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MGMT610 Organizational Theory : Intelligence and Planning

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Briefly describe the structure of your current (or most recent affiliation) organization vis a vis the structures described in your reading and basic concepts such as centralization and formalization. Is the organization's structural design configuration best suited to its mission and external environment? Citing our readings and notes, explain briefly why/why not this is the case.



An organization is a unit that brings many people together with a purpose of achieving some specific goals. An organization may be made up of several or few departments and each of them is responsible for specific functions that enable such organization to carry out its mandate accordingly (Buttle, 2010). The most important role of an organizational structure is to state how activities for example allocation of duties and responsibilities, and coordinating and supervising tasks (Brooksbank, 2011). Organizations should, therefore, be efficient, flexible, and inclusive so that those who work within it find working there enjoyable. More specifically, organizational structure can be seen as a mirror that helps the employees to view their responsibilities, organization, and the corresponding environment.

The organization I work for is structured in a simple manner that allows each employee to exactly understand his or her responsibilities and to communicate through well-defined channels. It is a sugar manufacturing company. As I have mentioned that this organization houses many departments, it is clear that a number of people responsible for each department manage the organization. The organization consists of the following structure:

  • Board of Directors
  • Chairperson
  • The Chief Executive Officer
  • General Manager
  • Departmental Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Junior employees

The office holders of each office mentioned above have specific duties and must report to their seniors as required. Several studies of organization structures have indicated that for organizations to achieve their best, communication must be proper and each employee must be aware of his or her duties. The following are the description of the responsibilities of the office bearers stated above:

Board of Directors

In Butula Sugar Company, the board is made up of six individuals who are elected by the farmers and they must come from within the region where the company is located. The main responsibility of the board is to make policies that are used to run the organization. Other functions of the board of directors include

  • Enact policies that govern the organization
  • Make decisions for the senior management
  • Consult with the senior management on the issues touching the organization and the corporate sector.

The board of directors forms the head of the organization thereby acting as a bridge between the senior management and the government. In many occasions, the board present and dialogue issues concerning the company with the respective government sector or department.

The Chairperson

The chairperson of the company has a responsibility to link the rest of the employees with the board of directors. He or she chairs all the meetings that involve the CEO and the other employees and acts as a secretary to the board of directors. The chairperson has limited responsibilities unlike the chief executive officer, who must always be present at the site.

The Chief Executive Officer  

This one of the busy person in the company because he or she must always stay at the site to oversee the operations. His main work is to ensure that that the policies enacted by the board of directors are implemented appropriately. Apart of making sure that policies are implemented perfectly, the Chief Executive Officer, does the following things:

  • Supervising the operations of the organization
  • Responsible for recruitment of the rest of the employees
  • He or she is answerable and consults with the chairperson to ensure that every object of the company is properly and conclusively handled.
  • Responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of the company

The General Manager

He is answerable to the chief executive officer and ensures that there is a constant communication between him or her and the chief executive officer. The general manager must supervise the departmental managers and ensure that the departmental managers give them conclusive reports about every activity that takes place within the organization. In addition to ensuring that the departmental managers do their work of supervision, they also ensure that the policies are followed to the dot.

Departmental Managers

Their main responsibility is to head various departments. In our organization, there are different departments and each of them has specific duties to act upon, but the departments have to work unanimously with one another to ensure achievement of a common goal.


The supervisors are answerable to departmental managers and they work within specific departments. Their main work is to do the constant checking of the junior employees and give them direction in line with the directions of the departmental heads. 

Junior Employees  

These employees carry the bulk of the work within our organization. They ensure that day-to-day activities are done and that the objectives and goals are met at the end. They form the most important group of workers in any organizational structure.


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Buttle, F. (2010). Organizational structure worksheet a practical planning tool. Long Range Planning, 18(4), 80-88. (85)90088-3

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