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MGB401 Event and Tourism Management : International Platforms

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1. The aim of this assessment is to connect what the student will learn week by week with a real life hotel somewhere in the world.
2. The student will be allocated a country(United kingdom) in week 2.
3. Important that the student then selects an appropriate 5* hotel from their chosen country and makes contact with them via email or other means. The student will need to request information to help them answer various questions about their hotel.
4. Make the report as visual as possible, as it brings the report to life. Include photos, room layouts, restaurant menus etc.
5. Post on Turnitin and hard copy.
6. You must also include references as evidence of research.
1.1. Describe your chosen hotel, in your own words. Include its company brand (if it has one), number of rooms, number of F&B facilities, and any other facilities it offers its guests. Include a main photo of the hotel that best illustrates it.
1.2. Every hotel has a Unique Selling Point (USP). Find out what your hotel’s is and describe it. Include a photo of it.
2. F&B Operations:
2.1. Choose any hotel restaurant and describe it in your own words. Include any signature dishes and unique selling points. Include a photo.
2.2. The Food & Beverage Manager has identified that the hotel could do more to attract in- house guests to dinner in the above restaurant. Suggest three (3) unique ideas to the hotel that the F&B Manager might use?
3. Accommodation Operations:
3.1. Choose any hotel room type and describe it in your own words. Include what facilities it offers to the guest etc. Include a photo.
3.2. The Front Office Manager (FOM) has identified that the hotel could do more to connect with the guests during the Stay Over stage of the Guest Cycle. Suggest three (3) unique ideas to the hotel that the FOM might use.
4. Customer Service Management:
4.1. Visit the hotel's Trip Advisor reviews and select a terrible guest comment. Cut and paste it below.
4.2. If the management replied, cut and paste their



The Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons (Four Seasons Manor in English), is an English luxury hotel In Oxford, England. The hotel was established in 1984, it introduced a new name Belmond and thus the name Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in 2004. This was after the Swiss entrepreneur took over the hotel. The hotel has two Michelin stars which it has held onto since they were first issued in 1984. It’s able to serve 260 guests in a day. This hotel is well known and was visited by the writers, politicians, and actors back in those days. Currently, this 5-star Hotel has a total of 32 rooms and suites. Besides the individually – designed rooms, the hotel has several state of the art facilities which are aimed at ensuring both the safety and comfort of accommodated guests.

The exquisite suites are categorized into several types, depending on the level of luxury in each suite. They include the Junior suite, Garden Junior suite, Studio suite, One bedroom Suites, and Deluxe Studio suite. This hotel offers a wide range of services. High society activities that distinguish commoners from the highest social class include golfing, balling and professional swimming not to forget traditional bawling. Below are further elaborations about the Food and Beverage prospects of Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons.

As is the nature of all top ranking businesses across all international platforms, the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons has an interesting and unique method of attracting guests from all over the world. It’s been around for more than 20 years, and this gives it’s a trusting reputation.Its stronghold is that it has an all season garden that serves all types of French cuisines. The benefit of this garden strategy is that all the available guests have unlimited access to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are not just naturally grown, but are also full of ideal nutrients like vitamin c and e (Binney, 2014). They offer Oxford excursions and outdoor pursuits, private classes at their cookery school, family fun packages for those on vacations and also events like weddings and garden tours.When this is compared to the setup of other 5 star hotels all over the world, what comes out clear is that a green garden increases the level of productivity of a 5 star hotel.

The acquisition of raw materials to prepare the wide variety of foreign delicacies is an obligation of the manager. The manager coined a policy to fit the policies and terns of the preceding household name of Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. As part of the terms and agreements, all guests are assured that the confidentiality of sharing personal information with the management of the organization is protected and upheld by a confidence act that obliges the hotel to safeguard each detail of a private citizen. Guests are mostly treated to all types of services like cafeteria and bed and breakfast (Gubler, 2014). 

How to attract in house guests

One of the greatest ways that the Food and Beverage Manager could use to attract a wide range of in house guests is exercising principles of happy hour. In business, happy hour is a strategic situation that service industry organizations use to advertise the expertise of their food and beverage operations. Another way is by engaging in as much as possible hospitable activities. For example, the F & B Manager can implement a whole collection of ethical food delicacies that guests from all walks of life can simply associate it. Familiarity with food and beverages is what breeds customer satisfaction. Once customers have achieved their levels of expectations, it follows the positive remarks will be all the hotel is talking about.

Three Ideas to be used to attract in house guests

The first strategy the F & B Manager could consider incorporating in the routine activities of the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is implementing the Happy-Hour Principle. It is a servicing move that offers a reasonable full course meal at a cheaper price than the normal charges (Meiba, 2013). For example, during happy hour, free beverages either cold or warm could be given to all guests. It is a classic move as it aims to stretch the faith and willingness of the organization to go a long way out of its own way just to ensure that there is a prevalence of a great rapport among all the stakeholders of the organization.

The second method that the F & B Manager can consider implementing is heightening the level of productivity of Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. There are several methods that could be used to increase the hotel’s hospitality to its guests. For starters, offering free services like occasional tour guides around the physical and natural geographical features that are aimed at attracting tourists from all over the world. Another method would be organizing special events that all local communities can be able to access. These events can help foster the loosely attached public relations ideologies. The relevance of establishing reliable public relations is that the level of productivity of the business would be boosted several notches higher. Below are more satisfying elaborations.

The third method to be used is by offering a wide collection of ethical food and beverages. The merit that is associated with this idea is that customers stand a high chance of rating Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons positively. In all businesses, all stakeholders would want to be associated with the growth and development of the day to day activities creating the impression that the final decisions of the business have a more significant role to play in ensuring that all the expectations of guests have been met ideally. When guest feel closer to part of the organization, it is obvious that they will retain the name and services of the hotel. This is how the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons can use its F & B Manager to attract in house guests.

The Front Office Manager has figured that there is an opportunity that awaits to be tapped as far as the accommodation services of Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons are concerned. He came up with a three-way strategy to ensure that all guests that chose to stay over were as much as comfortable as possible (Simpson, 2016). The first method was to organize local events. This would closely be accompanied by rewarding all the guests for their time and attention. Rewards could be officiated through catering for the guests freely and administering no further costs thereafter. Below are further elaborations that will enlighten the reader about the three executive strategies that the Front Office Manager will incorporate in the running of the hotel.

Customer Service Operations

Key to this research is that all guests feel satisfied with all the services and facilities of Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. Methods of ensuring customer satisfaction in business are too many including engaging the guests in prompt trips to visit both physical and natural features. For the trip advisor, he has the capacity to run an open communication program where he or she can freely communicate with the guests in a modest but honest manner (Sutcliffe, 2011). Ideally, the customers can agree to participate in observatory talks and opinions of groups that have been taken on tour guides on all amazing sites of United Kingdom. An example of an unsatisfied guest who wrote to the trip advisor follows below.  

Unsatisfied Guest: During the less than ten minutes’ walk to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the volunteer tour guide that had been assigned to walk the guest through the neighborhood went missing immediately after the journey started. Luckily for all those that were present, a Briton native came to our aid and walked us through the whole time.

Trip Advisor: Hello Dear friend, on behalf of the whole community of Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, the tour and travel department would like to officially apologize for any inconveniences caused. We have taken the necessary steps to avoid such incidences in the future. Kindly bear with us while we ensure that there can never be any occurrences of the same in future.

The Manager’s letter to the guest

As the Manager, I would be keen to notice that all guest would want to be associated with all the decision-making processes of the organization (Sweet, 2011). I would walk to him briskly, establish a rapport and welcome him to finish the discussion in my departmental office. Suppose he was raising a complaint; I would show him the ropes on how to remain as formal as possible without having to involve other third parties in the discussion. The letter would not only be mutually beneficial but also bridge the gap between the hotel and the guest.

Be cordial top the client. The manager should listen to the client intently, after formally introducing themselves, and their position. The manager should ensure that they make the client feel at home and able to air ant grievances they have.

The manager should then make the client understand that he understands their position. This involves being empathetic to the case of the client, and looking at things from their perspective.

The manager should then apologize to the client, personally, and on behalf of the institution.

The manager should lastly assure the client that their comments will be looked into and dealt with promptly. The manager should show that he will get to the bottom of the matter, and speedily report the resolution of the case to the client. This will help in building trust.

  1. Tourist Attraction Sites

The first place that guests can visit is the De Gaulie in London. This is the most advisable pace to visit as it is only a few miles from Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. It is actually a walking distance (Violet, 2013). It is more of Garden walk. The second is the Undiscovered London. These are the earliest towns that came to form London as the major city of United Kingdom. During the rise of Christianity, London was the house of priests from all over the world. The third and fourth sites are Burlington Arcade and Musical Dirty Dancing.

A tourist Attraction Site that can generate a lot of income

In relation to all the tourist attraction sites that are close to Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, the most lucrative tourist attraction site is the Dirt Dancing Square. The first reason behind this is the fact that this square acts as a converging zone of all ethical dancing groups from all walks of the world (Val, 2014). Most of them come to showcase what they have been preparing for all through the years and at one point in time are bound to include the guests in the dancing routine.

Oxford University is one of oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning. Once at the Belmond, guests can take a guided walk through the campus. Another tourist attraction near the hotel is the historic Christchurch. Situated within Oxford’s Christchurch campus, the church is a relic of England’s catholic past, and architecture.

A third attraction in oxford is the partly ruined Norman castle in Oxford. The castle showcases the town’s past importance as a military centre. Lastly, visitors to the hotel can take time off to walk in the park meadow, a well maintained park near the town centre.

  1. Transport and Tourism

Following the fact that the Hotel is located in upper London, private cars have the access to such routes unlike passenger vehicles. It is quite simple to come to terms with the modes of transport and tourism of Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons owing to the growth and development that has since been taking place after the rise of globalization. For example, when the average tourist gets to London, he or she can hire a bike that can easily transport him from one tourist attraction site to the other. Additionally, private cabs for special guest could do the trick juts well as well (Watson 2015).

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

I will start with a quote which says “I passionately believe that it is up to each of us, be it consumer, chef or hotelier, to make a responsible choice.” – Raymond Blanc OBE.The hotel has a soft spot for conserving the environment and making sure there is a direct effect on both the international and local people through its ethical and sustainability procedures and policies. This being a 5 star hotel and receiving guest both locally and internationally they aim at supporting and encouraging the guests, suppliers to assist in achieving this. What is important to the growth and development of society is establishing businesses that have minimum effect to the immediate surroundings of their respective premises and the environment as well. Energy crisis has been a menace in society for the last two decades as a result of deletion of some of the most reliable sources of natural energy. Here, the hotel needs to pay attention to methods of preserving power by all means. For example, one can consider coming up with a backup generator that runs using the biogas of the remains originating from the all season garden of the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. They are also again committed to eco-brigade which is a team of employees who love green things.

Recycling and Water Conservation

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is prudent to conserve energy. The significance of preserving water comes with the ability to easily use water throughout the year without having to worry about the depletion (Zain, 2016). Recycling waste products such as the remains of guest as far as Food and Beverages could be given to the local communities to help in their agricultural products or perhaps sell it to large scale agricultural firms that producea wide collection of agricultural goods and services all through the year.

We cannot forget the indicatives they are involved with, they include; fat waste recycling, eco information booklets for its guests, introduced a new system that’s reduced printing of the in house brochures, using Belu water for primary suppliers and can crushing schemes.

Environmental Programs in relation to the Community Development Programs

In conclusion, to this point of the essay, it has successfully come out clearly that the hotel goes a long way out of its own comfort zone just to ensure that say over and in house guest have the best of their time in London. The local community has not been left out of the picture since they are obliged to participate in international programs of environmental preservation which, in the long run, seeks to protect and safeguard all the sources of water, energy as well future proclamations. 


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