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Programming 90 GLH

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BTEC Assignment Brief


Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Information Technology

Unit or Component number and title

Unit 4: Programming (90 GLH)

Learning aim(s) (For NQF/RQF only)

B: Design a software solution to meet client requirements

C: Develop a software solution to meet client requirements

Assignment title

Design & Develop a solution to meet client requirements

Vocational Scenario or Context

Working with WQE Enterprise you have now been tasked to follow up on the work done in programming concepts and to develop a solution to a client problem.  You have been allocated one of a number of problems requiring programming solutions.

Task 1

Produce a design for your allocated computer program- including clear and effective diagrams, illustrations and algorithm designs. You will produce a design report in which you will:

·         Outline a chosen software development life cycle stages, considering what areas of design and development should happen in which stages. You will produce an assessment of the chosen systems requirements and a design specification before any code is developed

·         Document the design of the system you will create, including descriptions of the tasks your program needs to fulfil, any algorithms your program will use, data structures and data storage needed by the system

·         You should ensure that all of your diagrams and illustrations are relevant and accurately describe the programs you intend to create

·         Analyse the design options for the system, considering the features of the software you will create

·         You should consider the advantages and drawbacks of using certain programming paradigms, identify any pre-defined code and assets available for use and how it could be integrated into the new system

·         Review your designs with others to obtain feedback and identify areas for improvement to evaluate and justify your final design

·         Using appropriate methods, compile a test plan with test data for the system to be tested against once development is complete.

Checklist of evidence required

An initiation document that includes an overview of the client, the requirements of the program and what are the success criteria to be used in measuring the outcomes of the project.

An outline of the selected development methodology, including what tasks are allocated to which phase/stage

An analysis of the paradigms, design options and any pre-existing software that could be repurposed.

A test plan template and planned tests, expected results and test data

Evidence of a review of the work to date

Criteria covered by this task:

Unit/Criteria reference

To achieve the criteria, you must show that you are able to:


Produce a design for a computer program to meet client requirements


Review the design with others to identify and inform improvements to the proposed solution


Justify design decisions, showing how the design will result in an effective solution


Evaluate the final design and optimised software application against client requirements

Task 2

Following the design, you will develop the chosen computer program - scenario. You will implement the program to provide the functionality required by your client. You will produce a development report in which you will:

  • Demonstrate your use of a development environment and the chosen programming language, including the use of any pre-defined code and library routines within your program identifying how they improve program efficiency
  • Run your test plans from the design stage, ensuring that the program is thoroughly tested and that any errors found are documented with reasons why the error occurred and suggestions for repair
  • Repair errors found during the testing process with clear documentation for how repairs were made and results of retesting
  • Document errors that cannot be repaired, giving reasons why this is the case and suggest repairs for future reference
  • Review your program following feedback from users to identify areas for improvement and optimisation and prioritise which improvements to make with regard the time frame available to you.
  • Evaluate your final product covering how the decisions from all stages of the design and development process have ensured that the computer program produced, in comparison to other possible solutions, resulted in solutions that fully meet the client’s requirements and the impact these processes had on the effectiveness of the development of the final outcomes.

Checklist of evidence required

Annotated program code.

Results of testing according to the plan, evidenced by screen captures.

User feedback that is used to identify, and prioritise, areas for improvement.

A detailed evaluation utilising evidence from across the product development, that references how this approach was the most appropriate, and how they impacted on meeting the clients needs.

Criteria covered by this task:

Unit/Criteria reference

To achieve the criteria you must show that you are able to:


Produce a computer program that meets client requirements


Review the extent to which the final computer program meets client requirements


Optimise the computer program to meet client requirements


Evaluate the final design and optimised software application against client requirements

Task 3

You need to show how you have taken individual responsibility and effectively managed yourself while completing this programming development project. For example, you need to show how you have:

  • Planned and managed your time and met targets.
  • Reviewed and responded to outcomes including the use of feedback from others
  • Behaved appropriately while completing the project – including professionalism, etiquette, supportive of others, timely and appropriate leadership, accountability and individual responsibility
  • Evaluated outcomes to help inform high-quality justified recommendations and decisions

Used appropriate methods of communication effectively

Checklist of evidence required

A plan to show you considered aspects of the project beforehand.

A copy of the plan that is annotated to show your response to issues and the outcome of any meeting/feedback obtained.

A comparison of a self-review before commencing the project and after its’ completion.

A detailed evaluation of the outcomes allowing reasoned and justifiable recommendations.

Criteria covered by this task:

Unit/Criteria reference

To achieve the criteria you must show that you are able to:


Demonstrate individual responsibility, creativity and effective self-management in the design, development and review of the computer program

Sources of information to support you with this Assignment

Programming tutorials: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/sdlc/

Stroustrup B. "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++", Addison-Wesley Professional, 2014, 9780133796742

Lawton, I. PRINCE2 Made Simple, P2MS Press, 2015. 978-0992816339

Cole,R. and Scotcher, E. Brilliant Agile Project Management: A Practical Guide to Using Agile, Scrum and Kanban, Pearson 2015. 978-1292063560

Newton, R. Project Management Step by Step: How to Plan and Manage a Highly Successful Project, Pearson 2016. 978-1292142197

Material shared via OneNote and WQEOnline.

Hodder on-line course

Other assessment materials attached to this Assignment Brief

Pearson BTEC Learners assessment submission and declaration form, attached to this brief.

BTEC Learner Assessment Submission and Declaration

When submitting evidence for assessment, each learner must sign a declaration confirming that the work is their own.

BTEC Programme Title:

Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Information Technology

Unit or Component Number and Title:

Unit 4: Programming (90 GLH)

Assignment Title:

Design & Develop a solution to meet client requirements


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