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MAN202 CSR Policies of Apple

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This is an Assessment that consists of Two (2) parts:
1. In –class Group Presentation in week 12. In groups of 3 or 4 prepare a Power Point presentation of maximum 8 ppts on the one of the possible Case Studies: Coca-Cola,Walmart, Apple or Canon from the attached pdf.The Power point should include:
a. the description of Situation,
b. the analysis of the way it was approached by the given corporation, and
c. your own suggestions (based on what you have learned in this subject) of how this Case could have been approached better.

Make sure that you showcase your knowledge of the theories learned in this subject.The marks for the presentation are individual and will reflect your skills as a presenter 10% total.
2. Part 2 is the actual submission of your Power points on Turnitin in Week 12. Here you will be assessed on both the Content 15% and Visual Presentation of the power points 5% (Total 20%)


  • Market leader in technology industry
  • Name in the NASDAQ Global Select Stock Exchange
  • Variety of electronic products and services
  • Trusted employees all across the world

CSR Policies of apple

  • Overcoming the risks within the business performance
  • Strict actions against corruption and bribery
  • Maintaining the ethical codes of conduct
  • Employee discrimination not encouraged

  • Conflicts within the company
  • Environmental policies and climate change
  • Long working hours in Chinese factories
  • Problems in internal management

Surveys by the organization

  • Military approach in the organization
  • Interviews with the labors of Foxconn
  • Child labor issues
  • Excessive working hours
  • Workers had to work for around 70 hours
  • Workers could not enjoy the facilities given to them because of the long working hours
  • Committing suicides by many workers

  • Explosion in Foxconn
  • Issues of labor violations
  • Employment of underage workers
  • Arrangement of training programs

Analysis of apple conflicts

  • Shortage of labors in factories
  • Guidelines for employment of underage workers
  • Child Labor Remediation Program

Analysis onworkers health and safety

  • Securing the health of the employees
  • Poisoning of the workers by n-hexane
  • Resignation of the employees

Apple CSR policty post-Conflicts

  • Refinement of age verification methods
  • Improving the brand reputation of Apple
  • Stress on the supply management chain
  • Strengthening health and safety of workers

 Suggestions of making the case better

  • More transparency into the matter
  • More clarity on the standpoint of the Foxconn and Wintek workers
  • Motivational leadership programs


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