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MNG81001 Management Communication- Food and Beverage

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As discerning individuals, we frequently engage in an evaluative process.  For example, before we make any major purchase, be it a house, a car, or a computer, we evaluate/compare if this purchase makes the most sense based on our own perceptions of value for money.  Another example of how we engage in the evaluation/comparison process has to deal with the employment process; is one candidate better suited than the other? Why or why not?

You will engage in a thorough evaluation/comparison and write an internal document (memo) based on your findings.  Your boss, the Food and Beverage Manager for the XYZ restaurant, is quite concerned as business has dropped off since a similar restaurant opened nearby.  In order to investigate if this new restaurant is a real threat, you have been asked to dine at the establishment and write a restaurant evaluation.

The aim of the evaluation is to identify if this competitor is a threat or not to your business.  The purpose of this assignment is to teach you the skills of writing an effective evaluation/comparison; the activity of writing a restaurant critique is just one means to achieve this aim.  We could have just as easily asked you to evaluate the user-friendliness of a website, the merits of one automobile’s safety features over another, or the best lap top computer for the money; hopefully, this activity will be a bit more fun while meeting our objectives.

There are five steps that you need to complete for this assignment:

Whenever you are asked to evaluate something, the first step is to identify appropriate criteria (note: criteria is plural; criterion is singular).  Your selected  criteria will be the standard by which the specific features of the restaurant you review will be evaluated.  As such, your selected criteria needs to reflect the desired standard; for example, Friendly Service; Good Value for Money, Warm Ambiance, etc. If you look at the example below, you can see that the writer has identified categories for his evaluation; but he has not established criteria as there is no standard of judgment.  



To: Mr.

(Food and Beverage Manager, XYZ Company)


Subject: Report of Evaluation (ABC Restaurant)

On your order I had visited the restaurant, which is recently established front to our restaurant. The name of the restaurant is ABC restaurant. For the sake of background purposes the subjected restaurants is very new on the business. The restaurant is still trying as well as in the process of getting adopted with the customer and community.

For making a comprehensive evaluation, the significant factors with appropriate criteria is been considered by me in this memo (Charmaz 2014). The criteria are been marked on the basis of Highly Efficient (HE), Just Efficient (JE), Poorly Efficient (PE). These criteria are been based on the demeanor of XYZ restaurant. Moreover, these criteria will highly adjudge whether the newly established restaurant will create any threat for us.


Overall the management quality of ABC restaurant will be marked as Just Efficient (JE) according to the marking module. The management of the restaurant performs typically as the way a management should manage the restaurant. The criteria are based on the following factors:

Supervision: ABC restaurant has a Just Efficient (JE) management as the restaurant concentrates for the customer entertainment prior to the employees.

Accommodation: ABC has a Highly Efficient (HE) accommodation since it has recently established in the market and requires customer attraction.

Service Staff

Overall the staff of the restaurant is Just Efficient. The service provided by the staffs is satisfactory and the service always tends towards the requirement of the customers. The criteria is marked based on the following factors:

Product Knowledge: The staff of the restaurant is Just Efficient with the knowledge they have on the products they offers. Some of the service staff still does not have adequate knowledge on the product (Herzog 2016).

Customer Friendly: Restaurant’s staffs are Highly Efficient for making the environment customer friendly as they need to focus on the requirement of customers.

Quick Packing: This service is Poorly Efficient as the staff did not have that efficiency in time as well as they lack the coordination between them as they are new to the business.


The service factor is mainly divided in two significant sub factors of food and time. On the whole time and food are both Just Efficient.

Time: Time is dependent on Quickness and Opening Closing span.

Quickness: Quickness is Poorly Efficient as time of providing the service is poor due to less number of staffs being allocated in the shifts as they have limited resources (Hall and Richard 2015).

Opening Closing Span: This factor is Highly Efficient as the restaurant is opened for 24 hours, therefore, it can attract both the early riser customer and the late night customers (Strom 2017).


Taste: Taste of the food is rated as Just Efficient as the taste of the food does not vary much.

Price- The price of the food is Poorly Efficient as the price of the food is not at all reasonable as compared to the quality of the food they provided.

Quantity: The quantity of the food provided by the restaurant is Highly Efficient. Since the taste as well as price is not that friendly to the customers therefore, they serve more quantity of food.


The restaurant on an overall basis is Just Efficient and the criterion is based on the following factors:

Cleanliness: Cleanliness of Restaurant is Highly Efficient as the restaurant has scheduled time of cleaning by the house keepers. This makes the restaurant to maintain a perfect hygiene.

Ambiance: The ambiance of ABC restaurant is Just Efficient. The ambiance provided inside is good for the customers to spent time within it but they should be more careful on the choices of music as it plays a vital role in the business. More of Dim lights could be used to make the ambiance more attractive.

Space: The space of the Restaurant is Poorly Efficient as the space of the restaurant is small. This size is not small in terms of number of people but it is a small space for organizing any party and function within the restaurant. Organizing Party and function are also the major way of earning in this business (Marry, Langgat and Marzuki 2014).


XYZ restaurant is Highly Efficient in Time and Quality of food, which matters most for the customers. Survey also exhibited that our restaurant prices are also Highly Efficient. Therefore, the important factors are been highly efficient for us (Kallan, 2015). So, our restaurant does not have any reasons to worry with the ABC restaurant. The survey when evaluated for both XYZ and ABC restaurant I have found that XYZ is highly efficient than the newly constructed restaurant.

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