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MGMT20140 Design Thinking for Managers : Idea of Business Model

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1. Let your user experience the prototype. Show don’t tell. Put your prototype in the user’s hands and give just the minimum context so they understand what to do. Don’t explain your thinking or reasoning for your prototype.

2. Have them talk through their experience. For example, when appropriate, as the host, ask “Tell me what you are thinking as you are doing this.”

3. Actively observe. Watch how they use (and misuse!) what you have given them. Don’t immediately “correct” what your user is doing.

4. Follow up with questions. This is important; often this is the most valuable part of testing. “Show me why this would [not] work for you.” “Can you tell me more about how this made you feel?” “Why?”


Blog 1:

In this report, we have are overviewing the journey of our group in the 5th week of our project. This week, we, as a group, have been encouraging the brainstorming on different IT design tools. Brainstorming is the most important part of mapping our journey in designing an IT tool as this gives us an overview of the exact requirements and the type of design we need for our project. As a matter, brainstorming helps in analyzing even the wicked problems and observe the condition. This is helpful in visualization and making a prototype for the exact experiment process. Brainstorming is necessary to build a “Beginner’s mindset” for research.

The most important thing about brainstorming is to remember the exact requirement of the experiment. The idea of business model has been created in this week. The overall design process is non-linear model, as it has to be done on trial and error method. This is why the process has to be carried on repeatedly.

Blog 2:

In the 6th week, we have worked thoroughly on the business model development. It required the exact skillset and the matching interest derived from them. This is necessary for designing an IT tool for any company. We have used data of different companies to analyze our requirements. Here data collection became a revolutionary idea for us as only by collecting information about the IT tools used for design analysis of different companies helped us to understand the exact requirements of our experiments.

However, it is necessary to understand that we failed to understand the necessity of analyzing the information thoroughly. This lead to a prolonged trial and error method to finally understand the requirements. It could have been easier if we had emphasized on the analysis. After we have been able to understand the business IT model it is time to follow the next week.

Blog 3:

In the 7th week, we focused on the ethical approach of the overall research process. We analyzed that the ethical side of the data collection methods we used and how these are going to influence our project. We have used primary method of data collection besides secondary methods. In the first case, we approached executives of different companies for interview and contacted different market experts to analyze the data. However, not everyone was interested in interviews and did not wanted to share information we us which is understandable as data safety is the utmost priority to any executive of any company.

The secondary method of data collection summarizes different method of collecting data from different surveys, statistical records and books where data can be tampered. As a whole, these things have a huge impact on the overall research process. On the other hand implementing such a business model will have different ethical issues as employees will have difficulty in adopting new processes.

Blog 4:

In the following week, we have been successful in designing a prototype of the software and in the 8th week, it is time to experimentally use this and record the pros and cons for further remodeling. We have used the earlier version of this prototype and has also interviewed any who have been using the older version since long time. actually the older version is quite popular.

As a user of the new prototype, we found out that the software is very efficient for any medium to large enterprise and is quite accurate in keeping track of all the financial records and details about every employee and customers. However, the system lagged in speed and real time performances. We need to improve the speed of response and increase real time processing efficiency of the system.

Blog 5:

In the 9th week, it is time to introduce this new prototype to common users and record their reactions and experiences. After we have worked on the short comes of the prototype in our laboratory, we have implemented that experimentally and found that the new version of this software is way too efficient than any older version of it.

We have interviewed some users whom we have given this prototype for experimental implementation. It has been found that they are happy with the experiences. The most important review we have got about this new prototype is that the real time analysis of all the data gives the executives an ease in working on market analysis. However, we have also come by different questions like how the company hierarchy is differentiated and maintained in the software platform. This will be revealed only after practical implementation of the tool as a new version of the earlier software. 

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