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NURSING 302 Professional Nursing Practice

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The outcome of when you talked with stakeholders ie members of the target audience, preceptors and/or experts, the discussion needed to focus on gaining feedback about:

  • What resources / information did they saywas currently available?
  • Do theythink people have enough information about the health issue - do they think there is a knowledge gap?
  • What do they thinkis the critical information that the audience needs to know?
  • What type of health education resource did they saywould be useful and why?
  • Is there anything in particular about the target audience that they thinkis important to consider? (This could be culture, language or more suitable types of health education resource).


The current study deals with the health resources of the unplanned pregnancies of women. At present, there are many methods available which can prevent the pregnancies that are not planned such as using pills, tablets, etc. But here is one of the effective contraceptive methods which have been developed for preventing the pregnancies for women that are not planned in their life (Wang, et al., 2017). The unique feature of this method is that it is even developed in the form of a mobile application. Through this app one can get all the information and knowledge regarding this contraceptive method just by having this app on their mobile phones (Allen, 2015).

The contraceptive injection that has been manufactured is Depo-Provera. In general, it is referred to as the DP or the injection. This is the injection, which contains the progestogen.  The DP jab is another name for the Depo-Provera injection. Especially for teenagers, this mobile application is found to be the most convenient method in present days to know about this injection (Weiler, 2017). This can stop them from getting embarrassed in visiting doctors for the pregnancies that are not planned (Chasens, Drumheller & Strollo Jr, 2013).

In this injection, progestogen is included which has been designed in such a way that its function is made similar to one of the hormones that are naturally produced by the ovaries of women. This injection can be taken in every 12 weeks (Thompson, 2017). In this assignment the solution is presented for the unplanned pregnancies along with how it works, the side effects it has, and other important queries are resolved, along with benefits. In order to prevent the pregnancy only medroxyprogesterone hormone in contained which do not contain oestrogen. Other than any other contraceptive methods this method is referred to as the one that lasts for a longer duration of time (Golsäter, Enskär & Knutsson, 2017). It means that if it is taken once in the form of injection, then the individual does not have to worry or remember about taking pills or any precaution every time they have sex. One can be assured until the time of the next due date of taking injection approaches (Harder, Ross & Paul, 2013).

A woman, in general, produces an egg monthly so by stopping that there would be no risk of unwanted pregnancy (Jiang, et al., 2017). This is the point where the action of injection takes place by changing the lining of the womb so that there are likely very fewer chances of accepting the egg that is fertilized (Rosén, et al., 2017). The effect of this injection is reversible; it means that once an individual stops taking this the natural fertility nature return backs to the normal. It is actually recommended to take for about 6 months yet it can be extended up to one year (Lau, 2017).

Depo-Provera is considered to be one of the most trustworthy forms of contraceptive method for stopping unplanned pregnancies (Rosén, et al., 2017). Although every method has some failure chances none of the proposed methods are 100 percent efficient (Sethares & Morris, 2016). Out of all, it is said that this injection is 97 percent effective while there is only 3 percent chance that is in every 100 women, 3 of them who uses this Depo-Povera will be conceived every year. In every 12 weeks if the injection is taken on time, then Depo-Povera is 99 percent effective in stopping the women getting pregnant (Sethares & Morris, 2016).

With the help of a doctor or nurse, this Depo-Povera injection can be taken. During the first 5 days after the start of the normal menstrual period, the first injection will usually be given. It is the appropriate manner to take the injection (Oostra, Astle & Meyerhoff, 2016). If it is taken in this way, then straightway the women can be protected from becoming pregnant. The individual will get suggested from the doctor regarding the best time of taking this injection after being delivered recently with a baby (Roberts, Nolet & Bowers, 2013).

The mode of injecting Depo-Povera is directly into the muscle of the buttock usually in the form of a single injection. Occasionally it can be given in the upper arm. The risk of getting pregnant can be increased if the duration of the next due date of taking Depo-Povera injection exceeds more than 5 days (Roberts, Nolet & Bowers, 2017). In that case, the doctor will make sure before injecting the next dose that the individual is not pregnant. Apart from taking this injection at this point of time, it is suggested to take an additional form of precaution like a condom for at least 14 days till the time the next injection takes its action to prevent pregnancy (Thompson, 2017).

What resources/information did they say was currently available?

The information that is available currently is based on the health resource. The health resource information was mainly for the unplanned pregnancies of women. According to the recent scenario, the cases of unplanned pregnancies are more. People are getting the exact solution to avoid it. They are adopting the alternative solutions for controlling such cases but they are landing into serious health issues (Allen, 2015). The alternatives are just to remove the tension for a particular period of time as well as bring unpredictable health issues in the upcoming future. So, finally, the solution has come up. The unique feature of the Depo-Provera avoids the unplanned pregnancies without any side effects in the near future (Weiler, 2017).

The contraceptive injection is highly effective for avoiding the unplanned pregnancies for a particular period of time (Wang, et al., 2017). The injection can be taken by the women as long as they didn't want to conceive. The injection was also referred to the DP injection that contains the progestogen. The unique features are also available in the mobile apps just to bring more awareness among the people regarding the upcoming problems of the unplanned pregnancies (Chasens, Drumheller & Strollo Jr, 2013). The information that was currently available to the customers helps them stop the pregnancy for a particular period of time so that they can properly plan for the future without taking much tension.

Do they think people have enough information about the health issue - do they think there is a knowledge gap?

According to my point of view, there are still a bunch of people those who are not aware of the situation like the pregnancy (Golsäter, Enskär & Knutsson, 2017). There is a knowledge gap among the people due to which the problems like the unplanned pregnancy occur. They acquire fewer segments of information than the people of higher socioeconomic status, as they are less acquainted with the social media and completely unaware of the future consequences.

What do they think is the critical information that the audience needs to know?

Obliviously, the audiences should know about the critical information. The critical information will create the awareness among the people which will help them to avoid the issues like the unplanned pregnancies. The critical information always contains those data which has some important thing to discuss on (Harder, Ross & Paul, 2013). Those topics will bring the necessary changes in eth surroundings that will automatically help the people some away the other to avoid the unknown tension of the pregnancies. Some of the audiences are still unaware of the facts that why such things happen and due to what reasons. They also become worried when they about the future consequences as they are new to such situations.

What type of health education resource did they say would be useful and why?

According to the recent scenario, the best health resource information or education will be about the unplanned pregnancies that are rising in the society. Due to this reason, the death rates of the small babies are also increasing as their parents are not aware of the situation and its consequences (Jiang, et al., 2017). They need to learn about the recent developments that help them to prevent the pregnancies when it is not planned properly. The education on this topic will bring the awareness so that each people can understand it in a better way (Lau, 2017).

Is there anything in particular about the target audience that they think is important to consider? (This could be culture, language or more suitable types of health education resource).

According to the norms of the society, people are more prone to the issues that are related to the pregnancies. So, it is important to learn about the health education resource for the target audience. This is quite essential for them in order to avoid the problems related to the health. The unknown and false combination of medicines that are given during such cases, will lead the patient to some other problem in the near future (Oostra, Astle & Meyerhoff, 2016).

Stage 4

Objective of the health education resource

The main aim of the health education resource on the unplanned pregnancy topic is to bring the unknown facts in front of the target audience so that they can avoid the things in the present situation as well as to avoid further problems in the near future. The education syllabus will enhance their knowledge regarding this issue so that they will avoid the problems as soon as they encounter it (Roberts, Nolet & Bowers, 2017).

Effectiveness of health education resource for short, medium and long-term

The education courses on the unplanned pregnancies will bring those facts that are divided into three phases (Roberts, Nolet & Bowers, 2013). The short phase will reveal the immediate steps that are necessary to take, the medium resource will provide the necessary information that is required for a particular period of time after which they can have their child and the last phase deals with the issues if someone didn't want to conceive the baby for the rest of the life. The steps along with the consequences will be given in the education course.

Stage 5

Draft and test

The following are the eight stages that are involved in producing the health education resource. It is drafted as follows: it has been selected for testing because it provides all the necessary information required as it is found to be the best practice in adapting the activities that better suits for the organization.

  • Need: The need for the resource has to be researched, the similarly existing resource has to be identified and the women who have experienced unwanted pregnancy has been defined using video format
  • Audience: they have interacted with those women regarding the needs and wants of the injection
  • Health literacy: the health literacy demands of the audience has been identified
  • Resource scope:The purpose, form , and success factors has been finalized regarding the resource that has to be developed
  • Draft and test: the audience and experts such as doctors who are involved in drafting have been asked for the feedback of the injection
  • The results has been published and distributed
  • Then the injection is evaluated based on the reviews for its effectiveness
  • Based on the feedback we have got some recommendations regarding the dosage forms of injection and side effects

Coloured calendar from ministry of health


  • The first dose of the injection needs to be updated so that it can send the reminders every day that next course is nearing
  • The app has to be made in such a way that it shows up the visuals of the package that are marked with the date it has to be taken
  • Within the app, based on number of injections to be taken it reminds you the specific number of birth control days


The development of the health education resource is always considered as an essential part which creates the awareness among the people so that a change can bring to the society. The basic norms of the society can be changed by educating the people. Some are not aware of the unplanned pregnancies, so it is important for them to learn the things which will help them in the near future. The details that are available are genuine without any false data.


To understand the basic things during the time of pregnancy, the education about the various resources are necessary to know. It is wrong that everyone is aware of the consequences in the near future as many of the people are not educated with these biological terms and logic. The health education resource will give the necessary information that will guide the women to wisely take the decisions as well as many alternatives are also provided which will not harm the women in any case. The mind-set of the people will be changed and according to their need and choice, they can go for the process as and when they need it.


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