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MGT5OBR Organisational Behaviour- Communication Process

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  • Analyse the power sources and status of the characters at Computex Corporation. (This is my part that you need to do)
  • Analyse the communication processes used and recommend strategies to improve business outcomes.
  • Use the conflict process model to analyse any conflict identified in the case, and propose a strategy for Peter Jones.


Organizational behaviour is the process by which a person should behave in terms of interaction, mannerism, communication process along with maintaining a hierarchy and respectful environment in s business organization. The study of organisational behaviour is important because it deals with the human psychology which is the backbone of a business unit. A business is run by the people associated with the organization and hence there should be a good working environment, work culture practice in the organisation as well as the level of job satisfaction which is directly responsible for the rate of employee turnover among the people (Baldonado 2015). The study also helps and guides the organization in implementing strategies and policies so as to increase the productivity of the employees of the organization as well as motivate them to work better in order to achieve the goals and objective (Biggs et al. 2015).

A very serious issue that is often neglected by any multinational organisation is raised in this case study. The sales team in Sweden is seen to be communication with the vice president of Computex Corporation which seems to have the headquartered at San Francisco, USA.  The fact that the Vice president is not aware of the long term employees of the organisation or is unaware of the issues that these people are facing is a gap that should be filled by the management. The sales representatives have found no other way than to communicate with one of the higher management of the organisation because they were sure that their immediate senior was also a part of the problem and was on the receiving end of the suffering the employees in Sweden were going through. In the ABC model of organisational behaviour it has been stated that a person’s attitude has three phases: attitude, behavioural and cognitive.

The people of the organisation were affected by the way the general manger was behaving on the floor and this was in turn impacting on the operations of the business on a daily basis, it was also creating a gap in communication which is significantly harmful for the company (Christina et al 2015). As communication is the key to any business operation, because the general manger is a person who is usually rude and behaves badly a person with a bad report or negative information will try to hide it form the higher officials in order to stay away from the behaviour which is going to follow next. The behavioural aspect in the theory is the way a person acts towards an attitude, the case study is a letter to the vice president by six sales representatives and this is the example of how behaviour matters in an organisation. It has also been observed by the general manager is often suppressing and discouraging people and this gives rise to a conflict within the organisation which affects the business in a serious way. It gives rise to low job satisfaction level and eventually resignation of the employee. The cognitive component of the theory deals with the affect of the attitude, in this case the employees’ of the organisation is in a state of rebel against the organisation opposing one person who everyone is facing issues with (Shafritz et al. 2015).

According to the MARS theory of organisational behaviour there are few key prerequisites in an organisation motivation, ability, role perception and situational aspects are important in an organisation to maintain the stability of the operations of the organisation (Hülsheger et al. 2015).

Motivation is very important to being out the best in the employees there are two types of motivation one is intrinsic and the other is extrinsic. For an organisation it is important to keep the motivation level of the resources high as it directly affects the work that they do and also encourages pushing their boundaries and revealing qualities in them which even they did not know they had. In this case there is no motivation for the employees form the management. The office in Sweden is suffering from the lack of encouragement and appreciation from the higher officials. Rather, the general manager in the letter has been accused of using the success of the sales people to gain appreciation and promotion for him. This is the opposite situation of motivation and the fact that the high officials do not even come to visits the other offices is also a bad indication of the management of the company. The letter states in a sad tone that the vice president has not even visited the office once. Bad behaviour and mood swings form the highest authority of the organisation is a situation that is aimed to be avoided by all organisations and hence the study of organisational behaviour is significant (Hülsheger et al. 2015).

The ability of a person is not given any kind of heed in the organisation in Sweden as the person in the highest position is just worried about himself and his own promotion and appreciation. The ability of the employees is reducing considerably due to the conflict and the tension that is being build within the organisation. Though there is just one resignation the other has to take some step in order to avoid that situation.

Role perception of this theory explains what the role of an individual is in the organisation and what are the attribute each role should posses. As the general manager is the point of communication in between the higher officials in San Francisco and the employees in Sweden there is a hierarchy that the staff used to maintain until the point they decided to do something about the situation (Pinder 2014).

Behavioural pattern of an individual affect a lot in the smooth running and achieving the objectives of the business. For example if the manager of a team is a person who is extremely short tempered and has low patience level new recruits of the company under this manager will suffer due to low communication so as to avoid any kind of bad and rude behaviour form the manager this will affect the organisations operations in the long run and if the matter is very severe it may also be evident in the short term as well.

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