required resources to develop the application are already provided by the cloud. For customers who have already developed their applications and need a deployment platform, they could face incompatibility issues while using PaaS since all the configurations are already done and if the development platform that the company used is configured differently than the application might not be deployed successfully. Since Webb’s have an already running database on the premises, PaaS would typically mean they would have to evaluate compatibility issues before deploying the database in the cloud.

Comparison between IaaS and PaaS

IaaS advantages



IaaS grants full control to the customer as the customer can control the VM and everything that is running inside the VM

No control over the infrastructure as the platform is already deployed thus the user can only work with the configurations of the platform thus the customer has no control over the VM

Requires licensing of the images used for example a server image should be licensed

Does not require any licensing as long as the customer has already paid for a subscription

Offers higher performance because the customer is allocated their own processing resources.

Performance is an issue since the customer is sharing the platform with other customers, thus noisy neighbors can affect the performance of the customer’s application

Offers a more guarantee on security as the customer purchasing the service can implement his own security measures.

The customer has to rely on the security measures implemented by the cloud provider and if they are not solid enough security of the application can be compromised.

Its offers easier integration due to the capability of the customer to fine tune all the resources according to his needs

Integration can be an issues since all the configurations are already done and the user can only deploy their application based on the configurations of the cloud service provide.

 PaaS advantages



PaaS is very cheap as compared to IaaS as the user does not have to acquire the whole Vm.

IaaS is expensive because the customer purchases their desired physical infrastructure as a service.

Minimal management of the VM because the management is done by the service provider of the cloud.

Requires a lot of management of the VM

Easy to use when developing a software from scratch

Requires a lot of configurations for the service to be tuned to the users’ needs.


For the migration of Webb’s database to the cloud the best approach to use is IaaS. This is because Webb’s already has a compact database which is being used by the company but has some overheads in replication. Deploying the database in an IaaS service would be the most effective thing to do because the company can decide on what performance suites the database. This is because the company can purchase specifications based on their needs. Using IaaS also gives the company a lot of control over the resources provided, thus the company can be able to tune the service to suit their needs (Scott, 2017). Security is a crucial issue when deploying any database as loss information could lead to the downfall of the company if the information falls in the wrong hands. For Webb’s security is assured as they have more control of the IaaS service thus they can be able to implement their own security measures that would ensure the company’s database is safe. Although IaaS is a little bit costly compared to other services, it’s the best approach recommended for Webb’s to migrate its database to the cloud. The most convenient IaaS service recommendable to Webb’s company is Microsoft Windows Azure.


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