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MGN409 | Comparison between Melbourne and Sydney University

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For this assignment, we would like you to think about an organisation that you have a significant interaction with. It may be your workplace, the University, a hospital or other service provider. Provide a response to the following questions:

1.What is the purpose of the organisation? What is the scope of its operations?

2.From your perspective, what criteria would use to evaluate the effectiveness of this organisation? Justify your selection of the criteria.

3.Now consider the criteria that two other stakeholder groups of the organisation might use of evaluate its effectiveness. Stakeholder groups may include the owners, employees, customers, creditors, community, suppliers or the Government.

4.What do you conclude from this this analysis of effectiveness from the perspective of different stakeholders? What are the implications for the development of a coherent approach to organisational effectiveness?



The process of comparison is generating some of the issues that make difference in between the universities. There are some qualities, skills and achievements in both of the universities that make those universities effective, and students accumulation is also there for that reason. The learning aspect of each university is high enough and the student enjoys their studies in both the universities. Apart from the similarities, there are some different aspects in that case and that makes a chance of evaluation between universities. In this essay, the basic evaluation will be done in between Melbourne and Sydney University, and the effective evaluation between the universities will be discussed thereafter. The associated processes are also effective in that case. Gender balance in the universities, staffing, faculties, discipline, results, food, travelling, house rent, distance education process, cultural diversity, placement and raking of these two universities that are important in that case and the list maintain their aspects for the proper evaluation process (Britt et al. 2012).

The thesis statement of the essay is the process of evaluation between the two universities and highlight their pros and cons to select one of them as the best. Some of the aspects are good for Sydney, some other aspects are good for Melbourne also, but after the legitimate evaluation of which aspect is essential for the student, and result will come. The education system, syllabus, tuition facilities, and the process of semesters also evaluated and I think this is the right way of evaluating the process. I believe all these aspects have a severe impact on students, so the effective difference will be extracted from that process.

Purpose of these institutional processes

Both of the universities have some key areas like research, study and involvement. The process of active learning is important in that case and students need some innovations in learning. Melbourne is one of the liveliest places in the world and Sydney is on the 7th position in that aspect. The situation of these cities is acclaimed globally. The growth rate of Melbourne is 18% faster than Sydney ( 2018). I believe that Sydney has lots of opportunities to encourage their small institutes into a large one, as the city has lots of space but the improvement of Melbourne is huge. Instead being a smaller city than Sydney, it is more culturally diversified with more opportunities of growth ( 2018). Melbourne more opportunistic than Sydney in case of job opportunities as well. The population of Melbourne is 4.49 million and Sydney, on the other hand, consume 4.80 million population. The Melbourne University is 33rd in the world and Sydney, on the other hand, is on 37th. 28% of the international students are there in the Melbourne and 25% of international students are in Sydney ( 2018). The purpose of the universities is to provide work opportunities as well. In Sydney, more than 50,000 new jobs were created and some of them are part-time jobs ( 2018). The multinational corporations and companies are waiting for the desired candidates, pass out from the universities. In Sydney, lots of opportunities are there and after the course completion good job is also there, and the same goes for the Melbourne as well. The climate in Sydney is better than Melbourne as the average temperature of the city is 19 degree Celsius. The room fares of Sydney higher than Melbourne. A difference of almost $4000 AUD is there and that is the reason students want to join Melbourne University.

The projected scope of these universities

The long-term project practice is the main benefit that Melbourne University has provided to their students. The upgradation of the education along with the change in social and behavioural approach in this field is important for students (De Vaus and de Vaus 2013). I have faced some of the situations that encourage me to be an active person in certain kind of situations. The issue of gender imbalance is the crucial issue that changes the mindset of the students. There are planned investigation possibilities and supervision of specialisation in that situation and those will assist students to permit them in the broader field of proficiency and information. There is the certain conglomerate procedure as well and those combined schemes cases are productive for students as the abilities from global universities will originate and students will comprehend the globalised method and process in an expressive way (Guy et al. 2012). The faculty of the building, architectures, arts, planning, veterinary, business and economics, dentistry, health sciences, law, agricultural sciences, fine arts and music engineering all these accrued in a specific way to deliver the improved opportunity for students (Hattie 2012). The process of collaborating with policies is important in that case and there are some norms and regulations that need to follow by all the universities and institutions for the formulation of their existence.

In the case of Sydney University, the practice process is short term basis and those are formulated and guided by the faculties. In the case of budgeting, environmental policies, cash flow, critical path analysis, earned value process all these things are important things for the ethics of Sydney University. Through the mock test or semester procedure, the university has made some small units in their organisational arranging to support the process of critical attitude. The university has facilities and allocations are from the international arena so this is a huge chance for the students over there to accumulate knowledge from all over the world (Išgum et al. 2015). I believe this is a huge opportunity for the students to join Sydney University and get touched by those international faculties. Environment, Health, skill and philosophy are the main mainstay of their teaching classification and faculties’ apprehensiveness with those aspects is kind of attachment that found only in this university. The commercial procedure, Arts and community sciences, health sciences, industrial trade, treatment of all these aptitudes along with law and music development courses are there in this university. The subject ranking of the students are very high and Sydney has provided in case of campus joining (Lehnbom et al. 2014). This is one of the main reasons student are getting attached to the university so that they will get a good job at the end of the course. So this is a major chance that students will get if they start their career at the university. The problems like issue in house rent in Sydney or the tuition fees issues are the main concern in that situation and students will face the consequences.  

The criteria of effectiveness in the evaluation

Education excellence is the main criteria in the case of evaluation. There are some supportive facts are there, to enhance the process of evaluation of educational excellence. The associated facts are starting with the big issue of cultural difference. Lifestyle, community management, cost, all these are maintained by the students in a uniform manner. However, in the aspect of the globalised process of changing the learning process, some of the vital changes are followed in the university and that affects the students. In a broader aspect, Australia has the maximum numbers of the top-ranked universities (Nguyen et al. 2013). The whole population of Melbourne is 4.24 million and in the case of Sydney, the number raise up to 4.87 million. The QS marked universities is the main concern in that case and 7 universities are in Melbourne and 5 in Sydney.  In the case of global lifestyle maintenance Melbourne is the 1st of 140 global rankings and on the other hand, Sydney is on the 7th. As per the characteristic of Australian rules and principles, all the universities have to maintain the similar rules and most of the universities provided students' benefits but in different cases, the government rules are enacted in this process so that, they work for the students' advantage (Pierce et al. 2017).


In the case of ranking, Melbourne is the 2nd best university in Australia and Sydney is the 3rd best, so the point of differentiation is very little. From the beggining, these two universities have healthy competition and the good amount of facilities are provided from the universities. The University of Sydney was established in 1850 and The University of Melbourne was in 1855. Staffs and services are extraordinary in Melbourne comparing to Sydney. Apparently, 3590 staffs are engaged in Melbourne while approximately 3012 staffs are there in Sydney (Rubel et al. 2014). The main motive of the staffs to backing up students by helping them in operational process. Students will not get enough facility from the operational team, so the process is very important for the university to engage some efficient people with the organisation. In the case of the library, Sydney is ahead of Melbourne. They have the number of library and collection of books rather than Melbourne. The education excellence, dexterity expansion and overall gratification processes are imperative and those varieties have been decorated in the case of judgement. The gender balance in university is also a principle for the edification. A balancing situation is important for the students as well to make their understanding for the future and provide them with a wide angle of mental stability. Maximum numbers of the Australian universities accommodate the huge amount of students and there are certain global students as well but the range of faculties and educational progression proportion and assessment pointers Melbourne is someway innovative and advanced than Sydney.

Engagement of two stakeholders groups

In the case of the other two associates, those are equally affected by the criteria are government and faculties. These are the two groups those are engaged with the process and practical and educational deliverance is the key process that needs to implement in that case. Starting from the rules and registrations implementation to the amendments in the learning process all the regulations are being set by the government authorities (Stark et al. 2016). I think this is the group who are primarily responsible for the changes or the change in criteria and their movements also important for the university as well. The individual procedure of financial liberation and the amount needed for the particular course is also fixed by the government orders and directive (Stark et al. 2016). Thus a decent amount of taxable profit is there and the procedure of online and offline registering duties and applied scheme supervision, the university proceeds the quantity of money earlier. This expanse of money is significant for the nation's GDP growth and the rubrics and guidelines are also allied with the development ( 2018). The vacillating procedure of choice is there with the issue of students’ dispensation dues, prospectus responsibilities all these are an additional advantage for the university.

In case of another stakeholder, faculties are the next and they are also associated with the process. The faculties of both the universities are good and they have tried to provide the best knowledge to their students. But the international penetration of faculties will strengthen the process of education and help students to encourage for their future. There are cultural sites which are also associated with the change state of mind of mind of students. Global students have to constrict their money in most of the cases, and that is the motive they have to choose the certain fairly inexpensive place for their incarnation. I consider that the social facet is supplementary in Melbourne than Sydney ( 2018). In case of culture, Sydney has colonnades, churches, museums, and auditoriums and the traditional space of Sydney Opera House is a delightful site for the orchestral performance, theatrical performance, and the place had its 20 years of antiquity. The fashion in Melbourne and their lifestyle is not like Sydney and rather the culture of international arena surpassed in that case. The extra fascination of study noticed in the same workplace level and Sydney is advanced in that case. But in case of the legitimate process of learning and studying, Melbourne has the proficient mannerism in case of dealing with that. The reputation created by the university is hopeful for the students and they bear the process and make a mark on the decision taken by the university ( 2018).                                                              

Analysis of different perspective with different stakeholders’ group

The significant approach of both the stakeholders is quite good and effective in case of managing the students. The concern of government initiation is quite general and I guess this is the process of inclusion and formulation that students will check out in that process. The associated business is important in that case. The sector of travel, food, house rents and other important aspects are quite relevant in that perspective. Subordinate business will have an inordinate attention in that situation and possibly the greatest viewpoint for occupational expansion in each area is settled in that case. They have certain professional chances as well and concluded the social and interactive incorporation, business occasions will be there for other stakeholders as well. I believe the outskirt of the learning process in universities is a big problem for the students and the same problem has to face by the students of Sydney University ( 2018).  I believe Sydney has all the potential to become the number one university in Australia if they have mane some infrastructural changes within the university. This is the reason most of the changes need to be done from the Sydney University are accepted. On the other hand, Melbourne University has some of the unique aspects that make them relevant and best in this situation and the university become the best in between these two ( 2018).

Recommendation and development

The main recommendations are to choose the best between these two universities and Melbourne is ahead of Sydney. I contemplate these possessions are made an alteration in between a decent situate of evaluating a university and an overall site evaluation will deliver a final verdict. The decision thus originates for the provision of Melbourne University and I consider all the pertinent reassuring adverts are there and that marks the university so lively that allied with the ethnic proactivity (Yigitcanlar and Lönnqvist 2013).


Therefore the essay can be concluded that students will get most of the facilities from their universities and they also provide that much, what is in their hands. The productive approach is prevalent in both the universities that are the reason they are considered as the first three universities in Australia. Though, the feature of acceptable potentials and students viewpoint Melbourne is considered as the best between these two universities. I consider this choice needs no additional modification if some majestic vagaries have originated in Sydney and their creative controller will take a chance to become the best in Australia. Other than this, the development in city life and their education and universities' infrastructural changes are made by Melbourne is the actual and right decision for me.

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