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Manage Quality Customer Service Assessment 2

Part A – Written Assessment

  1. What strategies would you use to monitor product & service targets and standards?
  2. Benchmarking – allows the organisation to compare their business performance against other similar-sized businesses within the same industry. It shows whether the performance in certain areas is ahead of, or behind competitors. As a result provides a clear picture of where improvements are needed and how to increase the profit.
  1. KPIs – a great tool to monitor output within the organisation, however it is important to keep in mind that all key performance indicators must be measurable, achievable and set an outcome that eliminates undesirable variations and emphasises desirable actions.
  1. Productivity - can be defined as the efficiency with which a business turns inputs into outputs as expressed in formula Productivity = outputs/inputs. Measures of productivity can be based on any combination of input factor to output factor, for example: products manufactured per day (per machine or per person), charge out hours achieved per worker, sales per square meter of floor space in a retails store. A business can improve their productivity by achieving either a higher output with current inputs or current output with lower inputs which allows the organisation to invest the spared time effectively in other areas of their business.
  1. Develop a strategy to obtain customer feedback in regards to the above.

Customers` feedback is going to be conducted via customer satisfaction survey which is going to be distributed via email as it is the most effective and cost saving method available.

The customer satisfaction survey should contain but not be limited to the following areas:

  • Introduction – including a thank you note for choosing our company and trust in our products, why we are contacting the customer with our survey (to better our service based on our customers` needs and provide and to constantly raising and exceeding current standards)
  • Target questions regarding overall communication, overall delivery service (timely delivery, correct products and number of items delivered including all paperwork such as manual, warranty list, products delivered without damage, etc.), product presentation and recommendations, level of after sales assistance/service in case of questions/claims
  • Quick thank you for participating in the survey

In case of bigger accounts, customer`s feedback can be obtained during a face to face annual meeting with the client. It is a more personal way how to make the customer feel special and establish a stronger bond with the client leading to possible long-term loyalty.

  1. Explain how you will use the following resources effectively to promote quality service to customers:
  2. Equipment – keep the equipment in good condition, arrange regular service maintenance, update the equipment (forklift, printers, pallet jacks, etc.) when necessary to help the employees do their job more efficiently
  3. Finance – invest in extensive staff training so that they have appropriate skills and knowledge of our products and are able to recommend suitable products to fit our customers` needs
  4. People – we need to make sure that our staff are well trained, well managed, well organised, have great communication skills, good language manners and do their job with drive and passion so that the customer feels special and has no reason to look for other options in terms of their supplier
  5. Technology – develop or purchase internal company software (intranet) which will help the employees do their jobs more efficiently and possibly simplify the internal operational procedures (completing purchase orders from customers, booking transport directly from our system could be linked to our forwarder`s software via EDI which can reduce number of incidents regarding delivery to customers), keeping all electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, PCs, tablets as well as other software s. a. Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, etc. up to date
  1. What records and reports would be maintained by management? How would they be stored?

In regards to our customer service performance, the following documentation will be maintained by the management:

  • Customer Feedback forms/surveys
  • Contracts
  • Sales reports
  • purchase orders
  • invoices
  • delivery orders
  • customer claims

All above would be stored electronically as well as in an archive as hard copies for future reference as some paperwork (contracts) is required to be kept as an original and an electronic scan only would not be sufficient.

Part B – Written or Oral Questions

  1. How will you overcome this problem with the retailer?

First we need to make sure that the order is delivered without any further delays to the customer or discuss with the retailer other possible ways how to speed up the delivery to their final customer and possibly deliver the goods to the end user directly if there is an option and it is a mutual agreement with our customer. It also depends how important the client is to the organisation, how often they purchase, quantity, etc. Even though every client should be important to the company, there are different approaches how to deal with problems that occur if it is a client that makes regular purchases or a company that orders one item per year for example. We have to make sure that we offer some kind of compensation to the client so that the client sees that we respond quickly with a solution for the problem. We could also offer some kind of special discount on our products or shipping for their next order. Every client has different needs which we have to take into consideration when offering a certain type of compensation to them. We should also set a critical period or time frame when we are going to monitor their orders and deliveries very closely to make sure that something similar does not happen again with the same client as it could seriously affect our future business relationship.

  1. What adjustments would you make to service delivery to ensure such problems don`t occur again?

We have to make sure that all employees are properly trained and also have SOPs with all relevant information in regards to their roles within the company on hand where they can find helpful information. They also need to be encouraged to ask their supervisor in case they feel that they have more workload than they can handle or they have to deal with an issue that they do not know how to handle. It is also necessary to have regular reviews or meetings with the whole team (could be 1/week, 1/every 2 weeks depending how big the team is) to keep track of all responsibilities, workload and possible issues that might arise and identify these ahead before they happen and apply an immediate solution so that the service delivery to customers is not disrupted.


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