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Netlabs A+ Lab 3 and 5 Questions

Assignment for Netlabs A+ Lab #03 Questions:

1) What 4 setting on the IP4 page are needed for a network device to connect to the internet on your SOHO.

  • IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Default gateway
  • DNS server address

2) What does SOHO stand for:

SOHO: Small office home office

3) What CLI command lists information about the network adaptor:

  • Command: ipconfig

4) What command do you use to renew your ip address from the CLI. i. ipconfig /renew

5) What are the commands Ping, Netstat and Net used for and what do they do:

Ping – to check connectivity to another host in the network

Netstat – to troubleshoot and configure network statistics

Net – it is used to manage network settings, shares, print jobs, user, etc.

Assignment for Netlabs A+ Lab #05 Questions: 

1) What are the 2 options you can join your computer to when adding it to the network?

  • Workgroup
  • Domain

2) What advantage does joining as a workgroup have over Domain?

password: when a user joins a workgroup over a domain, he can make changes to the local group policies which he cannot do in a domain environment.

3) What is the advantage of a network and file sharing?

The core advantage of using a network and file sharing feature is, one can easily access or share data between the remote system and also share or access other remote peripherals like printers, scanners, etc.

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