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MNG01222 Facility and Risk Management

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Unit Name:	    Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Operations
Unit Code:	    MNG01222
Assignment No.:	    2
Assignment Title:   Report

1.0 Introduction

There is more to hospitality than just offering good, delicious food as well as sweet drinks. Venue design is forming the panacea in this industry. Having stellar food let’s say dinner requires an inspired venue and thus a hotel, which can offer both, is at a great advantage in the hospitality industry. In many cases, proper designing can be of important use when an organization wants to hold an event proposal (Allen, 2002). In addition, it forms a good underlying principle for the establishment of solid event ideas and experiences (Goldblatt 2004). Goldblatt also suggests that good understanding and proper applying the design skills when managing an event should be undertaken with the guidance given on the fundamental principles of design putting in mind the technical advice available when implementing the ideas and coming up with event environments that surrounds a hotel. On the other hand design acts as an essential element that any event is planned and therefore it should be treated as some skilled action or acts of creativity that visualizes identity and recognition.

2.0 Executive summary

The paper tries to analyze the venue design analysis as well as the venue design analysis of the PARKROYAL Darling harbor, which is a four-star hotel in the city of Sydney. In so doing, the conceptual development put it’s emphasize on accruing the maximum positive and meaningful impact to the clients (Brown, 2005). Studies have shown that the design a hospitality institution has a considerable impact to its profitability. It also has an influence on the operations and how the hotel is run on a daily basis. It gives clients an option of running an extravagant vacation, as they will be treated to something worthy their cash. This will therefore create good and lasting client-organization relationship, which remains a central feature in the operation of the hotel.

3.0 Location

In our case we are going to have a look at the PARKROYAL Darling harbor, which is a four-star hotel in the city of Sydney. The hotel features a restaurant, a fully equipped fitness center and free cable TV. The general design of the hotel is that it contains three separat meeting rooms and another break out room that can be used separately or jointly to one of the main rooms. The room if combined together can cover an area of approximately 179 m2 and has the capacity of holding up to 75 people being fully occupied. The meeting rooms also boosts of having both one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as a studio.

This hotel is strategically located on the Central Business District of Sydney a five minutes walk to Chinatown. It is also ten minutes when using a train from the Sydney Opera house. It is also well surrounded by multiple shops and a market center where they can easily get fresh produce.

The hotel has many facilities for the guests and its members to enjoy. It brags of containing lawn bawls, function rooms that can also be used to hold meetings, a gazebo as well as a bar. The meeting rooms are multi-purpose and apart from holding meetings they can be used for other events such as award ceremonies, graduation ceremonies and other important events. Apart from selling liquor, the bar also holds live music performances aimed at generating more income in addition to entertaining the members (Parkroyal, 2018).

4.0 Venue Design analysis.

The PARKROYAL Darling harbor is not perfectly designed and therefore there are some design problems that can be noted so as to improve the clients’ experiences as well as increase the revenue collected by the hotel. This is in line with the principle that suggests that the physical features present in a hotel are more important when it comes to attracting clients (Hassanien, 2011). With increased competition for the same services, there is need to look into this and make corrections earlier so as to capture more customers as well as retain the already existing ones.

Firstly, the color of the furniture needs to be improved; most of their furniture is coloured black and white. Although this gives the restaurant an aura of cleanliness, it lacks the attractiveness of using bright colors. This can possibly reduce the appeal of the venue to many event organizers.

The size of the dance floor is also wanting, it is quite small in size and this can create an impediment when many people are willing to get to the dance floor and enjoy themselves.

In addition to this, the tiles making the floor causes a health hazards to the visitors, although they are appealing, they become slippery when wet and this causes danger to the people using the floor. It may result to people slipping over and consequently getting injured. It can therefore impact negatively to the visitors experience at the hotel.

Despite the challenges highlighted above, PARKROYAL Darling harbor boosts to be among the best and a convenient option in hospitality at the Sydney City. It as a good location for doing shopping, sightseeing as well as travelling since the train station is only a stone throws away. The rooms are also well serviced and also suitable for any kind of family, be it a couple or small families.

5.0 Venue condition analysis

5.1 Rationale behind Venue Condition Analysis.

Venue Condition Assessment is becoming a powerful tool in the organizational planning of major companies. It acts as a tool used to collect deficient information therefore helping the management to maintain the various backlogs that are identified. Many a times, experts are hired to assess the conditions of a venue and thereafter generate a report detailing the deficiencies that are available as well as suggesting measures that should be taken to correct the deficiencies. It comes hand in hand with the increased awareness that the infrastructure of a venue has a great effect not only to the workers performance, but also to the visitors who visit the hotel. PARKROYAL Darling harbor is laying more emphasize on so as to increase its productivity that will in turn result to more profitability. They are turning more to technology, which helps a great deal in managing the facilities portfolios (Bardi, 2007)

5.2 Objectives of Venue Condition Analysis

Availability of the VCA on a regular basis, makes it easy to use the information gathered in a defined strategic manner to help come up with other forms of strategies for both long term and short term venue needs. The main objectives of conducting this assessment can be attributed to the facts that it gives room for improved area management. In conducting this, the hotel will be at a better position to manage it area. They will easily identify where a change in needed and thus acting on it soon enough to prevent any further damage (Hassanien, 2011). For example, in case of doing renovation, constant checking will help sort out this. It also helps in improving asset accountability within an organization. Every asset present starting from the furniture, electronics, washing machines, routers etc. can easily be accounted for when this is done on a regular basis.

Work can easily be controlled when VCA is carried out often and done with great professionalism that it deserves. Due to this, it will be easy to measure the performance of the work done in addition to the services offered by the hotel. The facility will therefore brag of having an effective and efficient management strategy of everything they own that translates to improved facility reliability due improved budget accountability (Pizam, 2013)

The main benefit that can be accrued is that it can help the hotel to understand their venue design based on the prevailing conditions and the total needs of the building system that is in place (Hassanien, 2011). It includes taking into consideration the mechanical, electrical, plumbing as well as the interior designs of the hotel.

6.0 conclusion

Tracking all the issues that can be there in a venue is one of the major challenges by the managers. Giving priority and analyzing critical and issues that are trivial and then coming up with resolutions that will lead to smooth running of the venue is mainly time consuming and can bring about delays thereby increasing the cost (Allen, 2002).

Every asset present in the venue should harbor a specific time frame so as to make sure there is smooth running progress. These bureaucratic procedures can cause an extension of time taken to conduct the analysis.

7.0 Recommendation

Corrective maintenance forms another basis of what is performed at the venues. It entails many sets of tasks that are given priority to come up with, isolate and rectify any problem identified to facilitate efficient running.

Venue Condition Analysis Form


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