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MGT 305 : Organizational Profile Beyond Blue : Structure and Model Inc

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A: Individually prepare a profile (600 words) of a selected non-profit organisation based on information available in the public arena. 

Your profile of the organisation will include:

  • Name of organisation, Mission, vision, values profile if available, brief history
  • Structure and model including governance model if available
  • Examples of marketing
  • Any financials which are available publicly
  • A brief overview of the context in which the organisations operate.


1. Name of organisation, Mission, vision, values profile if available, brief history

The name of organization discussed in the current context is beyondblue.

The organizations mission statement includes, providing protection and improvement of mental health of people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The vision statement of the organization is to assists all people from Australia facing either anxiety or depression or suicide, by having an influence on systems and policies.

Values profile of the organization includes rendering care to people from all walks of life suffering from mental ailments.

The organization was established in October of the year 2000 to cater to mental health of people in Australia (Townsend & Weerasuriya, 2010). Later it extended to include care services to those facing depression, anxiety or suicide. The organization’s headquarters is in Hawthorn. The organization was established post five years of public debate and initiative of the Australian federal and state along with territory governments.  

2. Structure and model including governance model

The organization is a non-profit one that follows hierarchical structure. The organization is headed by a chairman and then there are various supporting staffs. The organization is chaired by Julia Gillard and CEO is Georgie Harman. All staff acts as key stakeholders along with other leaders of the organization (Yap, Reavley & Jorm, 2012). All staffs along with senior members of the organization aids and assists in decision making for the organization. The corporate governance model for the organization is implemented in this manner that the Anglo-American model can be considered. The Government at the federal, state and territory level selects and appoints the Board of Directors, who then takes key decisions for the organization. Another major domain of work of beyondblue is to reduce discrimination against people, who are experiencing mental health conditions. The core aim of all programs of the organization is to transform the entire mental health prevailing at Australia for all ages. It surveys people to analysing those who are experiencing mental health conditions.  

3. Examples of marketing

The organization conducts several marketing initiatives such as to attract individuals, those who are in need. The organization conducts several campaigns so as to raise awareness related to its various programs (Jorm, 2009). These campaigns are specially connected and diverted in a manner such that it can target the affected individuals. The organization conducts social media and digital promotions as well in order attract individuals. Moreover, the organizations activists attributes where participation is undertaken in several awareness creating activity has provided tremendous marketing impacts for the organization.

4. Any financials which are available publicly

The financial meaning the funding information for the organization can easily be browsed from its online website source. The online website furnishes several information related to the organization’s annual activities and spending. Fundraising and partner organization details are also provided in the handbook, which are published at the end of every year.   

5. A brief overview of the context in which the organisations operate

The organization operates in the domain of mental health. The organization’s core aim is to reduce suicide and anxiety amongst the population in Australia (Blue, 2013). It also aims at reducing several discrimination, which affects the minority part of the population in Australia. The organization aims at establishing equality in marriage. It had launched a campaign aimed at diagnosing the vulnerable population of the society, who are at high risk from psychological distress. By providing assistance to vulnerable section of the population, who experiences greater risk of depression, anxiety and stress, the organization has overall reduced rates of suicide.     


Blue, B. (2013). National mental health survey of doctors and medical students. Beyond Blue: Melbourne, Vic., Australia) Available at https://www. beyondblue. org. au/docs/default-source/research-project-files/bl1132-report—nmhdmss-full-report_web [Verified 2 February 2018].

Jorm, A. F. (2009). Australian young people's awareness of headspace, beyondblue and other mental health organizations. Australasian Psychiatry, 17(6), 472-474.

Townsend, M., & Weerasuriya, R. (2010). Beyond blue to green: The benefits of contact with nature for mental health and well-being. Melbourne, Australia: Beyond Blue Limited.

Yap, M. B., Reavley, N. J., & Jorm, A. F. (2012). Associations between awareness of beyondblue and mental health literacy in Australian youth: Results from a national survey. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 46(6), 541-552.

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