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MITS9118 Information Technology and Systems : Functions of Computer In

Case study

LMM Accounting is a local start-up firm where the owner has been running a small business from home on a part time basis. The owner has now taken the next step and is going to become fully self-employed and run his business from a local business hub full time. The local business hub is where a number of small professional businesses run from a single building complex and share things like Internet access and a receptionist. The following details have been provided to you during an initial meeting with the owner Albert Benzeen:

· General accounting for small home business clients.

· The accounting software that will be used is Xero Accounting (see resource list).

· Will be involved with establishing and maintaining of trust accounts.

· General office documentation is in word and excel formats.

Albert has asked you as an IT consultant to make some system recommendations to suit his needs.

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Albert Benzeen:

‘I would like you to recommend a computer, an operating system and a printer to help me expand my business.  I will be purchasing just one computer, but I’d like to run two good flat screen monitors. This computer system will be a standalone desktop or notebook computer, and I am quite open to the most suitable operating system.

I will be purchasing the Xero Accounting solution which will handle most of my financial work, and I will forward the information for this package to you. I will also require an office suite program that can open and save in the current word and excel format files.

My existing computer system has a couple of hundred megabytes of word and excel data that will also need to be transferred to the new computer. This computer is about seven years old and is currently running Microsoft Windows XP operating system and Microsoft Office 2010.

Besides the computer itself I will need one good laser colour printer from a respected manufacturer for good quality colour printing on A4 paper. This printer will also need to act as a low volume copier, scanner, and capable of sending and receiving faxes. Printing will be its main function, and I envisage it will be doing up to 10,000 sheets per month.

The kind of work I do does not generate large file and all the files relating to the Xero Accounting package will be stored in the cloud on the vendor’s site. However I will need a backup solution for the other files, and I estimate that there would not be any more than 10Gbyte of files, even after 5 years.

As for training, I would like to know how to download and install the latest drivers for the computer and printer, and how to back up the computer.’

(End of interview)

Part A – Case study report

Instructions for students

For this Part A task, you are to produce three (3) documents that are based on the information contained in the Case Study. The first is a report to the client, the second is a training session, and the last is an installation procedure.

The Report

The report will need to cover the following items:

  1. List the requirements that the client has requested, plus any that you feel are appropriate.
  2. Outline the functions that are required of the computer, this will include the day-to-day tasks it needs to perform, plus the background tasks that you will need to schedule.
  3. Provide a dot point of the legal requirements in regards to trust accounts and computerised systems. (Please see attached document ‘Computerised_trust_accounting_systems (1).pdf’.)
  4. Research at least two operating systems from different vendors that will suit the client’s requirement. You will need to provide a comparison table within the report that will compare features, system requirements, and an appropriate office suite that will run on the operating system.
  5. Research two computer hardware solutions that will match the operating system listed in Item 4. You will also need to provide a printer solution that will work with the operating systems.
  6. Research and provide a backup and software security solution for the computer solutions.

Provide a recommendation of the computer package you feel will meet the client’s needs. You will also need to justify why you have selected the computer package you have recommended.

Part B)

Training Session

Design a quick training session that will provide training for downloading and installing the latest drivers, and how to back up the computer. This is to include time required, resources required, and a breakdown of the topics to be covered.

The following link is also included in the learning content under “Train Users & Obtain Feedback”:

Part C)

Installation Procedure

List and describe the steps that will be required for the installation of the computer system and printer, including all pre-installation considerations. These steps should include from the when you receive the hardware and software from the suppliers, all the way through to commissioning, which will also include training. Please remember to cover any contingencies that may occur.

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