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LAWS6106 Advanced Communication Skills of Social Responsibility

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Do a accountant need to be ethical ?



This article has discussed about the importance of formulation of professional behaviour regulation within an organisation. It discusses about the practical rules that should be followed by organisation so that so that the organisation works along ethical lines and can be of service for the common people. The auditors should present correct information and the professional comments that are made by the authors play a crucial role for managers and investors.

The article states how an organisation can profit and grow by the help of ethical conduct of the accountants of an organisation. The article elaborates how the ethical values of the accountants has been able to prevent fraud cases within that of economical business unit and has been able to win the trust of society. The article elaborates on how dealing ethically with the financial details can benefit the company and win confidence of consumers. It discusses how unbiased decisions along with recommendations can help in benefitting the client.

This article discusses about how ethics prove to be crucial for the accounting profession. The twenty-first century was distraught on account of failures in the arena of political leadership. The article elaborates how accounting as profession was tainted with all kinds of ethical leadership discretions. This article states how on count of failings in the arena of ethical leadership the interest grew of having accounting professionals who possess great ethical principles. It emphasizes how training in relation to ethical behaviour can be of great service for an organization and it has emerged to be in the forefront of professional development effort.

This article states the significance of ethical leadership and how it can be of service for the organization. This research has talked about a model in relation to ethical leadership within the profession of accounting. It discusses how upholding integrity by the accountants can help the firm from facing financial hurdles and create a good image before the public. It clearly outlines that accountants should not associate with information that they consider to be materially false.

This article elaborates on the perceptions in relation to ethical climate of organization and its importance within corporate bodies. Social responsibility was related with that of the ethical judgements of the accountants. It also discusses about the behavioural intentions in regard to the operations of accounting within an organization. The findings reveal how the perceptions in relation to ethical climate lead the professionals in the field of accounting to rationalize the decisions related to earnings management. They can achieve this by adjusting the professional attitudes towards the significance of social responsibility.

The article also takes note of the relationship between the ethical climate in the organization with that of support of professional accountants and documents the view of the accountants towards that of corporate ethics. The findings have great implications for the professional world that suggests that organizational efforts in relation to enhancing the ethical climate can reduce incidences of earnings manipulation within an organization.

The article highlights how poor ethics in relation to accounting practice can produce negative consequences for the firm. It states how the legal code can help in acting as a basic guide in determining the norms of ethical behaviour within an organization. The article brings forth how the interest of the clients should be placed ahead instead of the interest of the business so that the organization can work along the right direction and can prevent major cases of fraud thus helping to safeguard the reputation of the company. The information about the client should be protected by the accountant and this is of supreme value for safeguarding the prestige of the company.

The article illustrates that those who are involved in the accounting profession have to maintain the public image of the company which proves to be the major reason why a large number of accountants involve themselves in fraud practices. It states that accounting has an impact on the lives of the common people and an organization should have sound ethical principles in order to be sustainable and for the future growth of the company.

The article states how objectivity along with independence prove to be important principles for the profession of accounting. It states how the accountants should steer clear of any kind of conflict of interest while they are conducting the accounting services. It states how failure in relation to remaining objective can hamper the ability of an accountant in relation to providing an opinion that is honest. It states that is of supreme importance that the professional accountants should review the principles of accounting and apply the framework to that of the financial information of the company.

The article states how sound judgement in relation to professional practice is an important element of a professional accountant and he should be able to take steps in order to ensure that those who are working under his authority have got appropriate training so that they can be efficient in relation to the handling of task. A professional accountant should be able to make the clients aware about limitations so that they can avoid any kind of misinterpretation arising from it.


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