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MBA641 Developing Strong Network

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1.Doubling revenue from sales of DeGrandis private label product range within 3 years.

2.Developing strong network with Chinese Suppliers.

3.Build organisational reputation as the highest quality sporting goods seller of Australia.

  • Key Ethical Standards:

1.Providing users with high quality products.

2.Abiding by the Company’s code of conduct (Mamic 2017).

  • Alignment with strategy:

o Aligned with strategy of revenue generation and delivering quality products.

  • Alignment with ethics:

o Avoiding company’s code of conduct leading to non-alignment of the ethical standards.

Project A: 

  • A good project for the firm in terms of finance and image.
  • Stakeholders should be made accountable.
  • Abiding by the firm’s code of conduct.

Project A: Recommendations

1.Enhance the product sales. 

2.Needs to made the stakeholders accountable towards code of conduct.

3.Proper assessment of organisations before selecting as a business partner.

Project B: Strategy & Ethics

  • Alignment with strategy:

oAligned with the strategy to generate revenue and developing of network.

  • Alignment with ethics:

o Avoiding company’s code of conduct leading to non-alignment of the ethical standards.

Project B: 

The project could have been a huge success.

 Though, Adoption of unethical practices did more loss.

 Hence, every contract should be monitored for quality.

1.Establishing a body for monitoring the quality and process of contracting.

2.Should take strict action against the culprit.

  1. Launch a public apology.

  • Alignment with strategy:

oThis project was not aligned with the strategy as it lacked quality.

  • Alignment with ethics:

oThe ethical standards were also not met because untested product where launched in the market.


1.Running Shoes project was most aligned with the Strategic Objective.

2.But none of the projects were aligned with the ethics adequately.

3.Running Shoe project and the LadyBird Sporting Apprael can be proceeded with because they can easily be aligned with the ethics to support the Strategic Plan.

Overall Conclusion

Different project posed different threats to deGrandis’ Strategic Plan.

Decision Making was one of the major threat.

The projects made profit but violation of company’s code of Conduct was a Challenge.

DeGrandis’ Running Shoes was the most aligned project with the Strategic Plan


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