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PSYC 212 Lifespan Development: Strategies to Reduce Your Stress

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Try to implement these strategies for 3 consecutive days. Reflect on how well the strategies helped you to reduce your stress. To what extent did this assignment help you to be aware of your stress patterns?


Stress is indeed a mitigating factor, especially to the wellbeing of one’s health. After taking the Perceived Stress Scale which I scored a 36, I was able to observe that I was quite unable to deal with a number of pertinent issues. For instance, it was apparent to me that in the past one month, I felt that I was not in total control of the situations around me and it was rather difficult for me to manage the important issues in my life. I also did not deal well with the irritating hassles which popped up in my life; this apparently made me become more stressed out in the end. Sadly, I after taking the test, it came to my realization that due to stress I could not deal with all the things which I had to do. This was rather discouraging in the sense that I felt that I was powerless when faced with stress and this was a part of my life that I had to handle.

I also found out that due to stress I became considerably nervous all the time; this made me want to take significant steps in order to mitigate this vice. This is due to the fact that I was no longer confident with myself as well as with my ability to handle my personal problems. I was also not able to effectively control the constant irritations which were popping up in my life and this made me feel more powerless over my life; I did not like this at all.

After taking the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, I found out that indeed I am a stressed individual. This is simply due to the verity that I had a total score of 471. I believe that this score means that I am a very unhealthy individual and I ought to take some time and thoroughly reflect on my life. As compared to others, my scores are quite depressing. This is du to the verity that I have realized that I am chronically stressed and this is not good for my health at all. While others scored at least a 20 or 19 in their respective Perceived Stress Scale, and at least an average of 150 points on the Holes-Rahe Stress Inventory, I managed to score an average of 471 points. This particular score apparently raises the odds to at least 80% with regards to the aforementioned inventory.

With regards to my stress journal, I found out that the specific stressors which I experience the most include, work, finances, sleep, eating, and bills; these were mainly long term stressors. I realized that work in particular stresses me out mainly due to the fact that it is not easy for me to juggle my work and classes at the same time. I am however not in control of this situation because I need both my job and classes. Due to the verity that I have to attend classes and work, it is rather hectic to get enough sleep; this is also another major stressor for me because it is hard for me to concentrate with my studies and this particularly stresses me out. I also believe that my irregular eating habits are also brought about by my stress. This issue also makes me more stressed out because I usually find myself famished however I do not have usually have an appetite. I have realized that this particular vice is brought about by stress.

To a greater extent, I believe that stress is adversely affecting my health.  Nonetheless, I have identified two particular coping strategies which are potentially helpful, viz, taking a long walk in order to be able to clear my head and keeping to myself also works quite well. After I implemented the aforementioned coping strategies, I believe that I will be able to effectively deal with my stress. In the future, I will apply the two strategies and thus be able to improve my health.

After becoming fully aware of my own stress levels, I have learnt that it is imperative for me to avoid major stressors in order for me to be able to effectively cope with my stress. I have also realized that in my case, taking a long walk by myself usually helps me to change y lifestyle.

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