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MGMT690 : Managing Dynamic Environments : Fastest Growth Rate Worldwid

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Each organization has its own background perceptions, ethics, values, and ambitions. Therefore, a “one size fits all” change management process may not work in every organization. We must assess and adapt our process to fit the backgrounds and philosophies of each organization of which we are a part.

Provide a brief summary of the organization (its culture, its industry, its product and services).
Explain why a change was needed. Be specific about the underlying cause requiring the change.
Explain the change process that was created and implemented,
Identify the outcome of the change in terms of success, failures, cultural outcomes, and human resource changes.
Finally, based on what you have learned thus far in the course, offer constructive advice on strategies the organization may/should have considered to create/implement a more successful change process.
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:


Summary of Emirates Airlines.

Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai, is the world’s largest airline with the fastest growth rate worldwide. The airline flew its first flights in the year 1985, and it has remained to be the national carrier of the emirates of Dubai. The airline has managed to be the best due to its culture of quality rather than quantity (Emirates, 2018). The airline has evolved into an influential global traveler across the world due to its commitment to excellence. The company operates a fleet of more than two hundred and sixty-five aircraft as well as covering over a hundred and fifty-five destinations in more than eight countries. Every week, over fifteen hundred flights depart from Dubai to other destinations. In 2015, Emirates group, the parent of Emirate airlines spearheaded a change in management so that Emirates Airlines could focus on developing a customer-centric approach both real-time analytics and smart technology (Gulf News Aviation, 2015). This would help transform the travel experience of customers.

Why the change was needed.

Due to the increase in competition and desire to build a good reputation among customers, Emirates airlines adopted the change in order to be at par with the market. Digitalization has brought about highly competitive pressures in the airline business. Airlines are adopting the strategy of maximizing quality primarily through innovation (Digital Initiatives, 2018). Over the years, Emirates Airlines has been offering services aimed at increasing customer satisfaction such as in-flight connectivity, but it did manage to capture customers effectively. The change was to aid re-invent processes in terms of adopting new technologies and also developing a consumer-centric approach. For example, the company has been able to gather client data that has helped manage both loyalty programs and deliver more value to customers (Digital Initiatives, 2018). This has helped increase customer loyalty and experience.

The change process that was created and implemented.

Emirates Airlines change process revolved arounds its initiatives since the company decided to unveil its plan to undertake an enterprise-wide transformation. The change was to reinvent its operations in order to capture potential areas. In order to realign its processes, the company launched a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University so as to grows its potential. The areas that were streamlined include; One, its big data. The company was to realign its loyalty programs with an aim to market itself (Digital Initiatives, 2018). In the coming years, the big data would help the airline manage the loyalty programs hence delivering more value to customers. Two, increased usage of mobile platforms. More airlines are adopted the online ticket purchase and check-ins (Digital Initiatives, 2018). By being able to develop new applications that would increase customer analytics, the company would be able to provide customers with the services they need. Lastly, price discrimination. Through the use of big data, the company would be able to discriminate prices more efficiently. The company has adopting this change, and it expects to receive more customers due to the lower price of connecting flights.

Outcomes of change

With the implementation of the change, the company has been able to achieve success in various areas. To begin with, in 2017, Emirate airlines introduced a complimentary laptop and tablet handling services to its premium passengers. Besides, the company enhanced its onboard lounge of its planes by upgrading different aspects such as high-tech improvements, climate control features and lastly, a NASA inspired “zero gravity” seating position (Emirates, 2018). All these improvements were centered towards enhancing the customer experience. In order to spearhead the change, the company also established an enterprise change management team. This team would help drive the long-term change in the organization. Besides, the company is on the lookout for the best candidates to join the organization for the purpose of making it the best airline across the world. Since the organization looks for the best candidates worldwide, incorporating the different nationalities and cultures has allowed the company to develop a strong culture that has enhanced the quality of work in the company.

Constructive advice on strategies that would have been considered.

Some of the initiatives that the company was to spearhead after adopting the change process are still not fully realized to date. I believe there some strategies, if implemented, would ensure a more successful change process. To begin with, the organization needed to be more committed to the change process. Change may become challenging at times since not every member of an organization can be committed to ensuring success (Mendonca, 2017). I believe Emirates Airlines would have fostered commitment across all employees so as to ensure the achievement of its objective. Secondly, the organization would have adopted acceleration strategies so that it can manage the change efforts effectively (Ackerman, 2015). This is through integrating similar initiatives to ensure they are achieved on time.


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