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MCOM10250 Social Media and Digital Communications

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Working in groups of three (one group of four), answer the following questions for your assigned social media tool. Present your findings in a classroom presentation.

What is it? (Application background - include type, use, and available corporate information on ownership of the social media application or where it originated, what is the global ranking?) Note: You may have to contact the developers.

Sell management on the tool. Why should we (public relations and business) want to or should use this application – for either reaching audiences or as an evaluation tool?

  • How can we use it?
  • Why does it work for PR or business?
  • Are others using it?
  • Can it be used or cross promoted with other social media tools?
  • What are the pros and cons?

Now that you’ve sold management on the tool, pick a real organization (any one will do).

  • What social media tools can you determine they are currently using?
  • Could you recommend they integrate your assigned social media tool into their existing strategies? If yes, how? If no, why not?
  • Presentation can be Web based or PowerPoint based (or combination)
  • Presentations should last no more than 10-15 minutes and allowing for five minutes of questions (15 minute maximum)


Press page

The Press page is one of the robust and powerful online news platform and this has the ability to customize the modules that is anybody can set the newsroom as per their own needs. This engages the content involving collection of the 40 advanced modules that helps to create the beautiful stories, professional media centers and engages stories. Press page utilizes multimedia and social feeds for customizing the buttons and the modules and this can be added in seconds by using intuitive workflow.  Press page also engages stories, which distributes the maximum reach of the company and analyzes the results in the one intuitive workflow. This page press is originated from the introduction of the online news and this technology is used by the page press for providing online news with the help of the social media platform. After six months of launching the integrated Press page newsroom, the new leadership has been compared to the stats of the native newsroom. The Facebook page grew by the 16% by the 52% increase in reach. The global rank of Press page in ranking is 677,211 and its rank in United States is 496,723. The given image shows the rank of the company (PressPage, 2018).

Fig: Alexa traffic rank of Press page


Sell management on the tool

Most of the business executives assumes PR as the free advertising marketing strategy but it is neither for advertising and nor free. It can be costly depending on how it is used and it is a time consuming and the labor-intensive process. The basis of the public relations is to use the intermediaries for communicating with the audience and influencing them (Tsoi et al., 2018). The intermediaries can be the spokespersons, investors, trend settlers, industry analysts, customers and employees. The business need to involve PR in the business for controlling the influencers or the intermediaries. The public relations also build up the organization’s credibility as it operates through the numerous trusted intermediaries. These intermediaries communicate with the certain audience that looks to them to filter out all of the nonsense (Chaffey, 2016). The messages those are chosen for gaining credibility due to the intermediaries’ credibility. This also offers accessibility to the customers for knowing how the business can become the excellent data source for the influential. These public relations is based on the organization’s capability of providing things. Most of the other business are using public relations for building trust and comfortable relations with the intermediaries and the social media tools specially maintain the public relation with the intermediaries for reaching to more audience. This can be used or cross promoted with the other social media tools that is by combining with the other social media tools. Like by combining with BuzzSumo, the Press Page will be able to reach the customers with the authenticated and the valuable content. BuzzSumo is one of the best tools that provides the new, fresh and popular content on the Web, thus combining with the Press page; more customers can be reached with the fresh and the popular content. The pros of this tool is that they uses the best marketing procedure with the help of the social media. The social media platforms make them reach the customers and it allows to provide the authenticated news and the valuable customers. The cons of Press Page is that there is a lack of the clear marketing tools that reduces benefits of the society and also requires additional resources to manage the online sources and the online exposure attracts risks that include the negative feedback, hacking of information and other (Young et al., 2018).

Recommendation of social media tool for fitmycar

The organization like fitmycar uses the social media tool like MeetEdgar for enhancing the business marketing strategy. MeetEdgar provide business the countless tools that post for the business and provide the schedule post for the business and it has the biggest impact on the traffic (Ameixa et al., 2014).

The organization like fitmycar are recommended to use the social media tools like Press Page as it allows the company to share their information and message; they want to reach the customers. Press page already has the traffic and to which fitmycar can share their message. This will be the effective marketing strategy for fitmycar and it will be less expensive for the business to promote, advertise and share the important news through Press page. Press page is one of the leading online news platform that allows any business to grow public relations with the customers (Merino, Lungu & Nierstrasz, 2015).


Ameixa, D., Coheur, L., Fialho, P., & Quaresma, P. (2014, August). Luke, I am your father: dealing with out-of-domain requests by using movies subtitles. In International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (pp. 13-21). Springer, Cham.

Chaffey, D. (2016). Global social media research summary 2016. Smart Insights: Social Media Marketing.

Merino, L., Lungu, M., & Nierstrasz, O. (2015, September). Explora: A visualisation tool for metric analysis of software corpora. In 2015 IEEE 3rd Working Conference on Software Visualization (VISSOFT) (pp. 195-199). IEEE.

Online Newsrooms | PressPage. (2018). Retrieved from

Tsoi, K. K., Zhang, L., Chan, N. B., Chan, F. C., Hirai, H. W., & Meng, H. M. (2018, January). Social media as a tool to look for people with dementia who become lost: factors that matter. In Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Young, S. D., Mercer, N., Weiss, R. E., Torrone, E. A., & Aral, S. O. (2018). Using social media as a tool to predict syphilis. Preventive medicine, 109, 58-61.

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