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MBA501 Future Med Made Effective Environmental Analysis

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You are required to watch the YouTube Clip Snapchat's three-part business model with CEO Evan Spiegel:
You will also need to perform your own research on Snap Inc.You must then prepare a Snap Inc. Stakeholder Analysis & Strategy Program Report including an Executive Summary and a Conclusion and using the following headings:
A. Snap Inc. Stakeholder View of the Organisation Model Prepare a diagram with Snap Inc. as the central organisation surrounded by the company’s stakeholder groups using the stakeholder view model For each stakeholder group identified in the stakeholder view model research Snap Inc.further and prepare a list identifying and describing the specific stakeholders within each stakeholder group.

B. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholder groups Select four specific stakeholders and analyse their behaviour and motives Tip: choose a stakeholder from each of the different four stakeholder categories to avoid
repeating yourself in sections C and D
C. Stakeholder category identification and generic strategic programs for each of the four selected stakeholders
Identify the stakeholder category that each of the four stakeholders belong to and list the generic strategic programs available for managing each stakeholder.


Snap Inc. is an American technology and camera production organization. The organization was founded on 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. The four products which are developed by the organization are Snapchat, Spectacles, Bitmoji and Zenly. The organization was named as Snapchat Inc. but the organization was branded as Snap Inc. as the organization developed spectacles product under a single company (Snapchat, 2018). The present report would carry out a stakeholder analysis and focus on the strategy development report. 

A. Snap Inc. Stakeholder View of the Organizational Model

Jones et al. (2017) commented that the stakeholder theory is the theory of organizational management and business ethics that deals with the morals and values that helps in the management of the organization. A tech firm like Snap Inc. has different stakeholders who are directly and indirectly related to the organization. With the help of the stakeholder view organizational model, the different important stakeholder of Snap Inc. can be identified as listed in the image below:

The stakeholders can be divided as the internal and the external stakeholders as is evident in the figure above. For detailed analysis, an evaluation would be made for the identification and the description of the specific stakeholders in every stakeholder group.

Employees: Snap Inc. provides employment to about 3,069 employees. The employees are responsible for leading the organization towards success. The organization has recently employed 100 people in the process of advertising sales. The organization has developed organizational culture that encourages stronger integration and collaboration between the employees (Heider et al. 2017).

Owners and Managers: Evan Thomas Spiegel is basically the co-founder of Snap Inc. He found the organization in association with Bobby Murphy and Reggie. They are the main owners of the organisation apart from the shareholders. Chris Handman is the head of legal affairs and hence he is one of the main managers of the organization. There are several other managers of the organization who are in charge of different departments (Business Insider, 2018).

Shareholders: Bobby Murphy in the top shareholder of the organization in Snap with a share of 87.9 million in a common stock. Murphy also own 107.9 million with class C shares and has ownership of 5.86 million B shares. Another important shareholder of the organization is Evan Spiegel with the ownership 82.3 million class A shares and 140 million class C shares. Recently, Imaran Khan has become one of the important shareholder of Snap with the ownership of 9.3 million class A shares and 1.4 million class B shares on May of 2018 (Business Insider, 2018).

Customers: Snap Inc. has different customer segment and the main segment are Federal Civilians and DHS, State and Local, Department Defense and Commercial and Non-profit. The organization has different strategies and policies that ensure transparency and increased customer satisfaction. The revenue has increased by 54.14% with the increase in the number of the customers (Snapchat, 2018).

Suppliers: Google has become one of the important suppliers of Snap Inc. The organization develop contract with the suppliers that helps to attain the objectives and provide support to the strategies of the customers for encouraging the economic development for the creation of job. The other suppliers are 4C, Amobee, Bidalgo, makemeresearch and Sprinklr (Snapchat, 2018).

Government: The government of USA has developed certain policies and the strategies that the organization need to follow to create a strong market position. 

Society: The common people of the society are also remaining focused on the work of the organization and keep account that the society is not hampered under any circumstances (Missonier and Loufrani-Fedida, 2014). Snap Inc. has developed Snap Foundation helps to develop the society through arts, education and offering support to the Youth.  

B. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholder groups

Stakeholder analysis is the procedure of assessment of the system and the probable changes as they are connected with relevant and interested parties. Stakeholder analysis is the major part of the stakeholder management (Yang, 2014). The stakeholder analysis of the four important stakeholders is illustrated below in the figure below:

The motives, behaviour and the impact of the different stakeholders varies.

Customers: The customers are the most important shareholders of Snap Inc. Their main motive is to obtain the best service from the organization. They are focused on obtaining best value from the innovative service (Erdiaw-Kwasie et al. 2017). Their behaviour depends on the strategies offered by the organization and the customer satisfaction strategies. The customers are able to create a far reaching impact on Snap Inc. as decrease in the number of the clients would imply a decline in the revenue (Snapchat, 2018).

Employees: The employees are the assets of the organization. Their motive is to contribute towards the organization and obtain recognition and best compensation for their performance. The employees behaves based on the recognition offered to them and obviously based on the organization. In the given case, Snapchat has developed organizational culture that encourage stronger integration and collaboration between the employees. The employees also create significant impact on the organization as their performance decides the overall performance of the organization. Hence, it is important for Snap Inc. to develop strategies that would help to keep the employees satisfied(Business Insider, 2018).

Suppliers: There are different suppliers of Snapchat whose main motive is to develop the business with Snap Inc. They are focused on the development of the business and obtain the best price for the supplies. Google is one of the important supplier of the organization and also there are different advertising partners. The behaviour of the suppliers are based on the established policies of organization. In the given case, Snap Inc. has Supplier Code of Conduct that sets down the legal and social responsibility requirements for the suppliers (Snapchat, 2018). The suppliers create low impact as there are several options to Snap Inc. except a very few of them like Google that has great impact on the organization.

Shareholders: The shareholders form the important stakeholders as they are owners of the organization. In Snap Inc. the main motive of the shareholders is to obtain the best dividend from the organization by increasing the business of the organization. The behaviour of the shareholders often depends on the performance of the organization (Mason and Simmons, 2014). The shareholders of Snapchat always remain focused on the leading the business organization towards success (Business Insider, 2018). The impact of the shareholders is quite high as they are the main investors and thus provide monetary assistance to the entire organization. They are responsible for the innovation and the research strategies.

C. Stakeholder category identification and generic strategic programs

The four different stakeholders of Snap Inc. are customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. The organization has developed different generic strategic program for the different stakeholders.


The main approach of Snap Inc. is based on serving the clients with the uncompromising dedication in the provision of the products and services that help to increase the efficiency of the organization for meeting and exceeding the demands of their mission and fulfilling the objectives of the business. Snap Inc. is focused on offering best customer satisfaction that would increase the retention rate of the customers (DeVries, 2017). 

Snap Inc. has developed program to fulfil the objectives of US Federal Civilian Agencies and the Department of Home Land Security. The organization has developed program for the creating innovative solutions and services for the last 12 years. This has helped to meet the need of the Government of the country even within a proper budget (Snapchat, 2018). The different federal agencies to whom Snap Inc. has developed portfolio are US Department of Agriculture, US Securities and Exchange Commission and US General Service Administration and US Department of Homeland Security and others.


The employees in Snap Inc. are taken care of effectively s that they can contribute towards the organization. The organization has democratic work culture in which the employees are given freedom and they can share their ideas for innovation and development of the organization (Grant et al. 2014). Considering the development of the employees within the organization, Snap Inc. has created ‘Snap-a-wish’ program that aids in the process of taking care of the team members who are not able to work smoothly in the organization. The employees are offered different types of benefits which include offering last minute plane tickets during family emergencies or offering immediate help (Business Insider, 2018).

Another important strategic program include group theory session for the staffs in which the different points of the employees are understood and based on it strategies are developed for creating motivation and inspiring the products which are created (Miller et al. 2014).      


The suppliers are paid huge importance by the Snap Inc. as they are responsible for offering different services to the organization. The Supplier Diversity Program developed by Snap Inc. helps to maintain the records of the services and products offered by the suppliers. It also assesses the capability of the supplier in meeting the needs of the organization (, 2018).

The Social Responsibility Standards are laid down that are based on the International Labour Organization Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The organization has developed program for offering benefits to the suppliers and treating them in the right manner and offering them the best price that they deserve (, 2018). The Quality Checking Program ensures that the suppliers offer quality products and that the organization ca offer value fr may to the customers.


The shareholder are the important part of Snap Inc. and hence their interest are required to be considered. Based on the interest of the shareholders, Snap Inc. has launched an accelerator program that would help to invest in the start-up programs. The organization was ready to invest $150,000 investment in different media star-ups and this would help in the growth and the development of the different program (Snapchat, 2018).

To take care of the present shareholders of the organization, Snap Inc. has developed the Equity Incentive Plan. This program has focused on the creation of the growth, valuation, profitability and offered quite improved shared- based compensation in the very first quarter.

D. Recommended strategic program for the identified stakeholders

Recommendation for Customers 

It is recommended to the management of Snap Inc. to develop a program for the customers that would help to get special offer or packages. This can be done considering the time period the clients are associated with the customers. For instance, the clients to whom Snap Inc. offers service can offer long term service that would include some discounts on the price or additional service. The Snapchat can offer special packages to the customers in which they can use special filters for chatting.

Recommendation for Employees 

The program ‘snap-a-wish’ can be improved further by offering some improved benefits to the employees. For instance, the employees who are working in the organization for more than 5 years they can be offer special benefits like free air tickets for times in year or destination holiday packages and some special leave for once in year. This would help to motivate the employees and improve their performance by improving their contribution towards the organization.

Recommendation for suppliers   

In the Suppliers diversity program, another record should be kept about the term for which the suppliers have been connected with the organization. The long-term suppliers should be given special preferences. This helps to improve the bond with the suppliers and improve the performance.

Recommendation for shareholders  

In Equity Incentive Plan, the shareholders should be offered special incentives after making a certain level of profit for the organization. This would boost the confidence of the shareholders.


The present report provides an overview of the perspective of the stakeholders of Snap Inc. A tech firm like Snap Inc. has different stakeholders who are directly and indirectly related to the organization. The stakeholders can be divided as the internal and the external stakeholders and they have created far reaching impact on the organization. Snap Inc. is focused on offering best customer satisfaction that would increase the retention rate of the customers. Snap Inc. has created ‘Snap-a-wish’ program that aids in the process of taking care of the team member. The organization has developed program for offering benefits to the suppliers. The shareholder is the important part of Snap Inc. and hence their interest is required to be considered and thus Snap Inc. has launched an accelerator program that would help to invest in the start-up programs.


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