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MGMT 510 Strategic Management- Google Analysis

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The purpose of the case study is to let you apply the concepts of strategic management when you analyze the issues facing a specific company. To analyze a case study, therefore, you must examine closely the issues confronting the company. Most often you will need to read the case several times—once to grasp the onverall picture of what is happening to the company and then several times more to discover and grasp the specific problems. Generally. detailed analysis of a case study should include eight areas:

1. The nature of the external environment surrounding the company

2. A SWOT analysis

You need to apply the concepts taught in this course to each of these areas. To help you further, we next offer a summary of the steps you can take to analyze the case material for each of the eight points we just noted:

1. Analyze the company's history, development, and growth. A convenient way to in-vestigate how a company's past strategy and structure affect it in the present is to 


1. Google is an American based company which offers services in Internet-related products and services. Many external factors affect Google Company including; the political factors; economic considerations; technological factors and social-cultural factors. These factors change the way the company conduct its daily activities. The political element affects the strategies and implementation of laws at Google Company (Datamonitor, 2015). The operation of the firm depends highly on the government stability. In a situation where the government is stable, the businesses grow broadly and advertise majorly on Google hence increasing the returns. Most of the regulations do not have a way to regulate the way data is shared across the network. In this case, Google has utilised this condition to come up with laws that govern the sharing of data. However, Google has received a significant blow from China which inhibits Google to operate on its terms.

One of the economic factors that affect Google’s return is GDP. When the country’s GDP increases, Google returns increases. In a situation where the GDP is increasing, more users operate in Google hence expanding the view rate of the advertisements. When the view rate increases then, returns increases (Sutherland, 2016).

Technological factor affects all the companies that exist in the world. Technological innovation concepts influence Google success. One of the innovative ideas that have increased the return in Google Company is Gmail. Others include; The Adword, Picasa, Google map (Used to identify locations), Google Talk, Google Earth, Google gear, Google analytics among others.

Google Company performance is affected by the social-cultural factors. Google Company has organised information and knowledge into groups. These groups of data are made accessible to the users according to the societal expectations. When the user is accessing the information at Google, they view the adverts attached to the grouped data hence increasing the returns. The cultural and social information shared by Google help the company to increase the number of users operating in the business.

2. Google Strengths

Google is a definite leader in search engine development. Google controls the internet searches worldwide. According to statistics, 65% of the searches worldwide are instigated by Google.

Another strength demonstrated by Google is the ability to produce user traffic. This knowledge has helped the company to analyse the user's performance on site. According to the statistics, Google hit more than 1.2 billion unique searches in a month.

The revenue earned by Google through advertising and display is another strength exhibited by Google. Google is currently partnering with a third party site on the advertisement basis which in turn increases the returns.

The production of Android and mobile technology is another Google strength. This technology has enabled Google to compete appropriately with Apple.  

Google Weakness

One of the weaknesses exhibited by Google Company is secrecy. Google does not disclose the algorithms used to develop searches (TMFSunLion, 2015). When the company does not disclose specific information, experts might slam the company for their gain. Increasing the risks of experts to target the firm increases the opportunity for hacking, cybersecurity amongst others.

It is identified that Google is not compatible with most of the next generation devices.  

In years, the company has experienced a fall in ads profitability. This decline is accounted for by the continuing worldwide economic slowdown.  

Google has over-depended on Advertisement which means that in case of a probable dip in ads, the company would lose more.

Google Opportunities

One of the opportunities for Google is the introduction of Android Operating System which has offered an excellent competing platform with Apple Company.

The company should diversify its revenues hence, stop over-relying on ads.

The introduction of Google glasses and Google play is another significant opportunity exhibited by Google (MSG, 2017).

The cloud computing introduced by Google is another significant opportunity where very many company store data.   

Google Threats

One of the biggest Google threat is Facebook. Google has to keep on pulling an ace due to the features increasingly provided by Facebook.

Apple Company is another Google threat. Apple has a broad range of customers which pose a challenge to Google due to the introduction of products that compete highly with Google products.


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