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NPU1101 Nursing Practice : About Healthcare Services

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Reflect on the social demographics of the local community  what kind of people are using the venue and how does this venue promotes health and wellbeing or assist people to maintain health.

Reflect on how this service provides for the community is the service equitable, does it cater for everyone, are there any people excluded from this service and why?

Does this venue focus on health prevention, health promotion or rescuing people who are in a crisis? Reflect on what you think about the way this venue provides for/interacts with/supports people.

Reflect on how does this service assist those with mental health issues, minorities, Aboriginal people, migrants and immigrants. If this service does not provide support for any people in the aforementioned groups then why not and what do you think about that?

Reflect on how this placement has prepared you for working as a nurse. For example:  did it help you with communication? Did it help you understand social demographics? What did you learn about yourself and the community whilst on placement?


Reflective practice is the process that entails making sense of situations, actions and events in the workplace (Bolton 2010; Jacobs 2016). In the clinical scenario, reflective practice makes it possible for the nursing professionals to manage the impact of taking care of the people on the daily basis (Schutz & Bulman 2013). In the course of reflective practice, nurses are able to search through their experiences in the clinical practice to learn about their strengths and weaknesses which in turn are imperative in helping them improve their service delivery and performance in the future engagement (Garrity 2013). This essay reflects on my three week placement at Pembroke School with focus on outlining what I learned.

I took a three week placement at Pembroke School.  Essentially, Pembroke is a boarding and day school that offers educational services to learners from Early Learning Centre to Year 12(Pembroke School 2015). The school provides to its learners an environment that is not only considerate but also caring and balanced. Also, to take care of the health care needs of the learners, the school harbors fully-equipped nursing offices. The nursing offices perform many responsibilities that include identifying healthcare needs for the students, and devising plans to meet the needs identified as well as evaluating the effectives of the services they offer as far as healthcare is concerned.  Ultimately, their goal is to promote optimal wellness for the entire school’s population (families, staff and students) for an enhanced educational process.

Without one iota of a doubt, Pembroke School provides equitable and inclusive healthcare service to the entire community. No one is excluded from the service regardless of the age and social status, as it believes in the non-denominational philosophy. The school’s nursing offices provides healthcare service to the staff, the students, the families, the minorities, the Aboriginals, the immigrants as well as personal with mental problems.

Pembroke School has a special focus on health prevention, health promotion as well as rescuing people in crisis. Considering health prevention and promotion, Pembroke School has developed an integrated system that evaluates and updates health facilities aimed at maintaining the wellbeing of the entire school community. As for persons in crisis, Pembroke is very hands on as it provides exceptional health care services to immigrants, the marginalized and those with mental problems.

The minorities, aboriginals, persons with mental problems and the migrants within the Pembroke School’s local community and internationally receive specialized healthcare services, thanks to Pembroke School’s nursing offices. In my first week of placement at Pembroke, I had a chance to handle a student with mental issues. Essentially, I was tasked with ensuring that the student calmed down and regained her stable feelings. In such scenario, an expert nurse communicates with the affected student to understand his/her needs before designing a customized care plan that is communicated to the teachers and then coordinates follow ups.

Summing up, I would say that the three weeks of my placement at Pembroke provided me solid experiences in nursing profession. I learned to work with different cultures and overcome language barriers in workplace. Also, the placement enhanced my ability to work with persons of different needs including the aboriginals, those with mental issues and the immigrants. I believe that this experience is vital to enhancing my future nursing performance.


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