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MKTG202 Marketing Research For the Target Market Assignment

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You will identify who you think the target market/s is for the piece, what the message is and how it was executed. Questions to consider:
1. Is it evident that the advertiser is using segmentation and target marketing?

2. What are the appeals in the piece, is there a point of difference for the product identified, how was this executed? 

3. Does this piece stand out from competitors?

4. Could you remove the brand or company name from the piece and insert any competitor and the piece would make sense to the audience i.e. how does the piece use the brand in relation to the creative?

5. Does the piece appeal to the target market? 

6. From your perspective, what could be done to make the piece more effective?



There are numerous and diverse ways of advertising the products and service of a organization. The advertising is way of promoting the certain brand and informing the consumers about the products and the service and the unique quality of the same. For an urbanized country the needs of the continuous growing population are to be fulfilled by the proper advertising of the products and service, so that the people can choose right products out of many. The chosen advertising piece is advertisement by Volkswagen and the digital advertising of the same.

The Advertisements:

The Volkswagen is an automobile company founded in the 1938 and one of the popular and most selling vehicles in the international market (Marcantonio, Abbott and O'Driscoll 2014). The company has global business. Therefore, the company has recently focused on the digital advertising to reach most of the people in the global context.  The elements of the advertisement comprise of rich visual components and the profound depiction and illustration of the unique qualities of the specific model featuring on the advertisement (Digital Agency Network 2017).

Target Market and Market Segmentation:

Targeting the market for a products or service is to choose the right consumers for the products or the service (Wedel and Kamakura 2012). In fact, the target market is the one of the vital strategies of marketing. The digital advertising is one of the major and most effective advertising procedures for the companies. Hence, choosing the right audience for the advertising is necessary for the companies. The target market for the company is the people active on the digital media and interested in technologies (Bart, Stephen and Sarvary 2014).

Evidence of the Company using Target Market:

It is evident from various researches and observation on the company’s digital advertisements over the years that it has segmented the market for the right consumers to ensure the profit. The market segmentation helps the company to understand the right consumers for its business and accordingly the company can target the market. Hence, the necessity of segmenting the market and the targeting the audience is essential to the company for ensuring more business profit.

The Appeal of the Advertising:

The appeal of the advertising by the company is always to project unique qualities of its products. The digital advertisement usually lengths for a minute, therefore, in the very short span of time the company successfully presents the all the information off the products and the uniqueness of the same. The advertisement appeals to reach a wide range of the consumers in an excessively and limited time span. The appeal of the product distinguishes it from the other products with same quality. Moreover, the execution of the intended information of the products is effectively done with the help of the appeal of the advertisement.


The digital advertisement of the company for its products in a unique manner stands out from the competitors. The digital advertisement by the company is unique and different from the other competitors companies like Toyota and Porsche (Thomas 2013). The appeal and the execution of the advertisement to the buyers makes the company as well and the product advertised distinguishable and of unique quality.

Brand Value:

The brand value is the most vital and prime factor for the advertisement. It often happens that the consumers choose the products by the name of the brand and reviewing the information and specification of the products. Similarly, Volkswagen is one of the trusted and popular brands in the automobile industry. The personality of the brand has made the same an iconic brand in the automobile industry ( 2017). Again, the creativity and the innovative nature of the brand reflect in its advertisements, which capture the attention of the consumers. Therefore, advertising the products without the company or brand name will be of no use. For a change, inserting name of the any other competitor brand in the advertisement will also not be effective.

Appeal of the Advertisement to the target Market:

The company definitely appeals to its target market. Recently, the company has shifted its focus to the younger buyers. In the new advertisement in digital media, the company shows the innovative technological features to the newest models that are capable of attracting the young buyers. The company continuously puts effort to attract the audience from the target market through the informative, unique and innovative appeal in the advertisements (Nava et al. 2013). The company appeals changes according to the demographical and behavioral change of audience (Medill Reports Chicago 2017).


There are not many things to recommend to the company’s digital advertising. The company is doing well business in the global market through the digital advertising of its products. Moreover, the focusing on the targeted market for the digital advertising has given beneficial aspect to the company. However, it is recommended to the company to focus on the other companies’ digital advertising strategies for understanding the present trends of digital marketing and generating innovative ideas from there. In addition, the company needs to make the advertisement more specific and precise due to the short time span.  


The above discourse on the digital advertising of the Volkswagen concludes that the company focuses on the target market followed by the market segmentation. The brand name and value of the company has privileged the company in advertising its products on the digital media. The appeal and the execution of the advertisement in a unique and creative manner have also added an advantage to the company for global recognition. 


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