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MGMT20144 Management and Business Context : Social Environment

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1. Demonstrated ability to define key terms and utilise the theories and concepts presented.
2. Demonstrated ability to explain major internal and external contextual factors and how they affect business structures and strategy.?
3. Demonstrated ability to explain major internal and external contextual factors and how they affect business decision making.
4. Demonstrated breadth and quality of research.



Social cause has varied form of challenges at the different levels of life. It grows in its severity with its acknowledgement at the higher than the normal level. The social environment across the globe is facing different challenges that vary from place to place but have their existence in approximately all the places in this global world (Paster, 2012). Social boycott is one of such challenge, which has shaken the peaceful atmosphere of society. Social boycott is because of various reasons such as racism, physically challenged person, elderly peoples and many like this (Dixon, 2015). Racism is different to the two other challenges, which exist because of cultural differences and the respective unawareness of the common people (Strouble Jr, 2015). People with different cultures have now become a common fact in most places in the global world. This is further because of many reasons such as education, business etc. People are coming across each other but their level of unawareness with the different cultures has ruined them from getting assimilated within the different cultures that exist at a place. On the other hand, physically challenged people and the elderly people are the most challenging aspects of the society because they are not treated in a way it should be. Old houses across the globe just support the fact that elderly people are deprived of a respectful life. Their families have no concerns for such status (Cai et al., 2012). The main purpose of this assignment is to propose a suitable strategy to solidify the business concept of family owned not-profitable Company “Home Care”. The company has initiated a new concept to support the physically challenged and elderly people of the people living in Nepal in particular those living in Kathmandu. The concept is little different to the numerous old houses across the globe with just an addition of supports to the physically challenged people. However, it differs in its organisational objective, which is not only confined to supporting the challenged communities of Nepal but to also communicate a message to the society that it is their responsibilities to take care of their relatives.

Entrepreneurs are all those people who take risk and initiate a small business like the one initiated by the learner in the form of “Home Care”. Innovation is like a tool that entrepreneurs use to bring some necessary changes in the organisation. Innovation is part of the strategies that entrepreneurs adopt to bring a significant make over in the operation (Sahut & Peris-Ortiz, 2014). The reason behind selecting innovation and entrepreneurship as a management and business context is the usefulness of its outcome, which would benefit the newly initiated company. Innovation encourage for incepting creative ideas that could provide support to a concept as such (Onetti et al., 2012). The initiated concept by the learner is full of strategies. It has also organised the required staff group such as the manager, housekeeper, caretaker etc. The learner has also planned charity functions to generate the required fund for the proposed business. Generating the fund is one of the problems that may drag the business into danger (Jasra et al., 2012). However, it has many other problems as well. One of such problems is employee retention (Ahammad et al., 2016). This is a bigger problem with the Millennials. Millennials are one of the working groups at the workplace. The group differ significantly to other groups such as Boomers and Baby Boomers. Millennials are not very happy with a particular job. The group rather look for its choice of jobs. The saturation point in the group comes at the age of 34 approximately when the group look for settling with the best job in their hand. This is the age when they end up their habit of switching over to different jobs at frequent occasions. Millennials have high expectations from their employers. The group look for work life balance. The group also prefer flexible shift timings, utmost use of technology, reduced work pressure, cooperating nature of supervisors etc (Schullery, 2013). The growing participation of Millennials at the workplace has on the other hand enhanced the attrition rates. Retention of employees would be an utmost need for the proposed “Home Care” Company of the learner.

The proposed new venture would need to have an effective human resource management, which could reduce the attrition rates to provide solidity to the workplace. The proposed venture needs a solid workplace that is committed to the organisational objectives. This would only be possible if the HRM of the company has sufficient control on its workforce. The HRM of the proposed venture should construct things keeping in view to attain a balance stage in between the different generations at the workplace. Flexible shift timings can be the possibilities with an appropriate allocation of the workforce. The management can shuffle in between the different generational groups (Tabiu & Nura, 2013).

A workplace conflict at the workplace is another challenge to the human resource department of the company. Many reasons drive the conflicts of which racism and work nature differences in between the different generations are the two most probable causes. To control the racial discrimination at the workplace, an effective surveillance at the workplace is immensely required. This requires an utmost association of training and development program at the workplace on a regular basis. Training and development would help the Millennials or other employees groom with professionalism into them. It is more important to be more professional than to care about the racist activities. Conflicts also happen because of unshared thought process of the different generation at the workplace. It is indeed difficult to establish a team effort; however, the human resource management should look for a common pathway in between the different generations to enhance the business (Deyoe & Fox, 2012). There could be many other reasons as well such as the discrimination at the workplace.

Innovation should also be there at the leadership position to support the agreement of a group. Leadership is one of the concerns that are common with the different professionals; however, this is not mandatory that different companies have kept it suppressed for their own reasons. Leadership at the managerial positions would serve the purpose as it delivers a leadership display at every possible stage. There is a need of huge funding for the company. Some reach people’s groups do understand the noble cause of the proposed venture; however, this would be a real test for the company where the learner is working. Apart from the rich people group, the governing bodies, the different leadership qualities such as the transformational leadership and few like this needs to be implemented in order to repair the loss if there is any. There should be more and more charity functions, which would attract a significant sponsorship. Sponsorship would certainly speak of the volume that the organisation has. There should be practically more and more sponsorship works. This is because it would facilitate the generation of more funding, which is of high significance to the proposed venture. The generation of funding in huge amount would solidify the financial capability of the company. It is highly important to be financially strong apart from having a capable workforce that could justify their participation (Lee, 2012).

Innovation should also be there while identifying the needs of the identified socially challenged community. They should be judged based on the common set standards of measurement. Help is for those who deserve it. It is not for those who are not suitable for the concern. A strategic planning is of high importance in the proposed venture because this would ensure the fulfilment of highest standard of professionalism. The highest standard of professionalism depends hugely on the management that how they take up the different situations and act accordingly.

“Home Care” is a potential business concept for the betterment of society and its people. It would not only serve the requirements of the needful of the society but this would also serve the purpose of employees working with the company. They would have opportunities to interact with such peoples of the society. The management needs to display an utmost leadership style in their every single process. The management needs to encourage the governing body and the donator in the different charity shows to maintain the flow of service from them as well. The objective behind the new venture is not just to address the issue of social boycotts; it is rather focussed on attracting the society, which has caused the elderly people and physically challenged people to suffer. The supporting hands should also be associated with the conveying of message that could create a sense of realisation into the target group. The company would continue staying with such challenged group but in a more structure way. The partnering work would exist like the two aspects of a coin where the learner would need to give some values to the management and the related tasks. Furthermore, there should be a real time approach to address the probable challenges of the operation of such a concept.


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