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MGTP102 Management Principles Assessment 4


COURSE: Bachelor of Business/Accounting/Information Technology

Unit Code:


Unit Title:

Management Principles

Type of Assessment:

Assessment 4 – Supplementary and Deferred Assessment


Short Answers and Scenario Questions

Unit Learning

Outcomes addressed:

1. Describe the core concepts and theoretical frameworks of management;

2. Examine key stakeholders and explain their roles in managing an organisation;

3. Analyse and interpret management issues in organisations;

4. Apply analytical and problem solving skills to develop effective strategies to solve managerial issues.

Submission Date:

As advised by the HEd admin office

Assessment Task:

Individual written assignment consisting of a case study with related questions.

Total Mark:

100 marks



(Not applicable for this assessment task - No late submissions will be accepted)

Students are advised that submission of an Assessment Task past the due date without a formally signed approved Assignment Extension Form (Kent Website My Kent Student Link > FORM – Assignment

Extension Application Form–Student Login Required) or previously approved application for other extenuating circumstances impacting course of study, incurs a 5% penalty per calendar day, calculated by deduction from the total mark.

For example. An Assessment Task marked out of 40 will incur a 2 mark penalty for eachcalendar day.

More information, please refer to (Kent Website MyKent Student Link> POLICY – Assessment Policy &

Procedures– Student Login Required)


Your assessment will comprise of an individual written assignment of totally 2,000 (10% +/-) words. You must answer all questions.

It will consist of two parts:

Part A (60 marks)

Three short answer questions. Answers are to be at least 1 page in length

Part B (40 marks)

Given 2 scenarios about management situations, answer questions about and make recommendations for remedial action. Each answer should be at least 2 pages in length.

You are expected to outline the theoretical concepts relevant to the issues and apply the theory and answer the questions.

No referencing is required.


Question 1

Describe the Situational Leadership Model and how it is applied as a contingency approach to leadership. Question 2

Define organisational culture and describe what we use to identify it. How is it relevant to organisational effectiveness?

Question 3

Outline the three levels of Strategic Planning. How can the Boston Consulting Group Matrix be used to formulate the corporate level strategy


Scenario 1:

Just suppose that you have been fortunate enough to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing food-service business that intends to start franchising its operations next year. The public has been very positively responsive to the organizations product and format.

  1. Describe the advantages/disadvantages of a tall/flat organizational structure. Which would you recommend? Why?
  2. What would be your recommendation regarding centralization/decentralization and why?
  3. Identify a possible use for the matrix organizational structure for this organization. Would you recommend the matrix approach? Why?

Scenario 2:

Just suppose that you are the supervisor of 25 people at a large distribution warehouse. One of your problems is excessive tardiness in your department and its effect on your production level.

  • If you were utilizing expectancy theory, how would you handle this situation? Be specific!
  • Now you have decided to utilize reinforcement theory to deal with the tardiness issue. Discuss how you would do so.
  • Are any job design concepts pertinent to this situation? If so, which ones?


The assignment must be submitted online in Moodle. All materials must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format (other formats e.g., pdf or mac file may not be readable by markers). No paper based or hardcopy submission will be accepted.

Please note that this is an individual assessment and any similarity score greater than 20% will be treated as academic misconduct.

No referencing of sources is required for either part of this supplementary/deferred assessment.







Description of the unit content and activities to be reflected upon.

(What did I do, read, see, hear, feel?)

Describe objectively and openly what happened including the concept, theory or framework which was presented in each topic.


Reflects upon the content presented and relates it to their previous experience.

(How does the new experience fit with my previous experience?)

Explains what they observed, raises questions, makes connections to previous learning. Seeks to understand the concepts by examining openlytheir own experiences in the past as they relate to the topic.


Evaluate the experience and gain new insights

(What I learnt?)

Clearly identifies and explains what they learned from the presentation of this topic.


Strategies to use the learning in the future

(How I will use what I learned?)

Description of the how the new learning/ insights will be useful to them in the future either as a student or in business.


Writing Skills

Cohesiveness, articulation of thoughts, evidence of work, presentation, spelling or grammatical errors.


Total Score


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