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MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communication For Coca Cola

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The purpose of this short-term IMC plan is to further develop your ability to critically evaluate current IMC programs and to provide solutions based on learned IMC theories and concepts. This is a great opportunity to practice your planning skills in developing an IMC campaign with inclusion of budgetary and timing constraints.

Based on your report findings in assessment 1 and your creative brief, you are required to design a 6- month IMC program for your product/brand that you have opted for in assessment-1. To make your learning experience as close as possible to a “real” word business, you are restricted to a budget of $50 000.



Coca-cola maintains its position as the world’s largest beverage company. It has been ruling the heart and taste of people for the past century.
The product is well known all over the world. Currently, its brand recognition stands at 98 percent, which is the highest for any firm operating on a global scale (Ottoman, 2017).
Therefore, in an effort to maintain this position, the firm may adjust its IMC campaign to portray coca-cola as a fun and healthy beverage.

Marketing Communication Goal and Objectives

The primary objective of this integrated marketing campaign is to enhance the interest, excitement and desire for coca-cola products across the world.
By portraying coca-cola is a fun and healthy beverage, consumers will be made aware of the new coca-cola products that are great for the health of the consumers.

Redesigned message key

“Tastes more like coke, looks more like coke, but much healthier”
this message will reassure consumers of the same old taste of the coca-cola product but with an added advantage of the fact that it is a healthier alternative since it has zero sugar (Reddy, Reddy & Venkatesulu, 2016).
Consequently, this will capture the market segment comprising of diabetic individuals who could not enjoy coca-cola previously due to sugar additives (Intergrated Marketing, n.d.).
Additionally, it will help maintain loyal consumers who would like to seek a healthy but tasteful drink such as coke zero. 

Target audience

This marketing campaign targets adults and young adults across the world who are keen on consuming less sugar in their diet while at the same time like to enjoy good drinks such as coca-cola (Greenfield, 2016).

Choice of marketing communication mix

The campaign will utilize a marketing communication mix comprising of sales promotion, advertising, and event sponsorship.
All these methods will go a long way in promoting the product to the target consumers across the globe (Onkvisit& Shaw, 2017).


The Company will utilize advertising as the main marketing communication tool in this campaign to create an awareness of the existence of the product and the various benefits associated with the product (Kokemuller, 2018). This will take up a significant proportion of the allocated marketing budget. The advert will run through mainstream media such as television, radio, and newspapers, as well as social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook

Sales promotions

The Company will also utilize sales promotion by offering discounts for the coke zero in the first 3 months after the beginning of the marketing campaign. This will attract more clients while at the same time increase awareness of the existence and benefits of the product (Gillespie, 2015).

Event sponsorship

The company may also sponsor a major event to increase the awareness of the brand as well as increase the number of sales of the product (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, & Brennan, 2015).

Campaign Evaluation Methods 

In order to determine the exact impact of the marketing strategies, various evaluation methods may be used.
They include;
Summative evaluation
Formative evaluation
Outcome evaluation
First, a summative evaluation may be used to determine the effects and outcomes that are as a result of the marketing campaign (Evaluating the Impact, n.d.).
A formative evaluation may also be utilized in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign materials and their overall impact on sales (UN Women, n.d.).
The company may use a summative evaluation method to examine the implementation of the campaign and see what has been accomplished from the advertisements.


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