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MBA501 Fantasy Film Analysis

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You are required to review an organisation case study including statistical information on business unit performance and current market conditions.The case study will also include information regarding the organisation’s current capacity to respond effectively to change.

You must then prepare a Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Report slide presentation using the following headings:
A. Business Portfolio Analysis Plot each business unit on a BCG matrix, GE-McKinsey matrix, and Synergy matrix
B. Business Portfolio Recommendations Provide recommendations to the organisation for the strategic management of each business unit with explanations for each recommendation

C. Dynamic Capability Analysis Prepare an assessment of the organisation’s dynamic capability including its capacity to:
1. Identify and assess opportunities
2. Mobilise resources
3. Transform and reconfigure strategic assets
D. Dynamic Capability Recommendations

Provide recommendations to the organisation for enhancing overall dynamic capability with explanations for each recommendation.


  • Fantasy Film is located in Sydney and all around the world in Brisbane, Los Angeles and San Fransico
  • It is a digital animation studio
  • The analysis is done using strategic tools and four business units of the company


It produces Academic Award animated movies and generates the highest revenue

  • Recommendations

The unit needs to release the scripts to gains advantage


  • Analysis

It is in low in competitive strength and low in income generated. It has revenue of $1.9 Billion

  • Recommendations

The income generated by the unit needs to be more


  • Analysis

It is subscribed with Dreamworks but has a low competitive strength that makes it vulnerable

  • Recommendations

Competitive strength needs to be increased


  • Analysis

DigiFX provides special effects to live action movies

  • Recommendations

It needs changes by improving its major areas of business to gain advantage


  • Application of business units is efficient
  • Development takes place with revenue generated
  • Industry can be developed by effective means

  • The section analyses the opportunities present while applying a software
  • Mobilising of resources and application of transformation and reconfiguration is analysed
  • Analysis of the collaboration of the business units is identified to gain advantage

Identify and assess opportunities

  • Analysis

Fantasy Films aim at developing “Script Doctor”

It can detect faults in a script at an early stage

The development costs about $3million and needs 6 months

Identify and assess opportunities

  • Recommendations

Make the product unique

Ensure that talented individuals use the product

Reduce the cost of the products

Mobilise resources

  • Analysis

Develop own in-house scripts

Follow the footsteps of Fantaspace in using the software

Recruit talented people

  • Recommendations

Develop a monitoring device

Develop alternate script analyser

Develop own in-house script analyser

Transform and reconfigure

  • Analysis

Analyse the business that need to be developed

Provide trust in the software

Use resources along with new and old techonologies

  • Recommendations

It is essential to find the best alternative for the software

Analyse the business by conducting a survey of the employees and the software


  • Need to conduct an investigation about the use of the technology
  • Make business deals with reputed companies


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