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MKT100 Marketing For Tourism Places and Prime Cities Assignment

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Identify and describe the market segments reached by these brands, using applicable demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural variables. 



Globalization has resulted in fast growth of the hospitality sector from tourism as well as due to official travel purpose (Radut, 2015). Based on the tourism places and prime cities, hotel industries grow up catering to accommodating customers. In order to increase business and to gain popularity among tourist, it is necessary for this industry to conduct market research and based on information of research they conduct their marketing strategies. In a case of the hotel industry, their marketing processes are domestic and international level. Applying various strategies for growth of hospitality business they conduct their marketing process. The aim of this industry is to develop and expand their business process by applying the process of market acquisition (Kim, 2015). Thus, the scope of this report develops and analyses the competitive positioning of Best Western hospitality business. A comparison with Hotel Hilton of the said hotel is done in order to understand better the competitive strategies and marketing processes used by them. 

Industry Overview

The hotel industry is directly related to the tourism sector and business conducted in that area. Hotel industry deals with tourist by providing not only hotel facilities but also with facilities of transport, airlines, tour guide and so on (Winston, 2013). The hospitality industry is highly competitive in nature with presence of a large number of branded hotels and hotel chains. There is presence of a large number of boutique and homestays as well that further increases competition within the industry and forces larger and more dominant players to operate at cost effective rates. Proving proper service systems which are related to tourism hotel industry increase their business. In order to satisfy their customers and to get positive feedbacks, they provide other value added services.

Conducting marketing research it can be seen that, in present world it is the most and popular sector of business. Based on service system of hotel industry their service is divided into two parts including domestic service and international service (Bilgihan, 2015). There are various brands of this industry which conduct their service process internationally and compete with each other. In order to improve business process and to get proper commercial support, this industry has various investment policies including long term and short term service system for their investor and members. This industry also uses membership system for their customers who want to continue service receiving and business relationship with this industry. Using various policies and techniques this sector expands their business widely around the world.

Company overview

Best Western is a popular name in the hotel industry and provide their international hotel and related service systems for tourist. Founded in the year of 1946 this industry is providing their hospitality service in various countries of the world (, Retrieved on 14th April 2017). The head quarter of their industry is situated Phoenix of Arizona (Goryushkina, 2016). This industry expands their business in North America also. In order to provide their hospitality service with this organization already open more than 4100 hotel and the motel is various tourism part of this world. Present CEO of this Company is David Kong.

On the other hand, Hilton Hotel industry is another popular brand in this industry. Established in the year of 1919 this company is providing their hospitality service system in various countries of the world. This industry has more than 4922 hotel and motels and present CEO of this company is Christopher J. Nassetta.


After analyzing overview of these two brands it can be said that Hilton Hotel industry is a tough competitor for the Best Western industry. Hilton Hotel is more experienced tin service providing than Best Western. On the other hand, Best Western has fewer hotels and motels than Hilton Hotel. The similarity of both companies is that they conduct their business process internationally and their aim is to develop their service order to get proper outcomes of the business (SW Chan, 2013).

Best Western utilization digital segmentation

 In order to increase business process and to get the proper response of customers Best Western industry use various segmentation of the market. In order to expand their business and to reach to maximum customer’s this industry conduct proper use of marketing process and use digital segmentation. The present world is based and then the internet and digital process (Martin, 2013). The best way to reach in present time is to use digital medium properly. In the case of Best Western hotel industry, they utilize digital segmentation in order to reach to their customers. The digital segmentation that is conducted by the organization including television, organizational website and social networking sites helps them to get a positive response. As television is a popular medium to reach to people so create advertisement they reach to customers with their product service. On the other hand, an organizational website is the important part of their segmentation PROCESS. This organization provides all the information about their service system and give information about the process to get service on their website, the high quality of the website and proper application system provides information with images to people. Thus people can get knowledge about service system of the organization (Tse, 2013). As a large number of people are connected with social networking sites, like Facebook, so this organization also conduct proper use of Facebook and share information about their service policies and service places with people around the world.

Perceptual Maps

In case of Best Western hotel industry, they maintain pricing and quality of their service system. Though there are various competitors and one of them is Hilton Industry, but maintains their price rate and service quality they bare near to center of perceptional map. Best Western maintains proper place is the market.

Competitive Advantage

In order take advantages of competition and to get positive outcomes it is important for a business organization to practice proper strategies in their business process. In the case of hotel industry using various, this industry can get facilities for their business. In order to compete with another brand, like Hilton Hotel Industry, Best Western makes use of various process and research with their advantages of competition. 

Cost leadership

This organization searches out for benefits that they can get by competing with Hilting hotel. In order to get moiré customers and to conduct a process of customer acquisition they try to provide more facilities in less pricing to get the attention of more customers ( (Goryushkina, 2016).

Target market

In order to get proper sale of their service system, this industry use those places where other industries not get success in expand their business. Targeting those places they can get advantages of competition.


In order to attract consumer, they creates various differentiation in their products. With variously is service, like comfortable transport system and so on, this organization can get more consumers for their service system (Leonidou, 2013).

After conducting the marketing analysis of Best Western hotel industry, it can be concluded that this industry has popularity among customers around the world. As it is fastest growing sector and conduct their business process internationally, so this organization gets advantage of it. Compared with their most tough competitor Hilton hotel tough their experience of services fewer than this organization, but creating differentiation in their service policies and providing various facilities to customers the can get proper sale of their products. In order to reach to more customers they conduct proper use of digital segmentation and share their information with people around the world (Leung, 2015).

Targeting Strategy 

Targeting proper market companies can get better response for their service system (Winston, 2013). In the case of hotel industry by targeting popper areas they can get sufficient number of customers. In case of Best Western the taking strategies are following:

Mass media

One of the target markets of this industry is the mass media. Using mass media they can reach to maximum customers and can get a proper response from them. In a case of Best Western, they target social networking site for their marketing. Thus they can reach tourist around the world.

Business group

Targeting proper group for a particular service system they can get proper outcomes of it. In a case of the business group, by providing proper information they can reach to them and get the proper response of this group for their business. On the other hand by providing transport and airlines support they can satisfy business group (Kim, 2015).

Pricing strategy

Best Western focuses on the pricing of their service. Following a market value of the service, they try to maintain their rate. In order to attract customers and to satisfy them, they provide various extra facilities. It provides the positive impact for this organization to stay in the competition and conduct business properly (Gallagher, 2016).

Positioning Statement

In the case of Best Western, as this industry use various strategies of marketing so they proper response of their consumer. Maintain all possible outcomes this organization conduct their business process. They provide proper quality of service system and create differentiation in their policies (Bilgihan, 2015). The extra facilities, like transport system, a tour guide is mainly attracting tourist in order to use their service system. On the other hand, this organization has a lot of competitors in their business system. Tough competitors like, the popular brand of Hilton Hotel, provide them threats. Apart from this to get a proper response they use digital segmentation properly. It helped them to get the right place in the market and to stay in the competition. After analysis marketing and the business system, it can be said that the marketplace of the organization is proper and the international brand of them gets the attention of a huge number of consumer or tourist  (Yang, 2014).


To develop employee skill

In order to provide the best quality of service, there is the necessity of proper performance of employees. The proper skill of employees can improve their performance level and can develop service system. In order to the improve performance and contribution of employees for company goals. Best Western can provide theoretical and practical training to their employees. It helps it improve the skill of employees and provides positive impact towards service process.

To motivate employees

In order to get the proper contribution of employees, this company need to adopt and apply motivational strategies in their organization. In a case of the Best Western hotel industry, they can use reward system of motivational theory to encourage their employees. As per methods of motivational theory this company needs to provide the reward to the employees who provide their best effort for company goals and become succe4deed. On the other hand, it is also necessary to provide advice and instruction in the training process to that employee who failed to provide proper performances.

To provide attention to the requirements of customers

In order to provide proper service to customers and to get positive feedbacks of them, there is the necessity to fulfill requirements of their customers. Conducting marketing research of conducting survey process the company can get knowledge about requirements of their customer. Based ion te collected information. Best western need to modify or change their service system. Thus they can get a positive effect of their business.

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