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MBA501 Fantasy Film Business Portfolio

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You are required to review an organisation case study including statistical information on business unit performance and current market conditions.The case study will also include information regarding the organisation’s current capacity to respond effectively to change.
You must then prepare a Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Report slide presentation using the following headings:
A. Business Portfolio Analysis Plot each business unit on a BCG matrix, GE-McKinsey matrix, and Synergy matrix
B. Business Portfolio Recommendations Provide recommendations to the organisation for the strategic management of each business unit with explanations for each recommendation.

C. Dynamic Capability Analysis Prepare an assessment of the organisation’s dynamic capability including its capacity to:
1. Identify and assess opportunities
2. Mobilise resources
3. Transform and reconfigure strategic assets
D. Dynamic Capability Recommendations
Provide recommendations to the organisation for enhancing overall dynamic capability with explanations for each recommendation.


Fantasy Film Business Portfolio

  • Fantasy film is a digital animation studio that offers many services related to the animated films and animated advertising (Hill, 2017).
  • The business unit of Fantasy Film Business Portfolio is classified into four parts:
  • This presentation discusses many important points such as like GE McKinsey, BCG, and Synergy Matrix.
  • It also recommends many strategies for Business Portfolio with Dynamic Capability Development. 


On the basis, Fantaspace comes in the category of Star.

 GE McKinsey Matrix demonstrates that it comes in the Maximum expansion.

The Synergy Matrix demonstrates that Fantaspace comes in Fits field.

  • Recommendations

–It should give more preference to the investment

–Fantaspace should need to spend on the research and development technology and proficient employees  (Ginter, et al., 2018).  

– Fantaspace should required to evaluate the market share and growth.

–Required to create strong base of products and services for getting higher success.


  • Analysis

–From the application of GE McKinsey Matrix, it is analyzed that Advantage comes in the medium selective region.

–The business cycle shows that it comes in the mature phase, as it moves towards Dog category.   

  • Recommendations

–Advantage should also need to spend their capital in the innovation and technology (Meyer, et al., 2017).

–Create cross function team to create innovate products and services for their consumers.

–Management should determine new approaches to operate their business and increases in the number of clients. 


  • Analysis

–BCG matrix demonstrates that it comes in the Question Mark.

–It is Highly selective as per the GE McKinsey Matrix.  

–Synergy Matrix is comes in the category of Takers.

  • Recommendations

–Anisoft find new key plan and techniques to create different value among consumers (Wheelen, et al., 2017). 

–It should invest higher amount of money in the promotion and innovation field to make successful their business units.

–Determine new plan, and use advance technology for their business process improvement. 


–On the basis of BCG matrix, it comes in Dog category.

–On Behalf of GE McKinsey Matrix demonstrates that it has lowest harvest. 

–It comes in the Misfits situation on the basis of Synergy Matrix.

  • Recommendations

–Organization should needs to communicate with the other business units about the issues for their units to make reliable decision (Lasserre, 2017). 

–Organization requisite to make cross function activities to increase their competitive benefits.

–It should need to more concentrate on the business as compared to others . 


  • Fantasy Film Business Portfolio

–On the performance of Advantage, Fantaspace and DigiFX, it is addressed that this organization comes in mature phase.     

–It can also be summarized that the administration team understand condition of the firm hence they need to improve business unit like Anisoft.

Identify and assess opportunities

  • Analysis
  • There are four businesses units that are considered in Fantasea Film:

–Fantaspace- It makes digital movies by considering the animation

–Advantage– Digital promotion as it is also related to the animation

–DigiFX– Special activities for live actin

–Anisoft- Digital software related activities


–This organization should need to understand new technologies and imply it in their business process for sustaining their position in the marketplace (Morden, 2016). 

–Organization should also review their policy in specified time.

–This organization should need to understand the current trend of the market for getting higher competitive benefits

Mobilise resources

  • Analysis

–It has problem in the structure of managerial perception.

–It should need to reengineer and redesign of business process

–Follow the structure of GE workout

–Organization should also consider the digital software to imply in the process o business and get higher benefits.

  • Recommendations

–Management should need to address new innovation and approaches for sustain the business position in the marketplace.

–It should create solid base and creates cross function proficient (Lasserre, 2017). 

–Organization should imply the digital software in the business process and obtain higher competitive benefits.  

Transform and reconfigure

  • Analysis

–It creates new business culture to react with respect to the transformation. 

–It could scan environment to identify key problem.

–It creates transformation for their organization structure from top to bottom.

–This organization has higher strategic alliance internally to enforce the modernization by allowing different trained employees to products many products in same time.


  • Fantasy Film Dynamic Capability

–Fantancy Film could maintain dynamic capability on their foundation of resources by assigning, proficient human resources, and proffering knowledge at the working place.

–It can also be summarized that organization has higher capability in the digital animation. It can increase their competencies by making innovation in the digital animation.


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  • Morden, T., 2016. Principles of strategic management. Routledge.

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