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MGB305 | Accounting | Importance Of The Visual And Media Arts

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Why are the visual and media arts important in early childhood and school curricula?


Visual and media arts play a great role in early childhood and in school Curriculum. It has a role in the successful existence of human and also in child development. In child development visual and media, art helps to form connections in the brain that assist in learning the concepts in a proper manner. So, in this paper, the discussion will be made on the importance of visual and media arts in early childhood and school curriculum (Bruce, Hakkarainen & Bredikyte, 2017). It has been seen that the current national curriculum focuses on promoting science, technology, English, and Mathematics in preference over the Arts. But it can be stated that visual and media art also plays a significant role in the school curriculum.

Visual and media art is important for children learning and development in many ways. One of the benefits of Art is related with enhancing the skills of the individuals. There are various ideas which take place at the time of making art. For the children who belong to the age of 0 to 5 years can easily develop their skills by focusing on the concepts related to art.  At the time of making art, the development can take place in the age of 3 when the children learn to draw a circle or use safety scissors. Teachers have an important role as they consider various strategies which can help the children to learn about visual and media art. For the children who come under the category of 0 to 5, it can be investigated that teachers can consider the strategies like game and storytelling so that children can easily develop their thinking skills which can also be considered as the visualization skill (Eckhoff, 2008). In the age of 4 children start drawing a square and begin drawing a straight line. It can be seen that there are many preschools who emphasizes on enhancing the skill of the children at the time of writing. So, it can be stated that the skills of children can be developed by taking into consideration the concept of art.

Visual art also has an important role in enhancing the capability of children learning pattern. It can be investigated that by seeing visual pictures, children can easily recall the information. The children who are in the age of 0 to 5 can be attracted towards the pictures and with the help of the graphics; it can be simple to enhance the knowledge, as they will visualize things when required. By showcasing attractive pictures in front of the children who are in the category of 0 to 5 can be effective as it can help to connect with the pictures and this can lead to the overall enhancement in the learning process. Art can also be considered as freedom as through this the children can easily showcase their personal point of view which indirectly enhances the thinking power of the students. By showcasing unique art in front of children can help to gather different views and opinions (Shedd & Coyner, 2015).

So, it can be stated that Visual art plays an important role in enhancing the connection with different concepts and also with this the thinking pattern of the children develops and they start learning and acquiring new things. Therefore, Visual and media art is important for children learning and development. It encourages the children to pursue their original ideas and also opinions. Visual and media art helps to engage the children so that the capability to solve the problems can be enhanced effectively and it also enhances the value of diversity and difference among the children (Schulte & Thompson, 2018).

Visual and media art in the cultural lives of children and families play a significant role. It can be stated that art is related to different things in different culture. Art can be open to different perceptions and interpretations. Art can showcase the culture of the different people.  Like by seeing a particular picture, the feeling can be provoked in the children. It also determines that how they have seen the picture and what are their views for a particular picture. By this, the children can relate to the different culture and can also give views and opinions. This will help the children who belong from 0 to 5 to visualize things and to store it for a long time. Parents can also help the children in enhancing the learning and pattern and it develop the thinking pattern (Christensen & Kirkland, 2010).

People are living in the diverse society which simply states that the pictures of different groups in media can be showcased in different manner. By seeing the art or visual images the children can easily learn about their culture. The children who are in the age of 0 to 5 can acquire the knowledge by seeing the art and visual paintings. Also, for families, it is easy to showcase their culture with the help of arts and visual painting. The children who are in the age of 0 to 5 can acquire the knowledge of different dances and different cultures through different pictures related to art. Like by seeing the picture they can easily gather the data of the crane dance, that how it is done and what costumes are used. This can help to gather the information and children can collect this data for the long time (Wright, 2015).

So, visual and media art in cultural lives of children and families play an important role as it helps the children to know about the different culture of different people and also parents can showcase it by showing pictures to the children. The media art or visual seen by the children can help to acquire knowledge for a long time. Also with this, it can be seen that with this improvement in academic performance can also take place. Also, it can be stated that children who emphasize on making arts are more likely to recognize as academic achievers (Henderson & Lasley, 2014).

The role of children as producers, not purely consumer of art culture can be explained in terms of the overall role of the children. It can be stated the children plays an important role as the producers as they also make the art that showcase the culture. The children can be considered as the producers when they start focusing on expressive arts like dance, drama, and music. Producers are those who start with the own ideas, so in this context, the children can be producers when they showcase their views and opinion in their art. There are many children who have an interest in making creative arts through which message can be conveyed to the audience. In such cases, the children can be considered as the producer. They are not considered as the consumer of purely art as they also try to make their own art with their own innovation.  The teachers can make the children producers by taking into consideration the strategies like role play and storytelling as it can help them to think more  (NQS PLP, 2012). The main role of the children is to grab the right idea so that they can visualize in a proper manner and can make a unique art. To make an art, it is important to think out of the box so that the art which is made can be different and unique. So, children can also be considered as the producer who can showcase their culture. There are many children of the age 3 to 4 who emphasize on making the art related to their culture.  If children are able to showcase their thinking and feeling related to culture in their art then they can easily be considered as the producers and not only the consumers of the art culture. But to be the producers the children has to play an important role. They have to focus on the unique art made by others and should also see different images so that they can create their own unique art.  The children role is to collect the right data so that the art which they are making can be showcased in front of the people with proper meaning (Segal, 2018).

Game drawing is also considered as the method that can help the children to maintain their focus on the social and verbal interactions. In this, the emphasis is given on the visual script which is made by the children themselves. So, with the help of the visual script, the children can make the image in a proper manner and also it can consider the dramatic gestures that can help to maintain the views and opinions of the children (Soundy, 2015). In this, when children make their own art and portray in front of others then it helps them to share their views and opinions with others. Also many times children use their own experience to showcase their art which consists of the powerful meaning. Therefore, it can be said that children play a great role as the producers not only as the consumers in the art culture (Richards, 2014).

So, by analyzing the paper it has been concluded that visual and media arts play an important role in enhancing the knowledge and skills of the children who come under the age category of 0 to 5. Visual art and media are important as it helps to enhance the thinking pattern of the children. With the help of this, the children can easily think out of the box and can share their views and opinions.

Also, in the cultural lives of the children and families, there is an important role in visual and media arts as it helps them to relate to the different culture. The children can also be considered as the producers as they can make their own art which gives some meaning. So, it can be stated that national curriculum should also emphasize on visual and media arts as it helps the children to develop and also through arts they can easily share their experiences and views. Visual and media arts have an important role in the lives of children and it should be promoted so that children can learn new things.


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