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PROJMGNT 2021 Project Management For Quality Management

Write the Discussion on procurement management and SOW.


Develop a scope statement

 The scope of the project mainly includes:

  • Conducting a survey on the population of the Australians
  • To know the interest of the people about Australia becoming a republic by the year 2020
  • To finish the project within 6 months by utilizing budget of around $1 000 000

The scope of this project is to make sure that only eligible voters can vote for Australia to become a republic by the year 2020. In order to mitigate the potential fraud at the time of voting, a barcode for the hardcopy f

orm is used. A survey form is developed that models the sample to conduct the republic online survey project. All the survey related resources are managed by the project team members. The project manager will manage project funding and include allocated amount of money in the project document. The funding requires approval from the sponsor. The project work will concluded that the final report will be submitted within 6 months from project initiation date. All the project documentation is completed and shared to personnel.  

Project quality management

Product and processes of project

The processes of the project that are generally utilized in order to maintain the quality of the project are generally elaborated below:

  • Setting proper quality targets which must be met by the team members who are mainly involved within the project
  • Defining the strategies that are used for making sure how the targets will generally be measured
  • Taking proper actions that are generally required for measuring the quality of the project
  • Identifying the quality related issues as well as improvements
  • Reporting the overall level of the quality of project that is generally achieved

Quality control in IT project

The steps that are generally undertaken in order to control the quality of the IT projects are generally listed below:

 Planning quality management: It is very much necessary to create proper quality plan in order to identify the quality of project requirements as well as proper standards so that the project quality can be effectively managed.

Quality checklist: It is necessary to utilize proper quality checklist in order to know about the quality of the deliverables that are generally necessary for every project. If proper quality checklist can be maintained then it will be quite easy to control the project quality.

Use of quality planning tools: Utilization of quality planning tools are quite necessary for determining the quality standards of the project so that proper quality can be maintained.  

Discussing and comparing CMMI and OPMMM

The comparison between CMMI and OPMMM is provided in the table below:



 Capability Maturity Model Integration is defined as a process level improvement training as well as appraisal program which is generally administered by the CMMI institute.

 Organizational project management maturity model is defined as one of the global standards that helps in providing the tools that are needed by the organizations for measuring their maturity against various comprehensive set of practices that are performed by the organization.

 It generally focuses on software and system engineering as well as integrated products and process development.

 It generally focuses on improving the capability for managing projects as well as programs which further lead to business improvement.

Discussion on procurement management and SOW

Procurement management can be done within the project by using the steps that are generally elaborated below:

Planning: It is very much necessary to make proper planning about the business goals, stakeholder needs as well as various policies that are related with project procurement.

Aligning: The procurement plan must be aligned with the skilled team members, strategic partners as well as with the work environment of the organization.

Procuring: The qualification of the suppliers as well as contracts and project delivery is necessary to be procured.

Managing: The Key performance indicators as well as process reporting associated with the project must be managed quite successfully.

 The statement of work is one of the formal documents that helps in defining the scope of the work involved for clarifying the deliverables, costs as well as timeline of the project t. The statement of Work assists in clearing all the stakeholders for clarifying the metrics for measuring success and for avoiding disputes involving deliverables, budget as well as timeline. The statement of work for the project mainly reflects on the deliverables of the project, governance progress as well as cost and deadline for the purpose of payment. 

Calculation of CV, SV, CPI and SPI





BAC= $1, 000,000

EV= %completion XBAC

=>80% x 1, 000,000

=> $800,000


= 800,000- 450,000




SV =$300,000







EAC calculation

EAC = AC + (BAC - EV)

=450,000+ (1, 000,000- 800,000)


=$ 650,000

Time taken for finishing the project

It is found that as SPI is grater than 1, it is reflected that the entire project will get completed before 6 months.  


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