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NRS212 Nursing Report- Skills for Communication

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What are some of the best things about growing older for you What are some of the hardest things you have found in relation to growing older What is important for you now and into the future Do you foresee any need for support in achieving these goals Is there anything else you would like to tell me about your health and wellbeing.


The person- centered care is the thinking type that helps to plan, and develop a care plan for the individuals. This approach helps to monitor the patients carefully so that the patients can meet the needs of them. Jennings et al. (2016) mentioned that the patient centered care helps to develop the communication with the patient thus it helps to develop the quality of the care. The person centered can be provided by showing appropriate empathy and respect. This helps to build a strong and trustable relationship with the patient. The involvement of the family helps to motivate the patients so that they can overcome the problems of dementia. The assignment focuses on the approaches of the person- centered care that can help the dementia patients. The patients can lead a better life with quality care. The focus of the discussion is on the reflection of the conversation with Mr. John who is suffering from dementia.

At first, in the interview session, I had to introduce myself to John so that he can communicate with me freely. At the time of communication with Mr. John, who lives in the community health care settings, as a counselor I have learnt many things such as he may need of more loves and caring as well as medical treatment. Mr. John is suffering from the mental health illness. Hence, it is necessary to make an emotional contact with him so that I can communicate with appropriately. As he has short- term memory loss problem, he is unable to focus on the daily activities. In such case, a strong and effective communication needs to be set up. I included his family members in the treatment process to build a strong communication with him. He felt difficulty to express his self and sometimes he used repetitive words to express himself. He cannot perform his daily activity appropriately by own self.

Therefore, I requested one of the family members to stay with him when I could not give time to him. The family members of Mr. John have cooperated with me in the treatment of him. I noticed that John feels happy when someone is around of him and help him in his work. He faces problems in sleeping and cannot remember about various things like time of eating, medication and others. I noticed the symptoms of dementia in him for example, mood swing, restlessness, and anxiety. He does not have any physical issues rather he has the psychological problems. I noticed that he had problems in eating, taking personal care, drinking and other daily activities that he stated in the interview.   I think in such case, only the person- centered care can help him to get over his problems. Therefore, I took the approach to improve his lifestyle by the treatment with caring and love.

In the treatment of Mr. John, I used the self- empowerment tool that helped me to find out the likes and dislikes of the patient. Hilgeman et al. (2014) stated that self-empowerment tool can help a patient to reduce the problems of the dementia and harmful effects of it. By using this tool, I found the likes and dislikes of Steve as it helps to know the strength and weakness of the patient. On the other hand, Arnold and Boggs (2015) argued that the self- empowerment tool helps in traditional treatment but does not help to provide the patient love and caring.

Reuben et al. (2013) mentioned that it is necessary to know the likes and dislikes of the patients as well as the problems. The caregivers need to focus on the communication skills that can develop the patient’s condition. Moreover, the care providers need to show respect, dignity and know the importance of the individualism, motivating factors and learning of the life story to yield better outcomes (Brooker and Latham 2015). It is the duty of the caregivers to focus on the patient needs and be sensitive. These approaches can help the caregivers to provide the religion, cultural, spiritual identity, and beliefs. This can help to provide the person- centered care to the patient.

In view of Krüger et al.  (2016), the health care setting needs to have a healthy environment that helps in the treatment of the patients as it has a strong impact on the patient. It is the duty of a caregiver to focus on the relationship with patient to provide quality care to get the high quality outcomes. The care providers need to observe the patients to note down the improvement of the patient. . Different health care settings have different care system, which influences the patients. Some of the hospitals try to reduce the problems of the health care settings by focusing on their issues. On the other hand, some of the hospitals use some techniques to tackle the anxiety and problems of the patients (Hunter, Hadjistavropoulos and Kaasalainen 2016). The complications of the care centers can be barrier for the care providers as they can face problems to provide proper care to the dementia patients. This dilemma can affect the patient nurse relationship (Silverman, Kurtz and Draper 2016).

Therefore, the nurses need training on the patient centered care). In such condition, the government needs to implement some strong national policies so that the discrimination can be removed in case of providing care to the patients. The nurses need to understand the importance of the family engagement to build a strong communication skill. However, the family members of Steve communicated with me to improve the care quality. In such case, I tried to provide the patient education to improve the knowledge of the patient.  On the other hand, Schwartz et al. (2014) suggested about the music therapy, exercise, basic communication skills, and strong relationship with the patient.

The patients need to be empowered by strong communication skills. The health care provider needs to more time with the patient to understand the problems and needs of the patient (Entwistle and Watt 2013). The health care nurses need to interact with the patient and engage the family members in this state so that the patient does not feel lonely. The discussion showed that the person centered care can play the significant role to provide the quality care to the patients who are suffering form the dementia. This can help the professionals of the health care system to follow the principles of the person- centered care. The nurses need to attend the training session so that they can improve their skills to provide the best care.

From the above discussion, it is clear that the person- centered care approach help to reduce the communication barrier and provide the quality care. It helps to educate the patient and provide the ability to make a strong relationship with the patient. Moreover, the care providers need to have the knowledge of proper care giving. The nurses who have no knowledge of remove barriers they can attend training. This can provide the best quality of life to the patients and help them to get well soon.


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