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MCOM4040 Marketing and Communications Promotional theory

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A rational to support the communication campaign (the poster) which should include:

  1. An explanation of the Promotional Mix theory
  2. A discussion of how the promotional mix theory was used to decide selection

  3. A description of the target audience and the response sought
  4. An outline of the chosen channel and justification
  5. An explanation of the communications key message
  6. Use of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) marketing theory to explain how the promotion and key message you have chosen willachieve Addison Lee’s objective
  7. An explanation of how feedback will be collected
  8. Academic references throughout



Addison Lee is a private hire company and is based in London. John Griffin is the one who founded this company in 1975 as Pace croft Limited.  4,000 vehicles are operated by the company and have over £900m of annual revenue (Addison Lee, 2017).

Promotional Mix Theory

Marketing mix 4Ps are involved in the promotional mix and comprise of personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations. It includes all the forms of communication used by a business to create the meaning of their product or service and it also helps them to attract or influence its targeted customers (Lake, 2017). Advertising is a form of promotion which is paid and present the ideas and services through the channel of communication. Sales promotion is used to increase the demand and consumer. Personal selling is done through one to one communication between seller and buyer.

Use of promotional mix theory for selection

Promotional mix is used to select the type of promotional channel for advertising the product. As advertisement have a wide scope and reaches to a large number of audience it helps Addison Lee to select the type of channel to promote their services.

Target audience

Target audience involves all the people whose demand is similar to the product and services offered by the business, it also involves those people who are interested in the services and products offered by the business (Laura, 2017). Addison Lee provides different services like cab service, courier service, etc. Therefore, their target audience involves all the people who prefer booking cab to travel from one place to another and people who want to deliver something as a courier. The marketing team of Addison Lee regularly deliver email, notification of app and SMS to their target audience.

Channel of promotion

Businesses use the various channel to promote their products and services in the market to attract customers. Once the business has identified their target audience they can select the media or channel to promote their services. Selecting a channel is a very difficult task in marketing strategy (European Commission, 2016). Addison Lee should promote their services by creating branded booklets and distribute them. People book taxis at airports and hotels, therefore, Addison Lee should distribute their booklets to different hotels and airports to increase their customer base and market share. 

Communications key message

Communication key message of Addison Lee is “Your Location is Our Destination”. Addison Lee ensures that they give preference to their customer’s location and they consider their customer's location as their location. The key message of communication is the important part of the business to communicate with their customers. While designing these messages business should see whether the key message is catchy or not and with this it should attract the customer’s interest. These messages should be regularly changed according to the audience, time and context. Further, these key messages should convey the opinions and thought of the business (Porter, 2014).   

AIDA- Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action

Attention- In today’s environment of advertising it is very important to attract customers and gain their attention. This work is done by a striking statement as this statement involve influencing words (Dymond Digital, 2017). The key message "Your Location is Our Destination" will grasp the attention of customers as it is showing that Addison Lee is focused towards their customers.

Interest- The key message should gain the interest of the customers by communicating the benefits of availing the service of the company. The key message of Addison Lee is reflecting the same.

Desire- Key message will stimulate the desire in the consumer as it communicates the USP of the company. The key message will help Addison Lee to increase the trust of the customers. 

Action- All the above factors are useless until they do not encourage their customers to take the action. The key message of Addison Lee will encourage customers to avail their services as their message is very clear, simple and will result in positive action. This key message of Addison Lee will help them to fulfill their objective of 5% increase in revenue.

Taking Feedback

Survey- Addison Lee can take help of Email survey to take the feedback from their customers about their services. They can ask for rating their services from their customers. Email survey will be easy and cost-effective.

Calling- Addison Lee can take the feedback by calling their customers regularly.

Live chat- Addison Lee can also communicate with their customers through their app or website. They can talk with their customers on live chat and can ask them to share their experience.



In the conclusion, it can be said that the key message of Addison Lee will help them to achieve their objective of increasing their revenue by 5% as this key message is very influencing and will encourage their target customers to take the action.


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