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MOD004054 Healthcare Environment : Health Services Policy and Management

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1. Describe the type of organisational structure in Silverwood 
2. Explain how the organisational structure in Silverwood could impact on its culture
3. Discuss the role and responsibilities of Jacob as the Healthcare Manager of Silverwood 



This report describes the healthcare environment in Silverwood care home. Silverwood is a friendly, purpose-built home, where the main aim of this care home is to provide residential, nursing, private dementia and nursing dementia care. This report presents the organizational structure in company. The study also explains the effects of organizational structure in company on its culture. The report explains the roles and responsibilities of Jacob as a Healthcare Manager of Silverwood and describes roles and responsibilities in order to provide the effective services to the people. The main purpose of this report is to give the highest quality of care, ensuring an agreeable and helpful environment where distinction, pride and personal satisfaction are central to the residents.

Organizational Structure in Silver wood 

According to Zheng et al. (2010), the organizational structure may be defined as a framework used to characterize a hierarchy inside a company. Organizational structure considers each activity as its capacity and where it reports to within the organization. In order to care home effectively, many staff members with various skills sets are required to meet up. Offering friendly environment, nourishment and drink, personal assistance, and activities which show the most superior daily demands that should be met to care for the residents. The organizational structure of Silverwood care home is described as follows (Fan et al., 2013):

Executive of Operations: According to McClellan et al. (2010), a typical care home will have an individual that fills in as the executive of operations. It is the duty of this person to ensure that the objectives of the care home are being met. The executive is typically the public image of the care home, is accountable for securing outside financing by investors or charity when essential, and is not ordinarily engaged in the daily care of patients. In Silverwood care home, one assistant executive is present to assist the execution of operations with daily responsibilities.

Management Staff: According to James and Savitz (2011), the management staff within a organization care home often makes up few divisions, despite the fact that they have the broadest scope of tasks. These tasks incorporate managing every single money-related issue, such as finance, assessments, taxes, and accounts receivable.

Director Support Staff: This department is liable for offering direct care of all resident's restorative and comfort wants comprises a combination of registered nurses, authorized practical nurses and affirmed nursing colleagues (Grol et al., 2013). The direct care staff of organization care home have five care assistants who ensure that the patients are clean, comfortable and taking their solutions appropriately. Since they are those individuals who assess the residents 24 hours daily, they are also the first responders when a medical situation happens. Direct care staff individuals report to the nursing supervisor accountable for their tasks.

Nursing Manager: Nursing managers are responsible for staff and residents. In this care home, two nurse supervisors are allocated to every floor of a care home. According to Swayne et al. (2012), they must ensure that medical caretakers working their floors are all coordinating as a group to give the best level care to the residents.

Impacts of organizational structure on Silverwood culture 

According to Koren (2010), organizational structure has a direct impact on company’s culture because of the placement of individuals inside that structure. The authoritative structure has been found to influence huge number of practices and exercises. The design of authoritative structure usually recognizes whether an organization is flexible to its inside and outside conditions, in this manner influencing its intensity. Organizational structure produces its effect on organization culture both through its outline and its usage. Hierarchical structure understands its effect on molding association culture through shaping the interpretive plans of the best administration, which choose the hierarchical structure display. The structure makes an edge of reference in which the organization management’s contemplations and opinion circulate in the procedure of decision-making concerning the hierarchical culture demonstrate. The structure of organization shapes the interpretative plans and even the management's interpretative plans. Culture subsequently forces on the leaders and his partners a particular view on the organization, its meaning, its innovation, and also reasonable method of its organizing. Hierarchical structure affects the culture if the organization does not use adequate hierarchical model. Silverwood hierarchical structure organizes the lead of delegates in their daily work. It chooses the delegate's techniques for coordinating tasks, the method for their joint efforts with others, and the way they make decisions (Omachonu and Einspruch, 2010).

According to Schein (2010), every organizational structure concept initiates a diverse conduct in association individuals. If the behavior of employees is induced by the selected hierarchical structure is great and institutionalized with the estimations of the current culture, it will legitimize the structure as per the organization's people as the most ideal and significant model similar to achieving both association and people interest. On the other side, if the organizational structure in company is not compatible with the current authoritative culture, it will not be legitimate in its individual's eyes. All things considered, either culture or structure must be changed, contingent upon the way of understanding the condition of intellectual discord. If the new organizational structure coordinates representatives to carry on in regular work in a way incompatible with the existing social esteems and standards which they regard, the execution of the new organizational structure will initiate a condition of alleged intellectual discord among representatives.

According to Mitchell et al. (2012), the organizational structure of Silverwood needs to modify their structures to adjust to the new condition. The structure of care home also impacts perceived environmental uncertainty. Other vital organizational factors are also affected by organizational structure, including job satisfaction and work-related mobility, employees trust and received fairness. Regardless of the reality, that sufficiency is an essential subject in the examination of organizations, despite everything it remains one of the commonly indicated yet minima appreciated thoughts in organization ideas. Failure to understanding authoritative objectives of organization care home, the environment it works, and in the business sectors, how it does it business, how it's organized what not the components of a organization will lead to wrong assumptions of execution. Once, organization has settled on a decision on how it foresees that its employees will act in the workplace, what delegate's attitude it expects, what it needs its specialists to achieve, it would then have the capacity to complete its structure and propel the improvement to culture morals and customs to fulfill these anticipated power, conduct and objectives. Organizational structure prompts extended various leveled capacities, but also the procedure that outcome in enhanced execution. Silverwood organizational structure provides the decision of five living rooms and three dining areas in which to take rest, eat and socialize. The care home also has famous salon and home shop, offering newspapers, magazines, and little comfort products. The creative garden cared for by residents is a famous place to calm or associate with family and friends. All splendid and agreeable rooms and living areas are effectively attainable by wheelchair. The home's caring team has made a family environment, motivating everybody to celebrate, design unique events, and eat together. Residents are welcome to beautify their rooms with few things of their own furniture and cherished assets so that it feels simply like home. Day-to-day life is insightfully intended to help mind, body, and soul. Organization Home Manager will ensure that all residents get the best possible care. The widely prepared group will convey all the nursing and pro care and support benefits that the cherished one requires. Customized care strategies consider medicinal, individual and dietary needs as well as the person’s preferences, religious inclinations, and any recommendations from relatives that may make their stay that little bit more agreeable (Shim, 2010).

On the other hand, good performing employees working in a structure that is inadequately illustrated tend to change in accordance with the poor structure. This phenomenon is a direct result of workers not having complete control of the organization's techniques, methodology, approaches and all the organization's supporting systems. These feelings are frequently enhanced by an execution organization system that discretionarily energizes people for carrying on like the system, structure, or methods they have been forced within the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities of Healthcare Manager 

According to McCallin and Frankson (2010), healthcare manager has several roles and duties in order to overlook the different kinds of work within the organization. The following roles and responsibilities of Jacob as a Healthcare manager of Silverwood are described as follows:

Fundamental role: According to Yoder-Wise (2014), the primary responsibility of Healthcare manager is to encourage an environment that can give important and quality health care at the most extreme benefit. He decides financial plans, order and perceives supplies, manages payroll and advantages, and allocates general communications. Manager must aware with the relevant healthcare regulations, advancement, and principles, and represent their organization's at outside gatherings, for example, group discussions and investor groups. In order to identify healthcare requirements and to overlook the impacts of medical decisions on the procedures and the facilities of Silverwood care home, manager lead customary meetings with doctors, vendors and residents.

Size of Facility: In organization, manager might be the only non-medical worker. In such cases, he must have the responsibility for meeting, recruiting and sometimes terminating these staff members. Manager decides pay scale, allocate tasks and duties and prepare staff, ensuring that they perform well with existing staff members (Taliani et al., 2013). He may encourage representatives to supervisory or division head positions. Manager requires good leadership abilities to encourage their employees as well as good interpersonal skills.

Managing workers: According to Chartier (2014), in any large home care for residents, worker management frames a huge part of their duties. They recruit, train and terminate subordinate management employees, including lawful secretaries, receptionist, and clerks. In Silverwood care home, manager must handle the management resources for all facility staff, including finance, advantage, leaves, and retirement.

Strategic planning: Jacob as a Healthcare manager in Silverwood is basically the representative of a medical practice. The manager is accountable for settling business decisions and driving strategic planning to make an opinion and guideline for the training or facility going ahead. Jacob generally works with organization home care staff to ensure the company objectives line up with that of the financial plan, group needs, and professional objectives.

Alliance with leaders: According to Wager et al. (2017), the Healthcare manager commonly works together with the medical staff leaders to organize continuously and day to day responsibilities. Manager organizes departmental financial plans with every department head, examines medical equipment for the residents and supply needs with physicians, and designates and follows up on any assignment identified with the general operation of the practice. Jacob has a responsibility to maintaining good compatibility with doctors and nurses is a key obligation of healthcare manager to keep assurance high of organization care home.

Organization representative: According to Andersen et al. (2011), when media looks for information from a home care facility, the manager typically fills in as the organization representative. Silverwood cares home full-time representatives or public relations representative. In this capacity, Jacob holds question and answer sessions or representative delivery of media to declare important news or occasions. He also may handle inquiries from local or national news journalist because of a request for facility data or specialist point of view for includes articles.

Operate duties: Healthcare manager organizes the numerous operational obligations required to give an understanding consideration while following acknowledged best practices. They also use information resources to examine the present practices and discover approaches to enhance facility operations, while observing and refining systems to create ideal outcomes for patients in organization. He overlooks the management activities, make and handle facility moral programs and distribute resources. He also has the responsibility to use the information resources to assess and supervise institutional monetary controls. Jacob considers several department leaders responsible for characterized outcomes concerning these roles and responsibilities. Jacob should also distinguish problems that keep their organization from accomplishing assigned objectives using information analysis to find dangers as well as opportunities. Healthcare manager can mix up several disparate data sources to create productive home care services and decide how to assign obligations for residents.

Provide career opportunities: Healthcare manager in Silverwood care home have diverse roles and responsibilities, as he fills in as nursing home managers and normally deals with all human resources, residents care and provide maintenance obligations. According to McHugh et al. (2011), as a healthcare manager in company, he must overlook a particular medical unit having a place with an extensive establishment. Jacob must oversee healthcare data management while working intimately with data innovation experts to keep framework updated and legitimately consistent. A manager can assist team leader work specifically under the head home care manager and handle daily duties, while the management-led manages executive level decisions and planning. This profession track provides opportunities in almost any home care setting possible. Medical facilities use healthcare manager to deal with the numerous basic duties that make resident conceivable. The manager basically overlooks an organization’s data and operational management activities and fills in as a channel that brings the top managerial staff and best executives goals to realization, while giving an ideal resident care to their separate groups (Easterby-Smith and Lyles, 2011).

Managing personnel and monitoring quality: According to López-Nicolás and Meroño-Cerdán (2011), the main role of Healthcare manager is managing personnel and monitoring the quality to provide the effective facility to its residents. Jacob should overlook the work of several kinds of personnel within the department such as technicians, and licensed professionals like nurses. Regular management of staff engages everything from recruiting and payroll to performance examination and argument management. On the other side, he is responsible for monitoring quality in their work area and faithful to regulations. Organization must comply with the legal rules as well as those needed by accrediting bodies.


From this report, it has been concluded that understanding organizational structure is imperative for any developing company in order to give the direction and provide transparency on particular management problems. This report describes the healthcare environment of organization. Silverwood care home is a purpose-built home which provides residential, nursing, and residential dementia. This report describes the organizational structure of the organization. This report also explains the impacts of organizational structure in company on its culture. The report also explains the various roles and responsibilities of Jacob as a Healthcare manager in organization will ensure that all residents get the best possible care and will provide effective services and facilities to its residents.


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