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LONT043 International Project Management and Solar Power System

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Discuss abour the International Project Management, The big scale development of the solar power would help in integrating the existing operations and form the advanced power generation for the organization.



The ATA is a non profit Australian organization that specializes in the development of the operations for power generation (Zahnd & Kimber, 2016). The project had been developed for the implementation of the advanced processing and it had included the management of the operations to form the Solar Power System for the village of East Timor. The big scale development of the solar power would help in integrating the existing operations and form the advanced power generation for the organization.

The scope of the project is to imply an effective solar power development in the organization. The development plan, implementation plan, and risk management plan are the in scope items of the project. The project would develop a system that would form the effective use of the improved power generation for village.

Aims of the Project

The aim of the project is to develop solar power project at East Timor as more than 35% of the houses in East Timor doesn’t have electricity for basic activities. The company has been developing the basic infrastructure for the people of the place and their target was to provide them with electricity supply.

Project Description

The project had been scheduled to run in between 2014 and 2016 with an estimated cost of $ 300,000 (Thomas et al., 2017). The funding for the project would be managed by Google impact funding from Australia and it would help ATA for completing their operations in sufficient time duration. According to Order and Scheffe (2016), the ATA organization is a non profitable organization and it is the main reason that the organization could not put much amount of value in the project.

The project organization and activities for the East Timor project is divided into the ATA members and the local workers. The main emphasis of the project is for the implication of the solar power utilization system and it would be kept local. As opined by Borodaï et al. (2016), the basic operations of the project like implementation of the system, maintenance of the system, and repairing of the parts would be done by the locals. The expectation of the project owner, Kate Greenwood is to complete the project in 2 years of span.

Project Management Plan

ATA were planning for the project of East Timor for the last ten years and they form an execution of the system before the village. The solar lightning scheme of the volunteers would involve the formation of the main control over the project development (Yfanti, Sakkas & Nistikaki, 2016). The East Timor houses are prepared for the deployment of the effective processing and operations. The deployment of the improved processes. The primary control of the venture and the concentration of the venture was the expansion of the family sun powered lighting plan. As opined by Cucchiella et al. (2017), it is a point to be noticed that in East Timor houses as of now had pre introduced framework in their homes with a specific end goal to get the coveted power. These were for the most part gift which was given by the legislature. The general population ordinarily messed with the framework and there was no financing or upkeep accessible to the framework which made them particularly questionable. Since the organization was working in the East Timor for quite a while the organization had a decent information and comprehension of the zone (Amritanand et al., 2016). The organization as of now had an association with a nearby association which was particularly advantageous. The organization had an objective of introducing the same number of the framework they can with a specific end goal to diminish the general cost factor.

The ATA has been working in the East Timor for right around 10 year or somewhere in the vicinity. Principally the venture was executed already before the town lighting plan by volunteers. The principle point of the framework was that to give a framework that the general population could esteem. The specialized work and the plan work were finished by a group who were included with the ATA for a drawn out stretch of time. The smaller scale controller was composed with the particular need with exceedingly talented specialist. The framework was made especially harder so it is extremely hard to temper with the framework because of which the framework can maintain for any longer timeframe (Wagner et al., 2017). The organization had likewise set up a town group administration group. This group would be in charge of dealing with the plan. Every family would be given a framework which they will get in the wake of giving a little sum. The framework cost was $10 and the upkeep was $2 every month keeping in mind the end goal to keep up the framework. With a specific end goal to accomplish the upkeep part the organization had prepared the neighbourhood individuals so that can settle any part if the circumstance emerges of repair. The preparation fused establishment of the framework, do support of the framework and do fundamental repair.


It can be concluded from the assignment that the project of implementing the solar power system would be helpful for the implication of the effective power generation for the East Timor villages. The formation of the project organization and activities for the East Timor project were divided into the ATA members and the local workers. The main emphasis of the project was for the implication of the solar power utilization system and it would be kept local.


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