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PUBH6031 Public Health Administration and Leadership Management

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  1. How do you conduct a strategic planning process?
  2. Who are the key individuals involved in the process?
  3. Describe how decision making and resource allocation are important to managing your strategic planning process.
  4. What you do you think are best practices for strategic planning?
  5. Do you have any suggestions and advice for someone new to the strategic planning process?



Disease and health issue of the maternal, infant and child and their treatment is a matter of concern in the woman, infants, children and their family. The objective is to improve the health of the woman, children and the infants in the United States. It has a huge incidence on the community and it has an impact on the society. The well being of the next generation if predicted earlier can be prevented. The objectives include a wide range of health preventive issue that affects the heath and quality of life for those families.

There are many health issues in the woman during pregnancy, and there are future health problems in the woman and the children which includes hypertension, diabetes, depression and unhealthy weight and nutrition (Adams,2013).

Strategic Plan in Public health Administration 

Leaders are critical for the strategic development

A leader is someone who guides the team, therefore it is important that the strengths of the leader are determined and who will help in the determination of the team work. The strengths that are seen in a leader are that they are confident and experienced in guiding the team. The leader shall have the capability of being dynamic and having the potentiality to improve the team as a whole. Thus he takes the initiative to improve the overall work.

Leadership Challenges

Strategy development includes planning, and the organization’s ‘vision’

The tactical planning helps in achieving the organizational goals in the public administrative offices. The practical approach is important for the organization to move ahead. The practical approach used by the organization so as to provide the organization with the blue print of moving ahead. In the upcoming years, an effective leadership plan can be planned. The health organizations need to be improved and an effective training needs to be provided to the members so that the systems can be improved and a better service can be offered which will result in a better future condition (Felício, Gonçalves & da Conceição Gonçalves,2013).

Ethical Implication and Engaging Communities and Building Constituencies

The art and science of planning should be embedded in the culture of the public health organization (Lake Troubled Shallows Health Department)

Public health professionals will focus on local, regional, or state responsibilities in the planning process of the public health organization. Lake Troubled Shallows Health Department, Minnesota is an organization for public health. The planning in the culture of health science has a vast impact on the public health and thereby affects the health status of the society. The Healthy People 2020 are the strategies and guidelines which affect the strategic planning process. Planning is vital for the health professionals .It serve as a tool of success. Thus the health organization shall concentrate on maintaining a culture which is critical to the public health operation (Gonzalez,  Rodriguez & Sossa,2017).

Planning becomes a vital part of the Lake Troubled Shallows Health organization. The leaders use the strategic system for development. There should be a road map for the organization so as to enable them in making strategies which is effective for the organization and helps in the improvement of the health of the society, the woman, the children and the infants (Grant, 2016).

How the health Organizations Lake Troubled Shallows Health used strategic planning to address public health issues

  1. The scarce resources and especially the population in the health and public health practice are important in making a strategic plan.
  2. For the Public health agencies whose current planning is to give priority in setting the efforts which is focused on single metrics for the cost?
  3. In the demonstration by SMART Vaccines, where a decision support system is used by the Institute and it is helpful for making strategic planning and decision so as the formal incorporation by the stakeholders are taken and the criteria for cost effectiveness is used for public health planning (Popescu & Predescu, 2016).
  4. The Institutions of public health administration has come out with a number of tools so as to educate the people and the society and so that the health of the population is increased on a large scale. The populations for health care focus on the health and public health practice.

Program Description

SWOT analysis and Strategic planning is a primary function of leadership and management in public health administration

Strength of the leader

A leader in the public health organization plays a vital role since they guide the whole team. He is the person who leads the team. The strengths of the leader are to bring out the powers and strength of the team members. The in the public health department has to take care of the health of the mothers, infants and their family so as to promote the well being of them (McVeigh et al, 2016). They are strong, confident thereby gaining experience by working for improvement of the health of the people and for prevention of the disease. The leaders are dynamic who helps to improve the potential capability of the members to help to fulfill the goal of improvement of health of the society.

Weakness of a leader

The greatest weakness of a leader is that he becomes rude and adamant person in the team, which is a negative trait and which will de motivate the people and the goals cannot be achieved. The team leader shall always set the priorities. He shall not be too accessible to the team members and he should not have the negative traits of answering the unnecessary ones. Currently the biggest weaknesses the leaders are facing are the stagnancy. The stagnant performance of a leader can affect his team (Nooteboom & Termeer, 2013).

Opportunities of a leader

  • With the changing lifestyle and change in the public health organization it is important for the public health organization to take preventive steps for the taking xcare of the health of the people.The education and the developing economics have resulted in the growth of the cosmetic sector. In these days the person are taken well care of for the health of the woman, child and therefore helps in the prevention of the diseases of them.
  • There is a demand in the public health administration and people including the family members look upon as a support and guidance so as to help them prevent any disease. Thus the company will be able to be a leader in the industey and is able to participate in the community which focuses on the society (Gulati and Soni, 2015).


  • International and well established administrative have already been established and there are many centers which takes care of the disease in woman and infants thus this can affect the industry thus can limit their growth rate.
  • Secondly due to the changing lifestyle of the people, most of the people are becoming sensitive to the all the things. Thus there are allergies to the people and therefore they face risk and there is loss of people. They shall make strategic planning and have decision making so that there is proper resource allocation.

Contact a health care/public health administrator involved in the strategic planning process. An interview with a public health administrator based on strategic planning

An interview is conducted with the health care administrator through Skype and they review the goals of strategic planning for improvement in the health of the society. The plan is effective for the improvement and betterment of the society. The health is an important factor in the human life therefore on interview with the public administrator they said that have made the plans and they came out with a various plans for the woman and the infants that they face when they are infants (Reich & Gregory, 2014).

One of the examples is RONNA GOTTHAINER: They had a plan in place, and then things happened that were beyond their control that changed things. In 2009, Health Department suffered about a 43% cut in one of our funding sources. And that supported quite a few programs that local health departments had, which meant that they had to very quickly determine how to stop providing certain services, how to try to move staff into other programs. But ultimately, we were required to lay off some staff, shut some programs down.

An interview with a public health administrator on strategic planning the following question has been answered

1.How often do you and your organization engage in the strategic planning process?

The representative of the organization said that they meet up once in a quarter and discuss on the changes and improvement of the health of the society

2.How do you utilize the strategic plan?

The strategic plan is a vital management tool for the company. The plan helps the organization to predict and implement the changes that is required in the organization. With the changes and improvement in the preventive measures, many organizations have helped the community to lead a better life and the organization is focusing in doing so.

3.Please describe this plan

The plan in not for a long term basis it is according to the changes in the health sector. All the factors and improvement are taken in record.

4.What are your thoughts about the strategic planning process?
How well is it working? There is no one model of strategic planning. However, the strategic planning process, it should include thesituational analysis. It consists of looking at the current external and internal environment, the organization finds itself in, formulating organizational objectives and strategies based upon the environmental assessment, and developing procedures to implement and evaluate the strategic plan. Strategic plans for business organizations often cover a three-to-five year period, but if the business or its environment is highly dynamic, a shorter period may be advisable.


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