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N201 Business Management and Leadership : Improving Information Manage

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Discussion question: In recent years, it has been suggested that we are suffering from “a crisis of trust” (Darcy, 2010, 200) with regards to the unethical values and actions of modern day leaders. This week I would like you to consider, “what is wrong with our leaders and what can be done about it?” In exploring these questions, consider why unethical practice occurs, whether you think our leaders are inherently bad people, or if there are other factors at play? As well as drawing on the literature on ethical leadership, and examples from the media to illustrate your points, it might also be useful to reflect on personal examples of your own behaviour and the behaviour of others


Participation 1

Leadership is a central part in business that inaugurates the beginning of the success. It involves the process of setting and achieving goal by taking decisive action, outperforming the competition and inspiring people to perform well in their duties. The success of any business industry is reflected by the leadership approach that is considerably implemented by the management (Caldwell & Ndalamba, 2017).

Ethics is the primary element of leadership in an organization, ethical leaders tend to perform better than those that act within significant unethical issues. Corruption, greed for power and embezzlement of organization resource is known to be the key issues affecting leaders in current business environment, these aspects compel involve persons to reach unto making the decision that is not comprehensive to the target challenge (Miller, 2017). The management is advocated to keep-off from linking themselves with unethical issues but rather ensure that they promote ethical behavior to the organization.

According to the current business environment, the concept of “leadership” has changed because of the existence of the gap between performing and under-performing leaders. It is to my opinion that every leader should identify areas in an organization that needs immediate implementation, the success of every leader in business is to incorporate all aspect and responds promptly to issues affecting the business organization (Bowie, 2017). In conclusion, it my opinion that leaders should get engaged and attached to all concepts will enhance ethical conduct, and they will ensure that they will achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

Participation 2


I agree with the opinion of the first student, business organization is suffering from lack of trust from all stakeholder especially from shareholders and customers.  Leaders in the business organization tend to engage themselves with unethical issues that are irrelevant to the organizational goals and objectives (Ferrell, 2015).

Lack of trust and unethical issues in leadership is encouraged by the present business environment in which leaders work. Poverty is one of the primary factors that has encouraged leaders to involve themselves in corruption, embezzlement of resources is also another factor in the current business environment (Wu, et al., 2015). Leaders in business tend to force their inferior employees to perform well and yet they cannot make for themselves, this has sabotage the operation of the business organization. Leaders ethical concern is based on the working environment, workplace being the primary position which contributes in comprehending the definition of ethical leadership in business (Lawton & Páez, 2015).

In order to gain trust leaders are advocated to lead by example and the subordinate will follow them, in order to be a leader it is important for a person to lead by example. Leaders have to set goals for themselves that are achievable, it is their responsibility to take part in all process of setting up strategic goals and objectives and they have to take part in accomplishing those mission and visions (Rezaee, 2017).

Participation 3


I agree with that many leaders in business are infective or unethical, many of them are ineffective because they lack appropriate skills and knowledge of managing a business. Some of them are also acting unethical because they are compelled by aspect such as greed for power, where some of them are fearing to lose their leadership and look-down by employees (Ferrell, 2015). Leadership behavior of a person in any business reflect the mode of success that is gained by the organization. Aleader with “bad” behaviors are affects the process of attaining the strategic goals and objectives of a business organization.

Unethical action that are observed in business organization are just the emulation from the top leadership, employee tend to directly or indirectly copy what their leaders are performing. Leader that act ethically will allow employee to act the same, while those acting in “bad” behavior will absolutely affect employees’ behavior (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2014). The ineffectiveness of leaders and performance in an organization is reflected with the skill and experience processed by an individual, the top management may decide to unethically decide to allow someone without experience to management the business activities, because of lack of skills and experience business activities may not meet the required standard, and thus affecting the achievement of strategic goals and objective (Girma, 2016).

The moral foundation of ethical leaders in business is primary having good and desirable behavior. Employees in business organization follow the behavior of their leaders, organizational effectiveness and efficiency circulate on top leadership. Ethical decision made by the organizational leadership reflects the theoretical concepts of behavior, leaders are encouraged to induct leadership behavior that is considerably relevant to organization management (Gatewood, 2015).


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