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NURS4021 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare-Pulmonary M

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Scenario All . You are doing a clinical rotation at a neighborhood family clinic within a diverse cultural community. You have been asked to lead a class for the LPN’s related to pharmacotherapy. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation reflecting the following:
Select any cardiovascular or pulmonary medication of choice then select one of the following patient populations: Pediatric, Pregnant Women, or the Elderly.Describe the classification of the medication, normal pharmacotherapeutic effect, mechanism of action, and adverse drug interactions.Explain the benefits, contraindications or both for the selected population.

Briefly define one disorder, which your chosen medication is commonly used for, as an example in this given population.Identify the importance of fluids and electrolytes, note any vitamins or herbal supplements that are often used as home remedies for this disease.Point out any negative effects or contraindications that the alternative therapies may have in conjunction with the chosen medication.Provide three (3) peer reviewed references as supportive evidence (journal references preferred, only one of the three may include the text reference from this course).


Pulmonary medication In this essay, we shall be discussing the Fluticasone, also known by the name, Flovent, used in the treatment of the inflammation of the human airways. The targeted population for the medication is the pediatric population. The purpose of this drug is mainly targeted to the reduction of the inflammation that makes breathing a hard process. The inflammation tends to block the airflow into the lungs by swelling the airways and irritating as well.
Classification The Flovent drug is classified as a corticosteroid as this class of medicine reduces the inflammation of the airways. As a result, the air finds its easy way into the lungs (Tricia, 2016).  Side effects of the Flovent drugThe use of this inhaling medicine causes a number of side effects including sore throats and a slight headache. Other effects include allergic reaction to several things and change in the voice of the patient. 
    The Flovent medicine works in a simple manner by blocking several natural substances that are known to cause the allergy symptoms. It is sprayed on the nose of the affected patient either once or twice, at maximum, in a day. The patient may begin to feel the working effects of the drug from 12-hours after use but, in some other instances, it may take him/her a couple of days. The drug is majorly advised to be used regularly so as to attain the optimum results (MedlinePlus, 2017). 
    The fluticasone medicine simply blocks the known natural substances that are the key promoters of respiratory inflammation. The benefit of using this medicine to the patient is that the difficulty that he/she faced in breathing earlier is now eliminated completely. He or she starts to breathe again in the normal way. 
    The pediatric people, majorly children under the age of 21 years, face a lot of breathing problems here in the United States. These problems may include the likes of pneumonia, asthma, and Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It is because of the COPD conditions that the Flovent medicine finds its way into utilization (Wedzicha, et al., 2016). 
    The common home remedy used by different people in the treatment of these COPD conditions is the consumption of foods with antioxidants properties and other herbal meals as well. Such foods may include kidney beans, carrots, and fish. These foods simply improve oxidation levels in diverse tissues such as those in the lungs. Other foods include ginger, peppermint, ginseng, and eucalyptus. The vitamins that these foods supply include vitamins D, C, E, and A. They are essential in the recovery from the ailment.The home remedies have no impacts on the patient but tend to work slower than the anticipated Flovent medicine. 


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