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KN231 Real Estate Finance and Investment - Free Samples to Students

Identify the products and services that CBRE does not offer.

Define how CBRE differs from its competitors.

Define and describe how the main content types that CBRE publishes across its digital channels supports (or does not support) its position, goals, and core offerings to its customers.


Defining the mission and goals of CBRE

The primary mission and goal of CBRE are to provide various kinds of superior outcomes for the stakeholders by allowing the clients to remain in the top position. The organization also tries to collaborate across the service lines and market followed by the implementation of innovative thinking and creates a better working environment.

Defining the unique value proposition of CBRE

The unique value proposition of CBRE is to emphasize on the act the leadership in real estate industry. It has also been found that CBRE is an international organization having their clients from 100 different countries and they also include premier insights and resources of their own (Barkham, Bokhari & Saiz, 2018).

Outlining the core offerings of CBRE

The core offerings of CBRE have been divided into three different parts, properties, services, and researches. Services consist of targeting business, specialties and industries, investors and occupiers. The products and services that are offered by CBRE include advisory and transaction services, global workplace solutions, development services, asset services, valuation and advisory services, capital markets, investment management, alternative investments practice, energy and sustainability. It also includes golf and resort properties, multifamily, residential, and industrial and logistics, CBRE Hotels, energy, oil and gas, healthcare, retail, data centers, financial services, life sciences, public institutions and education (Groen et al., 2016). Followed by that the organization also offers debt and structured finance, investment banking, property management, experience services, leasing and advisory, property sales, investment administration, loan servicing, client strategy and consulting, labor analytics, workplace, facilities management, and project management.

Identification of the products and services which are not provided by CBRE

The identification of the products and services which are not offered by CBRE are as follows:

  1. Occupier services.
  2. Tenant representation.
  3. Landlord Representation.
  4. Law firms.
  5. Sustainability and energy solutions.
  6. Not-for-profit advisory.
  7. Self-storage group.
  8. Senior housing.
  9. Hospitality services.
  10. Multifamily services.
  11. Student housing.
  12. Life Sciences.
  13. Manufactured housing services.
  14. Logistics and transportation services.
  15. Leisure and marina property advisors.
  16. Government solutions.
  17. Food advisory services.
  18. Analytics and business intelligence.
  20. Project management relocation.
  21. Market analysis and site selection.
  22. Technology consulting.
  23. Workplace strategy.
  24. Management of lease.

Defining how CBRE is different from its competitors

According to the research, it has been identified that CBRE is quite different in comparison to its competitors. In the present year, it can be seen that the organization has already reported an increase in the total revenue by 56.78%. Moreover, it has also been found that CBRE has a good position in the fortune 500 companies and there are identified to remain in the top of the list with respect to the commercial real estate (Barkham, Bokhari & Saiz, 2018). Moreover, the organization has a quality and strong working team with best-implemented management practices which makes them unique from the other competitors in the market.

Defining and describing how the main content types which CBRE publishes across its digital channels supports its position, goals, and core offerings to its customers

In the research, it has been found that the digital channels and the primary social media helped a lot in supporting the mission, goals, position, and core offerings for their customers. CBRE utilized main content types via digital media channels for performing various kinds of social interactions followed by the creation of scalable and accessible publishing methods for the customers. Social media had been creating a great shifting in the field of marketing and which is being utilized properly by CBRE for promoting their overall business in a successful manner. The digital channels and social media are also utilized by CBRE for allowing the employees to discuss regarding all the organizational operations that need to be solved in a periodic manner (Groen et al., 2016). According to CBRE, it is evident that the social media is going to be the best marketing medium for them with the help of which they are going to develop a steady stream associated with inbound marketing leads.


Barkham, R., Bokhari, S., & Saiz, A. (2018). Urban Big Data: City Management and Real Estate Markets. GovLab Digest: New York, NY, USA.

Groen, B., Vonk, M., Melissen, F., & Termaat, A. (2016). 16 Corporate Social Responsibility. Facilities Management and Corporate Real Estate Management as Value Drivers: How to Manage and Measure Adding Value, 280.

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