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MGMT401 Project Management: Statement to Join Pre Medical Program

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You need to write Statement of Purpose to join pre medical school at khalifa university in the Abu Dhabi

, I'm the last candidate so I want it to be convincing will give you some details to write it your own way.

my name is moza I have graduated from sharjah women college as a dental hygienist

I want you to convince them so I can join the program and the scholarship that they offer for the locals which

I struggled alot in my life I need this chance

please be very convincing

and write some things about khalifa university in the uae which is the best

why it's a good chance and so

please let them know that being a dental hygiene wasn’t my choice the college , the college have choose it for me randomly after I have finished my foundation year at sharjah women college due to luck of seats on other programs ,

at the begging, I was angry and not welling to study and focus and later I loved it , I guess  I’m in love embryology and chemistry

I couldn't find a dental hygiene job and I struggled explaining for people about my major as a dental hygiene and evey single time they think I’m a nurse

I'm doing my master currently adu and I thought I could change my career path but I realized recently that medical school is my dream

please use this story with your words to convinc.


My name is Moza and I have always dreamt of seeing myself as a figure cladded in a white coat with a Stethoscope hanging around my neck. I have always been overwhelmed to know and discover about the human anatomy and the physiological processes that regulate our existence. My interest in the life sciences domain motivated me to take up Science as my subject preference in High School. Post high school, my interest in the subject transformed to a passion and that encouraged me to pursue Medical Science as my Graduate degree. I completed my graduation in Dental Hygiene from the Sharjah Women College with flying colours and my journey had been no less than that of a roller-coaster ride. I had aspired to study ‘Core Medicine’, however my destiny had plans otherwise. I had to enrol myself under the ‘Dental Hygiene’ program on account of lack of seats in other courses and the only option offered to me by the college was ‘Dental Hygiene’. I had been upset and frustrated with my decision, however I continued the course with a heavy heart. At the completion of the foundation course, the experience had been a positive one and I developed a profound love for the subjects Chemistry and Embryology. Fate took an ugly turn when I could not find a suitable job in Dental Hygiene and was tired of explaining people that I was not a nurse but a graduate in Dental hygiene. Also, the never ending justifications that I had to provide about why I had studied ‘Dental Hygiene’ had taken a toll on my piece of mind. My spirits were dampened with the continued rejections and unavailability of a suitable job profile. At that moment, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Dental Hygiene. At present I am pursuing my masters from Abu Dhabi University but I strongly feel that I am meant for Medical School. At this juncture, considering a career change is challenging, yet I would like to take up that challenge in order to realize my dream.

I would like to join the pre medical school at Khalifa University and pursue a career in medicine. Khalifa University because it has been ranked as one of the best Universities in the world as per the QS rankings. The University makes use of the best infrastructure and academic resources to equip aspiring students to emerge as successful professionals in future. In addition to this, the continuous endeavour of the University to incorporate infrastructure development is extremely impressive and at the same time convincing for students like me who are in the need of a suitable platform to realize their complete potential. At present, the initiative of the University to build a new campus spread over 80 hectares of land with the ability to host a student strength of 60,000 students is nothing less than a ray of hope for aspiring students who are struggling with their career path. The University also hosts recreational activities for the entertainment of the students and publishes a student newsletter known as the ‘The student Voice’ which helps in highlighting student issues that require attention. It can therefore be mentioned in this regard, that the Khalifa University is the ideal academic destination for students who wish to make a mark in the academic field and emerge out as successful professionals. Therefore, I hope that Khalifa University would provide me the opportunity and equip me with the necessary requisites to make a successful career in the field of medicine. I hope that after the successful completion of the program I would be able to serve people with my professional expertise. At the end, I would like to mention that I have always been a good student and have tried my best to apply the theoretical knowledge that I have acquired into practise and doing so have discovered the importance of innovation. Also, on account of my good academic performance I have always been granted scholarships and that has helped tremendously in overcoming the financial crisis as an obstacle in my career path. I expect that I would be eligible for a scholarship in this University as well, so that I can prove my potential and not be lagging behind because of financial issues. I deeply hope that, I would be selected for the program so that I can effectively realize my dream of becoming a Doctor and render quality services for the betterment of the society.


Samraj, B. and Monk, L., 2008. The statement of purpose in graduate program applications: Genre structure and disciplinary variation. English for Specific Purposes, 27(2), pp.193-211.

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