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PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy- Existence of God

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First, Analyze and evaluate Descartes two proofs of God's existence. How are they different? Is one more convincing than the other? And secondly: How does Descartes explain how we humans make mistakes (errors)? Do not just state that a perfect creator made imperfect humans, this is not his answer. Descartes has several ideas on why we make mistakes and how we go wrong. Are Descartes' arguments convincing to you? Why or why not?


Descartes View on the Existence of God 

Descartes as a thinker has found out that God exists because the main cause of any idea is a supernatural power and that must be God. He cannot observe God in a direct manner and someone is the reason of his existence. There God exists, according to him according to the cosmological theory (Lennon and Thomas M). He also searched for other evidences that proves God’s existence. During his research he found out that other true evidences of logics and mathematics. He also has a positive approach about the development of the system that have certain pieces of knowledge. He then realized the main attraction and objective of his plan. He keeps on answering perspectives that are distinct and clear but as fall out for the awareness of the situation the doubt about the process can again hit him (Lennon and Thomas M). Once again, Descartes gets in confusion that the evil demons exists, that have made him believe in the certainty of the truth. Nevertheless, in a sudden acquiesces he realized that the matters are not as easy as he had imagined (Patterson and Sarah). The existences of God are analyzed through the solutions that are provided by Descartes. He thought that proving God can cause a clear and distinct perceptions of human and further placing God as the perfect figure against the deceivers, Descartes have secured the long lasting certainties for the clear and the distinct pictures of perceptions.

 The two major arguments given by Descartes prove the existence of God. The argument that is first put forward by him was based completely on the forms of ontological perspectives for the existence of God (Patterson and Sarah).According to this argument, God is the idea of a perfect being and He is the epitome of truth and loyalty (Anderson).Hence, the existence of God is important. The second argument included that he included for his conclusion that are a complex form of belief. The argument is based on the distinctions that are made between the two forms of reality. According to the formal form of reality, anything that has the virtue for its existence.

 There are three grade structures of the formal forms of reality and they are, infinite, finite and the mode. According to the infinite forms of formal reality. God is considered to be an object that is existing in nature (Leigh). But the main aim is to form a discrete form of reality that is unique in nature. It is known to be in the relation of the objects they represents in the objective forms of reality. Descartes essentially begins his argument that makes a controversial claim of the society as God being an infinite, which is the process of disturbing the idea of the infinite forms of the objective reality (Leigh). Next Descartes also appealed to logical principles that are innate in nature, something that cannot come from nothing. Firstly, there must be the cause and effect in the structure of the reality and secondly, there should be reality in the formal forms of contrasting ideas that are objective forms of the reality. Therefore, Descartes summarizes that there are chances of formal concepts of the reality that has caused the idea. Thus, it proves that God does exist.

The majority of the humankind believes in the perception of their senses. The persons accept that the part of the matter that is not questionable that their sense usually conveys to them. As a result, they fail to understand in a frequent manner, the perceptions by their senses as their best part of the mind is often engaged in correcting the mistaken reports of the senses (Leigh). The human sense often deludes the individuals by bringing the knowledge that have changed very often. It is the universal sense that the common, machines generally weighs the reality of the observer. The common sense often creates the false pictures. The present stages of realizations have a vast knowledge of the universe which includes the residue of the impressions that are clouded by the senses that are imperfect (Leigh). The reality of the situation is too different from the state of consciousness. From the point of view that is absolute, the answer is to explain the extransory perceptions that are dependent on the ordinary senses that have their own forms of limitations and therefore, they are imperfect as all the objective forms of knowledge can be handed only through the minds that are imperfect. Therefore, the highest truth can be perceived only when the individual transcends the three dimensions of the plane that are developed by the perceptions of the mind that can go beyond the perceived time and space.


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